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  1. Evolution In The Bible, Says Vatican

    Peace to everyone Peace Al Faqueer, The article you bring about the new Vatican view is extremely interesting. After 400 years of denying scientific evidence, the Church finally accepts they made a mistake in the interpretations for over 1.500 years, and the world was not created in seven “days†but in seven “stages†of evolution. Translation error or interpretation error, it took their arrogance 400 years to bend down. I hope Muslims will be wiser. Here is one Muslim who knew what the Christian church did not know 2.000 years. (www.)"http://geocities/Athens/5739/sidratul-muntaha-e.htm"]geocities/Athens/5739/sidratul-muntaha-e.htm[/url] Surprised? Cheers
  2. Evolution ?

    Peace to everyone. Sorry I forgot the last part of the quote, and perhaps the most important part: Cheers
  3. Evolution ?

    Peace to everyone, It is not only yogis who always knew about evolution. In every religious tradition there were also some men who knew. (www.)"http://geocities/Athens/5739/sidratul-muntaha-e.htm"]geocities/Athens/5739/sidratul-muntaha-e.htm[/url] ... the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) rose through seven heavens or levels of spiritual attainment, each one of which is symbolized by a meeting with one of the Messengers of Allah who had preceded him, as follows: Heaven…Messenger……………….... . Symbolizes………………......... Level…...Fluid ------- ---------------------------- ------------------------------ ------ ... ------ 1st…. Prophet Adam .............……. Unity................………....…. .Material… Water 2nd Prophets John and Jesus…... Consciousness for Growth..Life……… Water 3 …. Prophet Joseph .............……. Freedom....................... .…Soul……. Water 4….. Prophet Idris ...............……..Creativity ..........Intellect…Water 5…… Prophet Aaron ……............... Faithfulness.................. ..…Faith .... Milk 6…… Prophet Moses………………....... Firmness (Prophethood)….. Islam…… Wine 7…… Prophet Abraham ……………. Sacrifice (Risalah)……….…... Virtue….. Honey I like to study the coincidences in religions. I think they are all branches of the same tree of True Eternal Religion, which has taken many exterior forms in different times and places, but has the same interior essence in all of them. Cheers.
  4. Peace to everyone, Hik, Amani, And I am curious to know why you ask why ask such question. Let us wait until the person whom I asked answers, they I will answer you. Cheers
  5. Peace to everyone I was born a catholic but never understood clearly (I am 61) a lot of mysterious sentences in the bible, which have been interpreted in many different ways. I finally understood them last year, when I started reading "The Second Coming of Jesus the Christ" by Yogananda, published less than a year ago. Sooner or later this book is going to be a must in understanding the bible. Have a look at what some people say in (www.)"http://yogananda-srf/scoc/scoc_frameset_rvw.html"]yogananda-srf/scoc/scoc_frameset_rvw.html[/url] Cheers
  6. Peace to everyone Hallo Mu'maneen, when you said I am very curious to know whether you think the man in your icon picture would agree with you.
  7. Why They Chose Martyrdom?

    Peace Abufaray, Yes I made a mistake with the quote. What I said you said is what I say. And that is a crime? Against your ego. probably.
  8. Peace to everyone, and specially to you. Hallo, and Peace Dessertdweller It is a pleasure to answer your questions. The message of Truth is from Christianity as much as it is from Islam, as much as it is from Buddhism, from Hinduism, and Judaism, and Sikkism, and, and, and. In each time in history, each Prophet could not speak to the people in a way that they would not understand anything. You cannot teach high science to children nor any adult subject like philosophy, or metaphysics. And even though Prophets tried to reach the people of their time speaking simply, they were mainly misunderstood in many things. As mankind evolves socially, culturally, intellectually and spiritually, the message, being still the same, is explained in new ways. All prophets taught morality, the first step of yoga, to the masses, and some also taught more steps of yoga to some followers. The moral rules may be universal or local, depending on culture and time and place, and therefore differ in each religion. Rituals were mainly developed by followers (supposedly based on scripture). Since followers are varied, so are rituals. Yes, you have the whole story of spiritual evolution represented in the various cultures of the earth. Islam is higher than idolatry as Protestantism is higher than Catholicism, as they came later in time, but the older less advanced doctrines have survived. You can most probably never accept that images may be good for a follower or devotee, because you have been programmed or brainwashed to believe images are evil. Sorry to be crude, but it is not only you. We have all been brainwashed by our family and teachers as we were children. Few people have chosen their beliefs, most have inherited them. Images are like a tool, or means of concentration. Similar to the Kabaa and praying in the direction of Mecca. If you may have personal love for Our One Creator, who is formless and omnipresent, you do not need the Kabaa and you do not need the direction of Mecca, nor the Koran, nor anything. But I do not think you can feel that perfect love which does not need tools, which only Prophets felt, even though you seem to think you can.
  9. Peace to everyone. Hallo, Shaukat, could you please give us your opinion freedom of speech and Muslim countries in general or in a few specific cases? Thank you. And good luck.
  10. Why They Chose Martyrdom?

