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  1. HI

    Hello everyone...Have been reading up posts for months and finally decided to join. Like I have seen many posts that are extremist some are moderate too. LIke I have learned lots of things while reading the posts/replies, I have also read lots of posts that are biased and false and this is basically why i decided to this forum. Am hoping my presence will be welcomed. ANd hopefully we could learn from one another.
  2. Prayer

    Guys is there any prayer for the CRITICALLY ILL AND SICK? Haiz...my grandma is really ill now...hoping tt nothing happens to her...i think i shouldn't stay long in here too gotta very her more often... :(oh btw she is over 85 yrs old already...
  3. how to divorce your husband

    Yes in areas NOT directly controlled by the Pakistani government...
  4. Please Pray for me

    haha just doing my tiny little bit...now go and do your revisions...u shoouldn't spent your time here ...Right now you should only be forcused on prayers plus studies...:)and yes look after your health...i fall ill almost every time after a major examination...sad :D dun be like me drink PLENTY OF FLUID
  5. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    I think I will get scolded for my this very opinion I am gonna post right now... I fully support the US liberating the Afghans from the Talibans(that does not mean I support the war in Iraq... :D ) Everytime I watch documentary or some educational shows which shows the plight of refugees/less fortunate in Bam,Iran Afghan refugess in Pakistan it just makes me feel how fortunate I am...we really shouldn't take things for granted...
  6. warn levels

    ok this is the first person i agree with on this forum...thanks my friend...
  7. im beginner

  8. HI

    which is why i am coming to many "http://google/search?q=Islamic+forum&sourceid=mozilla-search&start=0&start=0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official"]islamic forum[/url] not just this one and reading many other Islamic source...i am free this month and i am dedicating this month to work on this...phew this is hard work but i am still doing it...
  9. HI

    I am on my way to becoming a muslim...joining this forum is just the start...i hope nothing hinders my route towards becoming a muslim before i can enter every part of the forum i am not going to comment on your second qns...
  10. HI

    thanks alot...sorry i feel many of of first 50 posts and really useless...except for some...i hope to post some really informative and intelligent posts from post 50 onwards...
  11. Please Pray for me

    Have faith in yourself like you have with Allah...Pray to Allah and sleep early before your exams. Keep calm before you step into the exam hall and yes PLEASE REMEMBER DON'T DO LAST MINUTE REVISION...NOTHING IS GONNA GO IN AND YOU MIGHT FORGET WHATEVER YOU HAVE STUDIED... oK So now i wish you good luck... :D
  12. HI

    Hi ...can someone tell me what is rule 9?
  13. Salam

  14. Islam in Singapore

    Ok so lots of muslims in singapore are un Islamic..so now please get lost.... joining this forum is crazy.different comtires have different environment and circumstances...and if your countries...some arab country i assume...allow and MAKE IT A LAW to wear the tudung...then go ahead...this is singapore not some arab countries...and yes we are speaking about malaysia/singapore/singapore... Alikhlas999 sad to tell u you are an *****...if the sg gov were playing with fire and the gov was against Islam or whatsoever...the malay muslim population would have voted for some Islamic parties or better still back in the 1959, they would have voted for the alliance party(UMNO) and not the pap... i reckon you are one of those who voted for PAS...but i can tell u i am a staunch supporter of UMNO(Narisan Nasional)...with pAK lAH and his vision of Islam Hadhari he can surely do big in Malaysia and this would also benefit the region...come on if you feel that south east asia is not the region for you fine then migrate...and go to places elsewhere where you might deem to be"islamic"...
  15. I AM PISSED!!!

    DO I HAVE TO BEG TO GET THE TRUTH ACROSS? FOR ONCE MM I AM BEGGING YOU .you ain't the only moderator and i want other moderators and muslims to know abotu this...please let my msg be known. firstly why was i in this forum?i wanted to clear some misconceptions in here...and it will be terrible if it is not made known...hello...this concerns human civilisation and do you know many many people are reading this particular forum.if msg in here is not right...they go away with false impressions about various issues. why was this forum set up?to create a better understanding of Islam and to make known that Islam is NOT EQUAL to terrorism. But unfortunately, someone chose to warn me for what i felt was very important i am truely upset about this. as such this will be a lost to this forum. and for your info i didn't say anything bad about Islam or was attempting to tarnish the image of it...i hav a rather good impression of Islam just that some misconceptions has to be cleared.and i certainly hope that muslims and non muslims can coexist peacefully together ...hence my username and now again hereby i am begging you that for this last time...and for the 4th time, this msg is being brought forward to muslims in this forum and non muslims alike...thank you...
  16. Islam in Japan

