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  1. Dream Interpretation In Islam

    Salaam all A dream my cousin had is making me really scared, especially since I haven't been a good Muslim lately. She dreamed that I was in a car with her dead brother -- who died three weeks ago -- and I was wearing a tux. Someone told me it's meant to be that he's come to take me with him. Anyone can help me out? Salaam
  2. Salaam hyperhidrosis: excessive sweating: excessive sweating, either generalized or localized to a particular part of the body I have hyperhidrosis all over, on my palms, feet, face, armpits, and groin area. I also have facial blushing + my ears get red/hot/painful during certain times of the day. It has all been linked to an overactive sympatheticc nervous system and it is said to be genetic. I have tried every single non-invasive (invasive being the very complicated surgery) method and have found no satisfying results that can help me live like a normal human being. I have tried the black seed/black seed oil and I really didn't feel any difference. Any other Islamic remedies as cure for excessive sweating/overactive sympathetic nervous system. I really feel very desperate. Salaam
  3. In Islam It Is Said There Is A Cure For Every Illness...

    Thank you brother. Jazakalaah khayran. I was just wondering if there were some remedies in Islam for this ailment. A herb, anything. I am so tired of modern medicine. It just makes me feel like crap. Salaam
  4. In Islam It Is Said There Is A Cure For Every Illness...

    Salaam, no I am not hairy and I am not overweight (I have an athletic build). It's a condition known as hyperhidrosis due to an overactive sympathetic nervous system. Salaam.
  5. How Do You Know Religion Is True?

    Salaam I'm born a Muslim, and I do my duties like pray, fast, etc. The reason I say religion is unfair is that you're born into religion. That means if Islam is the true religion, then there is a predisposed bias towards people born in Muslim nations, as few actually consider changing to a religion other than theirs. Is it possible that all religions could be true? If there is a fair religion and a fair god, I would see it as a religion based on you as a person: good, bad, etc. You are good if you care for others, give charity, help the poor, etc. You're not really good if you spend all day praying and providing nothing for humanity etc. I've been getting lots of questions and doubts lately and you can't just dismiss it with "It's Shaytan." I mean the human brain is made to think and question, otherwise we wouldn't have made breakthrough discoveries like the computers, internet, etc. Is it possible that this is the start of a journey of me getting away from religion and adopting a religion of peace instead. Don't give me Islam is a religion of peace btw, lots were killed in the name of Islam. If you sin, you get lashed and stoned, etc. I'm just looking forward to seeing what you people have to say. Salaam
  6. I'm with Ship Wreck on this. Pointing fingers is not really Islamic. You're just proving what Student said about unwelcoming Muslims. Next time, try to be more welcoming/respectful.
  7. Atheism Owes God For Its Exeistence

    Salaam (peace) to all I would like it if you gave some input to my topic (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?showtopic=730619.html&"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?showtopic=730619.html&[/url] As for this topic, saying that without God there wouldn't be atheism is the same as saying without religion there wouldn't be God when you just can't prove something actually exists, it becomes a matter of faith and whether you believe in the unseen I personally believe in Islam because of the scientific evidence provided in the Koran which wasn't known around the time of the revelation of the Koran Hence why I do believe in God But is he a fair God? There starts my questionings Thanks And Salaam
  8. How Do You Know Religion Is True?

    Brother, I'm not building any of my questions on anti-islamic readings. And I wish we could call every good soul brother and sister, not just those who are Muslims like us. I'd love to call a good Christian brother, a good jew brother, and any good human being brother (and sister). That would be a true universal religion of peace, a religion that binds all religion that's centered around good souls. My questions are those of a soul searching for answers that can never be answered, you just have to have faith (but then, you can say that faith is synonymous with brainwashed etc.). If you think about how sophisticated/complicated human beings are, you would say there has to be a creator, but then we weren't created in a day. It took millions of years before humans were created as studies show, so why did it take God this long? I never seem to get these sort of questions out of my head, even if I say aauuzu bellah mena el shaytan el rajim. It's not shaytan, it's my brain. So even if I firmly believe that there is a God and the religion is Islam, then I see that god is not truly fair. Sure he gave us the gift of life, but it could have been so much better with much less pain. I would just love to have a definite answer that would make me follow Islam truly and religiously, but such an answer isn't/can't be found! Hello brother. Congrats on finding a religion that brings peace to your heart, I hope I can find peace in Islam as well (between all religions, I'd pick Islam, but now I'm on the verge of becoming a believer in God who wishes religion was more beautiful/fair/attractive.) The Koran is truly great, and you can say it is enough proof that God does exist. But then again, it took 40 years to be written, but there is scientific proof in it, which I was looking for, that wasn't known at the time (like how mountains had roots that held the ground from shaking). I just can't seem to pinpoint my issue/question. I just hope that I can figure it out in the following year and hopefully I'll live the following year (so that I wouldn't die a non-believer; but then, what if you didn't die a non-believer? should you be thrown in hell? if god created us just to worship him, why not just make it known to us and command us to worship him? we were given a choice? but the correct choice is only one, or else you'll burn in eternal hell? argh the questions) I really hope I can get more input. I would love it if you can point me to beneficial readings/movies/lectures/etc. (other than the Koran of course, I'm already familiar with it). Salaam (which means peace, which shouldn't be restricted to Islam imo, as some of you now probably consider my questionings that of a "kafer")
  9. Salaam all I've always thought knowledge/proper projects that yield money/etc. and an Islamic mentality of a sheep following his religion by the word can never mix. So how can I make proper money without being socially active (you can't drink as a muslim, which is a HUGE part of being social), without investing in high yield projects, and without having any proper vivid goals (since the mere goal of a Muslim is to keep praying to enter heaven). I am currently in love with a muhajjaba, and she wants me to get away from all things like drinking/etc., yet I don't have the money to get engaged to her so that we would get married (it would take me at least 3 years), and when I have a dead soul inside I just can't carry myself on to work for a living. I had a chance to work with an African guy who has tons of money with a pay of around 7k/month in Angola, but the guy is very outgoing, invites me to dinner parties, etc. If I say no, I'd lose the job. I'm very confused. How can I make money and be a devout Muslim at the same time. Not to mention I LOST all my "FRIENDS" including relatives after I have stopped going out/socializing/drinking/doing what early 20 year olds do. I must say in the end that I am of weak faith indeed and it shows through my words, so I ask you all for advice (ADVICE, not SCREAMING). Thank you, and Salaam to all.
  10. Can You Be A Devout Muslim And Rich At The Same Time?

