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  1. New To Site And Fairly New To Islam :)

    Welcome to IF (Islamic Forum) sis, may your visits be rewarding and may we benefit from each other in our thirst for knowledge of Islam. Hope this forum helps you in your journey to Islam insha Allah.
  2. Child Labour

    Assalam-u-alaikum Well I hope this message reaches the most amount of people in the least amount of time! For one of my courses I am doing "Child labour" and I have a few things down...I need help as I cant seem to make a proper outline and this is due tomorrow! Can I get some help with a thesis statement AND three main arguments and subsequent sub-arguments. Help Musafir
  3. Child Labour

    Debt bondage binds the child labourer into continuing being a child labourer. This debt occurs when the child’s family asks for some money in advance payment to hand a child, boy or girl to an employer. The child in most cases cannot work off to pay the debt and the family cannot buy the child back because they are poor and they do not have the money. The work place is made such that it almost impossible to work off the debt because expenses and interest rates are deducted from the child’s earnings. For the poor, there are a few sources of bank loans, government loans and credit sources, and if they are sources they are often not competent to qualify for them. Parents then send their children to become labourers lending money from the employers which accumulate with interest, this is bonded child labour and bonded child labourers can only be released after their parents make a large sum payment. Child labour is mainly caused by poverty, schooling problems and debt bondage. Child labour cannot be eradicated completely but it can be reduced by giving financial assistance to poor families, give loans with no interest rates so that they do not resort to factories for money and send their children to become labourers. Reduce taxes on foods mainly purchased by these people. Write up a strict legislation against child labour and give punishment to offenders such as closing down their factory and sentencing them to jail. Have literacy classes for the betterment of the child’s future. (Whad ya think guys'n gals? i finally did it. :D )
  4. Child Labour

    Children mostly in developing countries resort to child labour because of schooling problems. This could be because of not having access to schools , the children get restless at home and subsequently they are sent to supplement the household income, the lack of quality education causes parents to enter their children into something more profitable and so many children are put in factories which are looking for cheap and convenient labour. The children work for long hours with minimal pay and in often hazardous and unhealthy conditions which impairs their physical and mental development and so there is a stunted growth in children. Some parents cannot afford to put their children through school due to lack of money, these children remain illiterate and so do not have prospective opportunities for the future such as good jobs, they resort to getting their money through labour.
  5. Child Labour

    Child labour: An increasing problem. Child labour is a problem faced through out the world but mainly in developing countries . Asia and Africa serve as 90 percent of total child employment and Latin America as seven percent and the rest being three percent . The children work for many reasons such as poverty, schooling problems and debt bondage. Many children are forced into labour because of their extreme poverty situations. Child labour provides a source of income for poor families and so it enables poor families to earn a living which otherwise would not be possible , as an easy resort families often depend on child labour to essentially remain alive . For other families that are better off but still poor, the wages from their child’s labour account for some percentage of the total household income. A study conducted by the ILO Bureau of Statistics found that a child’s income accounted for 34 to 37 percent of the total household income in India. Many children are forced into pornography and prostitution at an early age because of their shoddy situations.
  6. Child Labour

    I beg anyone plz help, I need help direly
  7. I was thinking we could help newbies of computers by putting up unfamiliar words and Terminogy and stuff related to the computer genre. Jazakaalaah
  8. Basics Of Computers And Terminology

    Ouch D-Ziner you are making me look stupid and I feel embarassed!
  9. Basics Of Computers And Terminology

    Assalam-u-alaikum I have given up, it seems you are the only useful contributor here...
  10. Last Year In Grade 12

    Assalam-o-alykum I am a bright student and I dont like to slack behind, the only problem is that when I have a difficulty I get shy and lack confidence to ask the teacher for help and in that way I get behind, this is affecting my grades. i feel like I am bothering her and she will get angry and that she is judging me if I keep on asking...is this just me. Is there any suggestions that can help me, today I had so many doubts but after asking her help on one qs. I went to my seat without getting my other doubts answered, I was not so confident in her but then I think to myself I am messing up my future. SOmetimes i feel like crying for being this way, Any advice will be appreaciated
  11. Last Year In Grade 12

    Assalam-u-alaikum [at] Illuminate Jazakallahu-Khair, you are a big encouragement.
  12. Username...

    I especially like the username Crystal eyes...how about you...
  13. Last Year In Grade 12

    Assalam-o-alikum One problem though, I donot care what the teacher thinks but the way he conducts himself with me is sometimes intimidating. He is all smiles and when I approah him to ask a question is suddenly turns into a frown, that kinda freaks me out and avoid eye contact, Geez if looks could kill, Id be long dead! ~ The Musafir ~
  14. Last Year In Grade 12

    Assalamu-alaikum Warah matullahi wabarakatu I can so relate to what you said about the teacher not having a smiling friend, now Im going to ask till Im satisfied that I will do well. Love ya'll for your advice and support, your advice is not going to waste! Everyday I read your advices and practice upon them as you can see I keep up to date with this and I make sure I tell you guys how you have made an impact in my life. Jazakallah Khair " The Musafir"
  15. Last Year In Grade 12

    Assalam-o-alaykum Btw you guys should think of a career in advising or psychology! Most of you are pretty good. Thank you for inspiring me
  16. Last Year In Grade 12

    Assalam-o-alaykum Insha Allah i will do my best!
  17. Last Year In Grade 12

    Assalam-o-alaykum SometimesI feel that the questions i ask are stupid...
  18. Last Year In Grade 12

    Assalam-o-alaykum My data Management teacher always has a frigid face that makes him so unapproachable...Now I donot even look at his face when he is explaining! And yes i agree with ya'll its not worth it losing marks! If you have to ask you have to ask
  19. Last Year In Grade 12

    Well articulated bro, thanks to all I have become even more motivated than I was before.
  20. Where Would You Holiday With Your Spouse?

    Assalm-o-alaykum I would like to go to Singapore or maybe the Bahama's...Insha Allah my wish to go to these places will be fulfilled by Allah. :D Ameen.
  21. Stone?

    What is the meanining of "Shirk"?
  22. Here's My icon!

    I think its decent to be approved...when I chose it it was moving , how come it is still here?? Any computer buffs reply
  23. I thought these rooms were so cool...it was a space where we could relieve our tensions and have a nice private world and talk about any private matter without fear which we could not normally talk about..Oh how I miss it! I want it back and all you in favour or not plz vote and add suggestions. I want this private room to remain alive!
  24. Brother's And Sisters Private Room

    That is not a good idea! Swearing on Allah name is the best idea!...They will see their lord on the day of Akhiraah...so dont worry!
  25. Here's My icon!

    Assalam-o-alaykum Yes I do D-Ziner!