    Oh btw is Mariko a japanese?
  17. Islam in Japan

    Yes ok so you pointed this out...thank you but how do you change the misconceptions?We can't possibly just sit somewhere and say "oh these sterotyping should/will decrease" Muslims should do something about it but I don't see many of them doing it...Many just give a "can't be bothered" attitude and assume that there is nothing wrong with those beheading of taking of non muslims as hostages...
  18. Islam in Singapore

    SEE YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON AND YOU DARE...YOU DARE TO COMMENT. i am going to be using very strong words later because i feel that you are very ignorance and you are giving baseless comments.(forgive me if this offends you) THE GOVERNMENT DIDN'T DEPRIVE THEM OF THEIR WORSHIP.IF THEY WANTED THEY COULD GO TO MADRASAH WHERE THEY COULD WEAR THE TUDUNG FOR ALL THEY WANT .AND THEY COULD STILL ATTEND NATIONAL EDUCATION THAT ARE FUNDED BY THE GOVERNMENT!SEE...BY WHY DOES parents choose to send their child to national school?in order to allow their child to mingle with other races and this is VERY IMPT In multi racial SIngapore. and contrary to WHAT YOU KNOW!!!!the father of the girls who wanted his girls to wear a tudung was a politician.he had more political motives than religious ones.and as you pointed out, the girls haven't even reached puberty. it is very very clear that the father is creating trouble. Firstly, the sikh were allowed to wear their turbans way back in colonial times and so this practice have continued. THE SINGAPORE GOVERNEMTN ISN'T playing with fire and you ARE AN EXTREMISTS...building a nation isn't easy but singapore(chinese malays indians) managed to overcome different and various difficult obstacles to achieve their success...we have overcame riots between chinese and malay muslims and now everybody is living in peace. there is freedom of wordship in singapore and every one is free to choose in democratic secular singapore.PLEASE STOP THIS SAYING THAT MUSLIMS ARE BEING OPPRESSED WHEN THEY ARE CLEARLY NOT... money has been given to build more and more Masjids in singapore.in singapore, normally when a new place of worship is being built the old one is being torned down.but the case isn't the same for most Masjids...very often temples/churches are demolished when brand new ones are built...why don't you say that the gov support Islam?PLEASE DON'T look at things from one angle and ASSUME that muslims are discriminated or whatsoever. I am VERY THANKFUL to Allah that muslims are educated and intelligent and they know what is right and what is wrong.they know who has been causing trouble. I think you seriously need to come to singapore to understand what is happening in singapore before you give baseless comments...or visit muis...please contatct me or repy wot this if possible
  19. HI

    THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR WELCOME... Oh btw rofi, nice username it may be but it is almost impossible to achieve it...sadly :D :D

    guys terribly sorry...i am new in here and trying to get use to how this forum works...this forum is pretty complicating...is there a way to edit our posts?or something?
  21. HI

    Ok i got it its the second time i am readin it...
  22. HI

    ya thanks for the welcome both ocean and raaaz... actually you personally dun realise it but there are go read my first post in the thread Islam in singapore thanks!
  23. Islam in Singapore

    Alikhlas your knowledge(forgive me if you view it as being offensive)on this is too brief. In SIngapore do your know why one cannot wear the tudung?This is to promote more mingling among races. We wouldn't want to see our differences. As you know SIngapore is a multi racial society.We are very vulnerable to religious and racial violence. YOu seem to be very unhappy that muslims aint allowed to wear the tudung in school in singapore are you? oh btw, in malaysia too, it is a multi racial society.and although the government try to keep out religious symbol from school, wearing of tudung/songkok/sikh turbun are allowed. extremism is a very serious issue and it is no secret that malaysia wants to be the model for all Islamic countries. with Islam hadhari, malaysia can be a truely cosmopolitan/developed with all the races muslims and non muslims alike coexiting together peacefully...i can tell you that i am a supporter of barisan nasional(BN) not parti Islam se malaysia(PAS).u?
  24. Islam in Singapore

    Anzi where did you get this from? Malay Muslims were discriminated? NO they wouldn't ...If they had been they wouldn't have voted for the government again and again since the time when Singapore was still a part of Malaysia. Bonds among muslims are strong ...yes but bonds among chinese indians and malays are equally strong. You seem to have heard new "truth" from someone who is actually misleading you...