    Peace to everyone. Peace Abufaray. You said But since we cannot summon Allah to ask Him if He agrees with you, at least not yet, I think that until that day we may just as well consider that it is perhaps for the cause of someone else, not of Allah. And you also said I think it is more accurate to say that the dictionary will not contain that meaning as at the time of the writers that meaning had not yet been discovered or invented by Islamo-fascists. Cheers
  11. Evolution ?

    Peace to everyone. Sorry, there was a mistake in my last sentence. Here is the correction: There were always people who knew that both exist, God and evolution, because evolution is just the upward pull of God’s consciousness on His own creation. Who were these people who always knew this? Yogis.
  12. Evolution ?

    Peace to everyone. Hallo, Um-eeesa, you say i believe dinosaurs may have existed, i just dont believe they evolved from a single cell. 1) I noticed you do not say you believe dinosaurs existed but “may have existedâ€, which is logical to me since you probably think that the existence of dinosaurs is a threat to your beliefs because why would Allah/God create a species, which is supposed to be perfect, and let it disappear? That does not seem logical, but that is what conservatives Christians and Muslims believe. I ignore what explanations Christians or Muslims have for this. 2) You have evolved from a single masculine cell and a single feminine cell. Don’t you believe it either? Hallo, Eli, you say In essence the theory (The Big Bang) is saying that everything came about from nothing without a cause. You also believe that everything came about from nothing. You believe that Allah made the universe out of nothing. Do you know what happened with Galileo? He saw first that what everybody believed about the sun moving around the earth was wrong. The Christian church told him that that was impossible because the Bible said the opposite. Now the story is happening again with evolution. Science has discovered that what we thought, that is, that everything was created in one week, is wrong. And both Muslims and Christian conservatives say that evolution is impossible because their holy book book says that. Sorry, just like before, it is believers who are wrong. Their book does not say that, but they think it does. Wrong interpretations. Always the same story. It took 400 years for the Pope to apologize, and a long time before the idea that the earth turns around the sun was accepted everywhere. How long will it take now with evolution? It’s only 150 years from Darwin. Just be patient. Believers wrongly think that if they accept evolution they have to give up God. Atheists believe that if they accept God they have to give up evolution. Both are wrong. There were always people who knew that both exist, God and evolution, because evolution is just the upward pull of God’s consciousness on its own creation. Who were these people who always knew this? Yogis. Cheers.
  13. Peace to everyone. Hi, Shaukat "Now that's where I fell from kitchen stool" First you fall from the rocking chair and now from the kitchen stool. I suggest you just lie flat on the floor and stay that way meditating a bit before attempting anything. Cheers.
  14. Peace to everyone The prohibition to make images and idols was necessary in the times and places where ignorant people could believe that the idol was a god. In other times and places an image could inspire devotion to a believer. What is the intention or purpose of your posts?
  15. Peace to everyone, and specially to you. Shaukat, sorry to tell you, you seem to be obsessed with some things, and specially with Jews. Yin is the negative side of the universe and yang the positive side. Just like in electricity, you need two poles to have creation and anything. God apparently (only apparently) divided Himself into Yin (negative, Eva, feminine) and Yang (positive, Adam, masculine). There was never a man and a woman called Adam and Eve. They are only symbols of the first humand beings, of the first men and women. Adam is the symbol of man and reason and Eve is the symbol of woman and feeling. You should read Yoga. You will learn a lot of things you really need. Cheers
  16. Peace to everyone, and specially to you. Hi Gill, I liked this. "As I reach down into my huge reservoir of out-of-context stuff and half baked knowledge..." Sharp shot, Gill, thank God someone with humor better than Woody Allen. I suppose in Texas there are more people with good humor, in NY they are more stressed, I have a friend there. I was thinking that Could it be that the reason why some people like history so much is because they live in it? Or What percentage of people’s attention is given to the past and to the present? Above a certain percentage which is probably the same for every individual, one is living in the past. Another thing related with the past seems to me that perhaps one day countries like North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Mauritania and Sudan will associate or form a league or group to defend communal interests in the UN, which might be logical, after all they seem to be species of regimes in danger of extinction and it seems clear to me they are worried about their survival, and if your worry too much for too long could you end up paranoic? I am going to consult a political psychiatrist to find out. Most similar species perished in the 20 century when democracy, a strange new species which was thought to be extinct after the last specimen died in Greece 2000 years ago, experienced a rebirth and growth due to favorable climatic conditions. Perhaps the French Revolution, the British Carta Magna, the US, and many people as different as Bolivar, Kemal Ataturk, Einstein and Ghandi are perhaps to blame for the change in climatic conditions. Keep on with your sharp humor, Gill, it compensates me for having to read some things. :D Cheers
  17. Why They Chose Martyrdom?

