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  1. Aburafay, Aston

    Thanks for the points. I hadn't checked back here in a few days, so I couldn't bring them up during the debate. I finnished debating yesterday. She didnt declare a winner yet, but I'm pretty sure my side won.
  2. Aburafay

    Am I not allowed to reply in my thread after you do, or something? Anyway, I am still wondering about israel/Palestine. I gathered absolutely no arguments to use from your response. Basically I gathered that you have no historical claim to the land, and also no religious claim. The Jewish actually have plenty of evidence from their religion and the Old Testament to back up their belief that they own the land, but it seems the Islamic faith has absolutely no substance in this regard. Ishmael gets the land because he is the first born? He was born of Abraham's maid Hagar, and God did not consider him the promised child or the one that was intended to inheret israel. I thought you guys had at least a few religious arguments as to why you should get Palestine? I have to continue debating on Monday, so maybe if anyone knows any Islamic arguments which prove that Islamic people should get the land, share them.
  3. What is a Muslim?

    "Muslim is one who has no prejudice, intolerance, hatred or revenge." ?
  4. Hello, my history class is having a debate as to whether Palestine should belong to the Jews or Muslims. I am not familiar with the Islamic faith, but rather much more familiar with The Bible and Christianity. The debate is split into time periods, and I am doing all of the time before 70AD. The guy doing the same time period as me, but on the Jewish side, stated many versus from the Bible that clearly showed that Isaac and his descendants will get israel. I would like to know what Islamic people believe on this matter. How should I go about disproving his statements? Are there versus from your religion that state that Ishmael's descendants should inheret the land of israel, or anything of that sort? And also, any actual historical evidence to support your opinions is great as well. Even using The Bible as a historical text would be nice, I would like to try and argue them not just using Islam but also evidence from their own Bible, if it exists. Thank you.