    Salaam Thanks for the input. Any books (other than the Koran)/lectures/documentaries/etc. you suggest I watch? Thank you Also, I'd appreciate more input and opinions on the matter. Salaam
  11. Alsalamu Alaykum wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh, I was wondering if tattooing on the upper right side of the back is haram and prevents a person from proper wudu to perform salaa. I've been having the urge to make a tattoo, not to show to anyone, but for personal reasons. Much thanks for all replies and 3azzama allahu ajrakum Alsalamu Alaykum
  12. Salaamu Alaikum, I used to have these two software and I enjoyed them. Any idea if there's a way to still get them? I googled plenty and all of them return me to a dead link (the divineislam website is down; it's more of an ad haven now). I'm pretty sure some of you had these nice software. Jazakum Allahu Khayran. Wa alaikum alsalam
  13. Is A Tattoo On The Upper-right Side Of The Back Haram?

    I think kohl means henna/hinna? Salaam
  14. Is A Tattoo On The Upper-right Side Of The Back Haram?

    Salaam Much thanks for your reply jazakee Allah khayran. I guess I can do it as kohl =) Salamu Alaykum
  15. Want To Save 1,000,000 Poor People With Just A Click?

    Salaam jazakum Allah khayran for sharing these links and click click clicking away :sl: *clicks for more rice FEED THE NEEDY WHILE IMPROVING YOUR VOCAB TCHEEYAY the other sites need as an attractive facet to their content as well, but I'm clicking anyway Salaam :sl:
  16. Salaam He's always envious and he's one of these people that you feel are spewing poison and carry so much hate for you because they're jealous. This guy is a big liar too by the way. He makes people think he's a caring helpful person, but when it comes to the truth, he only does it due to his kayd and maker (deceit). He always talks out loud and subhanallah he knows everything and there's not a thing that he doesn't know - dude give me a break. He thinks he's better than everyone, and when he comes at me and tries to make fun I feel like beating the crap out of him. Advice? Much thanks in advance. Salaam
  17. What Do You Do For Living

    We're in the clothing business as well. I wasted plenty of time though. I got into college at 19, spent 3 years failing and repeating pharmacy courses, and finally decided to get an Accounting degree. I work part time with my father as well, so inshallah things will turn out good. Salaam
  18. Professor Wins Prize For Maths Link To God!

    Well, it doesn't have his calculations and finding, but I find it somewhat interesting.
  19. Does God Want To Be Acknowledged?

    Think of it this way: GOD created you. HE set the rules. You have to play by HIS rules in order to get admitted to HIS Heaven. If you don't, HE'LL have you burn in HIS hell. The last part is the part that has me questioning the fairness of Islam most of the time, but I just play by the rules. :sl:
  20. Does God Want To Be Acknowledged?

    The guy is merely asking for proof for that truth. For example, I ask, how do you know who's behind the door, and you scream, "IT HAZ ONE BILLION CAPACITEZ TEH TRUTHZZZ123." You should be a little more resilient alsheeba. I guess the mere issue with this Illogical is that the proof to Islam is merely in the hearts and minds of those who choose to believe. There are some scientific proof in the Koran as well that leads me to believe that Islam is God's true religion. For your question as to if he wants to be acknowledged, I'd say yes, seeing how it's stated our sole reason of creation is to worship Him. But, I think what you were trying to ask is if he is trying his all to be acknowledged: then definitely not. It's left up to the people, and even though I find it a bit unfair and lopsided towards the Islamic communities finding the "truth" more easily, I'm not supposed to question God...
  21. Pics Of My Umrah And Hajj

    Well, it's better than using the cam to take pics of lesser things. Hajj mabroor wa sa3ee mashkoor brother. Salaam.
  22. Favorite Food?

    Mine is Lebanese. Tabboole + Homos + Tawook = WIN
  23. Camel Prostrating!

    Salaam You should be a bit more moderate when going about screaming "miracle, miracle, ALLAHU AKBAR!" I am not blind. You choose to see what you want to see, and if you saw a camel taking a breather for the first time in your life and took it for prostration, don't go about dubbing people blind. Probability says that clouds would take the shape of anything at the right time in the righ place, so it's nothing special. And what's special to me is the Koran, not some picture you got off the internet. Being mo2men is a nice thing, but being blind to faith is another. Salaam
  24. Death

    Salaam Proly cause the premise of death is scary on a basis of a wholly new experience. Salaam
  25. They Say, Islam Will Rule The World

    Salaam Well, portrayal of Islam through Bin Laden and his gang doesn't quite end at terrorism. That and plenty of other reasons. Salaam