    continued ... I suppose individual and exceptional cases of self-sacrifice may be found in almost every war, but of organised and systematic suicide as a strategy I only know the Japanese Kamikaze and the Muslim “martyrsâ€. Concerning the Japanese Kamikaze, the Emperor and his ministers started it only when they already knew they had lost the war. They were only trying to bleed the Americans into accepting a conditional surrender in which the Emperor would remain in power and his ministers would not be held accountable. The atom bomb spoiled this plan. The Emperor and his militarist ministers sacrificed their own people to keep their power. The emperor simply loved power more than his people. If the Emperor had asked all the Japanese population to suicide they would have done it. They were the Emperor's robots. I also leave it to everyone to meditate on Muslim “martyrsâ€. Kamikazes and martyrs, in my opinion, have something in common. They are human ammo for someone else’s power play. For someone else who never preaches with example but sends others. For someone else who shoots bodies instead of bullets. Cheers.
  18. Why They Chose Martyrdom?

    Peace to everyone. What is a martyr? According to two well known dictionaries there are the following different meanings. I leave it up to everyone to meditate on which meanings are right to be applied for suicide bombers and which not. Merriam Webster (www.)"http://aolsvc.merriam-webster.aol/home-aol.htm"]aolsvc.merriam-webster.aol/home-aol.htm[/url] Etymology: Middle English, from Old English, from Late Latin, from Greek martyr-, martys, literally, witness 1 : a person who voluntarily suffers death as the penalty of witnessing to and refusing to renounce a religion 2 : a person who sacrifices something of great value and especially life itself for the sake of principle 3 : VICTIM; especially : a great or constant sufferer <a martyr to asthma all his life -- A. J. Cronin Cambridge (www.)"http://dictionary.cambridge####/define.asp?key=49000&dict=CALD"]dictionary.cambridge#### #/define.asp...49000&dict=CALD[/url] 1 a person who suffers greatly or is killed because of their political or religious beliefs, and is often admired because of it: a Christian/Islamic/religious martyr. Example: she fought against racism all her life and died a martyr to the cause. 2 DISAPPROVING someone who tries to get sympathy from others when they have a problem or too much work, usually having caused the problem or chosen to do the work themselves: Example: She offers to do extra work, then plays the martyr! continued...
  19. Peace to everyone After reading the webside "me" gave us salon/books/int/2001/04/05/segal/index.html I meditated about Shaukat's wisdom when starting this topic, and this English saying came to my mind "If you have a glass roof you should not throw stones to your neigbours' roof", Cheers
  20. Peace to everyone again I agree with Livius again, plus with "me", plus with "British Christian". Livius said The simple fact is that many cultures, American and Muslim, have a sordid history of slavery and abuse of Africans (and Persians, etc. as you mention). I think that we perhaps had better end this fingerpointing topic being optimistic and thinking that the good side of the story, (and of our common history), is that many cultures also have a non sordid history of abolition of slavery. It is, in my perhaps not so humble opinion, simply the unstoppable social evolution, perhaps consequence of technical, scientific and technological evolution, perhaps by-product or consequence of Darwin's evolution, perhaps its cause, perhaps both, perhaps none, perhaps I don't know, or perhaps you already knew this joke. Cheers. :D
  21. Peace to everyone I agree with Livius. If the purpose is to meditate on the evil of slavery, I hope Shaukat will also make a similar post on the history of Christian slave trade and on the history of Muslim slave trade. That would be fair, right? And perhaps also one mentioning cultures, empires or religions who have NOT traded with slaves. Cheers
  22. Why They Chose Martyrdom?

