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  1. Xmas-

    :P Sorry to break the ice ... but X mas is Haraam ... i know what you are going through ... as i am forced to attend such parties and diwaliz ... just coz they are family friends :D ... But Allah is watching .. and HE knows BEST :D
  2. Turning Muslim in Texas

    :D Subhanallah ... wal Hamdulillah .... wish i had the kind of iman they do :D
  3. Twelve Hours Old

    :D Mashallah ... better late than never ... coz this life aint for ever ... so tiz better to die a muslim and as a believer :D
  4. :D Malcom X became Muslim ... i never knew that ... Jazakallah ... for the update :D ...
  5. New Skin available!

    :D Jazakallah ... this skin really suit s my personality and the fr3ak with me :D
  6. Proposals/ emotions

    :D Yea ... the situation really is like a steak of butter ... slippery and tends to spoil the carpet if it falls ... but then again ... i do agree with the previous 36 posters
  7. wishing bad for someone

    :D Mashallah ... you are a very observant sis ... exactly what i had in mind .. but too lazy to type ... hope the poster gets the hype ...
  8. No Decent brothers for nikah

    :D Yes ... but you dont get the Complexity of the situation ... it HELP me ... Moi .. learn ... 2 plus 2 like took me 15 years of my life to master ... but then again .. whoze to blame if your Dynamic fr3ak in his childhood was lame :D
  9. Reverts Listing

    :D Yes .. do what the first poster told you to post ... that s sounds typically logical to me ... !!!
  10. Having A Good Opinion of People

    :D Jazakallah for the article ... really made the grey matter in my brains do their job properly :D
  11. Islamic Dress

    :D lol ... same thing goes for cars ... which have Allah STICKERs on the windshield ... i mean WAzzup with Dat .,... ?????? and you have trucks with Allah painted at the Bumper ... Double wazzup with Dat ???? ** Runs and rams his head against wall ** ..... nope still confused :D
  12. A question

    :D but but but ... i was told you can read any surah in anyorder ... upon praying ... gulp ... you mean to say .. all those prayers gone to waste ... sniff sniff (T_T )
  13. My Conversion to Islam

    :D Its like a BUMPER offer ... get two stories in one thread ... buy one and get the other free ... jazakallah .. and very inspiration ...
  14. My Conversion to Islam

    :D Better late than never ... I welcome you to the world of Islam with arms wide open ... welcome to this place .. i will show you everything :D
  15. learning Islam

    :D Mashallah ... and Inshallah ... continue to inspire us with such discoveries :D