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  1. 5 Conditions...if You Can Meet Them

    Salam, wow wow wow :D
  2. Why Do Apples Go Brown!

    Let me know your findings, cause i've been dyin to know why that happens and how to stop it from happenin!! :D sorry not much of a help am i..... :D
  3. Help Need To Defend Islam

    Thats is pure non sense. None of them even know how to debate. I always felt debating on the net is useless. You should debate face to face as that can be more meaningful.
  4. Elijah Was He In Islam

    salam, Yes there was prophet Ilyas and i like this name a lot.
  5. Major Sins

    salam, I was looking for something like this. Thank you very much brother for taking the time to put this up.
  6. Iman.

    salam, That is a very straightforward questino brother sradin. You should do anything and everything to please Allah. Start with the basics, like praying 5 times a day and become regular in it. I assure you, if you can do that, you will feel an urge inside you to know more about Islam. Gain knowledge and apply it in life. It is the most satisfying feeling towards your Lord. In other words try to apply Islam to all aspects of your life. When you do something, ask youself what does Islam say about this. Then research into the Hadith and Quran or ask some scholars for help. Insha-Allah this is a simple guideline, but remember to make dua's regularly and ask Allah for forgiveness. Humble yourself.
  7. The Inside Of The Kaaba

    Salam, no brother, its was a great read. I just imagined all the descriptions and i so badly want to get a chance too . Insha-Allah.
  8. Asalam Alykum

    Salam brother and sisters, Im from Russia, and am a muslimah, hope to learn more from this wonderful board. This is all new to me right now. Hope everyone helps me out.. :D Walaikum asalam
  9. Salam, Im new here, and cant do much. So i am looking forward to 50 posts, thats like opening the door to freedom. lol. Hope to gain all of your supports brothers & sisters. walaikum aassalam
  10. Asalam Alykum

    Thank you so much sister.... :D How do you get the arabic way to say assalamu Alykum? :D like you did it sister...
  11. Turning Muslim in Texas

    Assalam Alaykum, This is so heart warming, I guess in the future America might turn out to be a muslim majority nation... :D insha-Allah.
  12. Prophet Muhammed (saw)

    I think the brother wants to know more about how our prophet dealt with the call of nature.
  13. Some minor signs to watch out for

    salam, This is so scary and a good reminder brother syrian (are you really a kid... :D ).
  14. Possible to see Your place in Jannah?

    salam, how can we see our place in jannah from this dunya? How do we know we are going to Jannah? This doesn't sound right to me. I though only those pious people can see Jannah when they are about to die, so that they can die without experiencing its excruciating pain. :D
  15. A dictionnary?

    Yes i think that would be good idea, since im not familiar with so many arabic words. thanks Allahs-slave for the link, it will be helpful for me. :D
  16. New: Royal Red!

    salam, this is so nice...it brings out the colours in me. I like it a lot. The default ones are so common these days.
  17. Asalam Alykum

    Ok i'll just welcome myself here.... :D
  18. im beginner

    salam, I've got some malaysian friends here and they are very good people. Welcome, and welcom me... :D
  19. I'm Back

    Yup i guess we all have to reach 50 posts first. Welcome anyway. :D
  20. Etiquettes of Eating

    salam, that was a neat series of post sister. :D
  21. i am back

    salam, Im new here too, I didn't know of this before, only found it out now when i was searching in "http://google"]google[/url]. masallah its a very neat forum.
  22. The Handsome Man

    salam, Wow, that is so nice. The brother channeled his anger in such a beautiful poem. It felt good. lol at the kids playhouse.. :D
  23. hi!

    salam, Welcome sis sonia, as you can probably see, im new here too. we all are weak in our faith at such times. We can strive to increase our iman together sister. inshaallah.
  24. Salam

    sista_undacova, you've got my name too...aww... :D
  25. Assalam alaykum, Hello brother omair, im new here aswell. I am liking this board, kind of neat.