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  1. Dua For Exams

    :sl: I am in my 10th standard and will appear for my board exams this march. Requesting everyone to remeber me and my classmates in Dua. Shukran :sl:
  2. Yaa Taiba

    :D you can find both songs here: (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_darulislam.info/index.php?name=UpDownload&req=viewsdownload&sid=27"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_darulislam.info/index.php?name=UpDo...load&sid=27[/url] :D
  3. :D Who all are from India and which city? :D
  4. :D Welcome to the forum!!!! Which place are you from? :D
  5. :D Today is the Independence day and everyone out here are celebrating with all those patriotic songs and all.. We got independence after almost 200 years of ruling by the British. Amongst the many freedom fighters, Muslims also played an very Important role. Sounds like a history essay. :D
  6. Salaam!

    :D Welcome to the forum Bro! I too am from India but frm Hyderabad. Hope u enjoy ur stay here. :D
  7. Assalam Alikum

    :D Welcome to the forum! Hope u enjoy your stay here! Say hello to all of 'em. :D
  8. Hello Everyone

    Peace Welcome to the forum!!! Hope you get the clear image about Islam. Any question, Dont hesitate to ask. Peace out.
  9. :D Where are u originally frm? Anyways Welcome To Incredible India :D . Which cities are u going to visit? :D
  10. :D No one can tell who goes to Jannah and who goes to Jahannam except Allah. I am an Indian and i dont celebrate Hindu festivals and it is just like the world sees a few muslims and says Muslims are terrorists and in India they see a few muslims celebrating Indian Festivals are said to go in Jahannum :D
  11. :D Yet the spirit of Mumbaikars(the people of mumbai) is not shook. The train station was full right after 4 hours. :D
  12. *** The Shaman Enters ***

    peace Welcome to IF! peace out
  13. Signs Of Internet Addiction

    :D I can say im a seasonal internet addict as i use the internet once in a while but just cant leave it! :D :D :D
  14. ..:: Mischas Intro ::..

    :D Welcome! I can say many members are from England and Americas. :D
  15. Aslaam O 'alakum Brothers And Sisters!=d

    :D Welcome to Gawaher all!!!! :D