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  1. Medical Knowledge

    welcome.... glad to meet u here....i've so many fren doing a biomedic..such a interesting course :D
  2. Medical Knowledge

    wow, so far we are...im malaysian....watever, nice to meet u here...im thinking..............what we are going to discuss....hehehehe...i'll tell u afterward. i like to do the attachment in your country...what is ur university hah???here, so many doctor from pakistan...nice person...but almost are male...never talk with the female doctor/ person from pakistan....take care ilalliqa'
  3. to all medical students

    not stuck in all lines..hehehehe... so, why u used word "too" free2fly???
  4. Islam in Malaysia

    malaysia was hit by tsunami in several states like penang, kedah and perlis....may Allah give us the answer about that tragic tragedy...very sad... :D
  5. Islam In Indonesia

    Assalamualaikum... as a indonesia's neighbour, frankly spaeking, very sad when too many web sites was sent to my email and almost created by indonesian....as a muslim, i was try to avoid that thing.... then, when i being a non muslim friend here, i was invited to watch a CD which are made by indonesian...very sad :P :D :D
  6. Medical Knowledge

    yup...right...which country ur u???maybe we're from the sae country
  7. to all medical students

    being a medical student is not a difficult as i tought before i entered this scholl...hehehe, what r ur country drim???i like to be peadeatrician, but im bored to learn about embryology...very hard to understand....so, i like to further on aviation medicine...going to be pilot as well as doctor...or known as FLIGHT SURGEON
  8. Medical Knowledge

    hehehe... :D :D :P
  9. cavities

    mm, watever u've eat, u must maintain the oral hygiene.u must brush ur teeths at least 3X daily....
  10. Medical Knowledge

    when i was forced to take a medicine, so im doing the best in medicine...i want to be the best in watever i am..i want to show to the non muslim in my coutry that Muslim can do like them...we're good as well even better than them so, that why i said that.... :D all the best....
  11. Medical Knowledge

    being a doctor is not determine wether we're succesfull in our life or not :P . actually, i was forced by my family to take this course..im interested in engineering :D but, in order to make my mom hepy, i just follow her. i like the subject which is deal with mathematics. mm, about the grade, it must be a big different between my country and yours...so, no need to tell u that :D just set in ur mind, be the best in watever u're B)
  12. Tamar

    thanks u very much JIHAD4JANNAH...very useful articles...also thanks for the good website..may Allah bless u
  13. please he me

    my non muslim friend ask me, ' can ur god creates a creator which is more powerfull than Him???' i dont know the answer....please :D
  14. Medical Knowledge

    im medical student... any medical student or medical doctor here??? i wanna get an information and share about the latest medical knowlegde in this forum...plzzz :P :D :D
  15. Here's my story

    Alhamdulillah, ure welcomed... hopefully u can obey the Islam rule...ure great