    Peace brothers, Yes, Venier, I think like you, And I also think we should not forget that a university degree only gives you more chances to find a better job or to earn more money, and for some also more chances to show off their culture, job but a university degree does make you automatically wise. I have seen idiots with a university degree (and even with more than one) in every country. And also very wise people without any university education. Cheers :D
  23. To Non-muslims With Love

    ... continued... Understood. Only Muslims know. The rest are ignorants. You seem to be stilll many lifetimes away from knowing the meaning of respect. It is not the West who is saying that the Quran is against the West, but some ignorant Muslims. How can you be an enemy of someone whose existence you do not believe? Another middle ages idea. Few atheists hate God, and if they do, they have the same mental problem as believers who hate non believers and believers of other faiths in the name of a compassive God. Nobody is expressing anger to what is ordered in the Quran, only to what some Muslims wrongly do out of their hate and ignorance, thinking the Quran and Allah asks them to hate, so they will not feel guilty. The are simply using Allah as an excuse, just like did the crusaders, the inquisition, and the deluded people who kill someone and say they heard a voice from God/Allah asking them to do it. Again, it is not the job of God/Allah to hate nor make people hate, but the job of the devil/Saytaan. Do not reverse the roles, friend, otherwise the devil/saytaan will lose his job. And watch out before you label people into categories. The nazis did exactly that. And do you think people who insult are intelligent? Of course not, genius, you posses it all and have left nothing for the rest of us. You seem to be a living reminder of the mentality of people 1000 years ago. Cheers
  24. To Non-muslims With Love

    Peace cyberbrothers, Hi Saud.Khan Your post could hardly be more unfortunate Very good statement. Only followed by contemptuous insults that contradict it. If after "ye" in “ye ####†comes an insult, it does not say anything about the person turning back. Anyone would turn back if he/she hears something behind yelling an insult, including yourself, not necessarily because you think the yeller is addressing you, because you want to see what the yeller looks like, and to whom is he yelling. No matter what the yeller is like, someone yelling an insult is probably stupid. They were not brothers in faith, but they were still brothers. You probably still have a long way to go to understand that. I do not belong to their “categoryâ€, but that is no reason to hate them either. One should hate sins, not sinners. The people of higher “category†do not feel hate towards the lower ones, but compassion, just like you do not hate your children, who are also of a lower category. You do not need to approve what your younger brothers do due to ignorance, but do you hate them when they do not behave? They were not ordered by God to be killed, they were ordered to be killed by God’s law of karma, due to their bad actions in this life or in former lives. They killed themselves. God/Allah does not “order†anyone to be killed. This middle age idea seems to accept that God/Allah did not know before hand what that person was going to do and “decided†to kill him, like if God was having our time perception and our emotions. God does not have emotions, my friend, God is not a human being, that is another middle-ages concept ... continues...
  25. "islamic" Terrorists

    Salam, cyberbrothers. Inner and outer peace to you. Sorry Jama, I have many questions after reading your unfortunate post. Are you only sick of Western media, and not yet of Al Quaida, fundamentalism, and Salafism? Who does Muslim media say that carry out the attacks? When will decent Muslims stop allowing all this to happen and contribute with their passivity, their pointing their fingers in the wrong direction, and their coward silence in and out of Masjids when extremists call for hate and terror in the name of Islam and hijack, desecrate and poison a noble religion? When will decent Muslims stop sitting and watching how a few Muslims poison social relations and Islam and will instead join non Muslims in their effort to combat crazyness so that may we start to see the beginning of the end of this horror which damages Muslims as much or more than non Muslims? When will decent Muslims understand they have to stop siding with Al Quaida and help combat it actively with something more than words, tipping and informing the police in Muslim and non Muslim countries when they suspect something? When will decent Muslims stop using discriminating words like Kufr, which imply division and hate and serve the cause of Al Quaida? Are you not contradicting yourself as much or more than Western media when you try to imply that the problem is caused by Western media and ignore who are the ultimate responsible for the horror? Do you only have criticism for the West and silence for fundamentalism, extremism, Salafism and Al Quaida? Cheers