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  1. Reverted and never looking back.

    Salaam brothers and Sisters, I am just wondering what any of you think about my story. can I please have some feedback? I am just curious! Wasalaam sister truth :D
  2. Duas needed urgently

    Mashallah for your relative! I am very happy to hear that you guys support my choice of duas today. :P
  3. Salaam brothers and sisters, i just wanted to share my story with you about how i reverted to Islam. Around about 2 years ago (before i was muslim) my life was a mess, i didn't know where my life was heading and it seemed to be going in a down hill spiral. i began dating this guy (Haram i know but i wasn't muslim so i didn't realise) He was muslim. Anyway, we dated for about 18months or so and i gradually learnt more and more about Islam from things he told me. so i decided to go and investigate myself. The more i read the more i found truth in what was being said in these books. So i began reading the english translated version of the Quran and everytime i would read some i would be so excited and i would want to go and tell the world the wonderful things about Islam. Occasionally i would tell myself that what was being said couldn't be true and that if it was true them why wasn't everyone muslim. so i didn't read for a while because i was in deniel that anything could have so much truth in it. but the more i turned away from the Quran the more things about Islam kept popping up to me. on the TV on the radio. i could escape it. my life began to get worse once i stopped reading the Quran, so about a month later i pick it up again and began reading. The day i did that my life turned around. A week later, after realised i wanted to become a muslim i broke up with my boyfriend because i swore i wouldn't have a relationship like that anymore. I said my Shahada and i reverted to Islam with my ex-boyfriend and muslim friend as witnesses. My family coped really well and were very accepting, alhumdillilah. I am now 18 the age in Australia where everyone get drunk and takes drugs. People ask me if i am missing out on fun times with alcohol and i tell them that my faith in Allah overrides any need or want to get drunk (the obviously dont understand and look at me like i am strange). Next year I am going to going to study at university and Islam has encorporated into every part of my life. It was a big change for me going from mini skirts and tight tops to a hijab, but i am glad and thankful for my journey because i wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Allah. Thanks for listening to my story. :D WaSalaam brothers and Sisters. Sister Truth :D
  4. need help

    Salaam, I recommend Macromedia Dreamweaver to create your website. I have used it for many years now to create websites. its easy to use and understand. go to "macromedia/"]macromedia/[/url] then click on the links releting to dreamweaver. best of luck, inshallah you will understand in no time and the process will be easy. wasalaam Sister Truth :D
  5. a question on lowering gaze and imam

    yes i agree that it depends on how old the girls were. Also what the Intentions are of the person.
  6. Duas needed urgently

    Salaam brothers and sisters, I would like to ask you to keep all of the innocent civilians suffering in war in your duas. not only for the innocent dying in the carnage of Iraq (may Allah keep them safe). But for those who suffer the war of domestic violence, sexual assult, homelessness, mental illness, cancer, AIDS, and all other horroble things that people go through. because when someone suffers through such terrible things they need the strength of your duas. may you all stay healthy and strong Insh'Allah. Thankyou for listening. wasalaam, Sister Truth :D
  7. Assalaamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters, I would just like to share some wonderful words from the Prophet (pbuh) from a book I received when i took my Shahada (reverted) 3 months ago. These words really inspired me to keep my faith strong and survive through the tests i faced. May you all recieve the same inspiration as I have from these words of gold. :D (please note these are not from the Quran rather from the Hadith literature) 1. When the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was asked by 'Amr ibn 'Abasah what was ment by faith, he replied, 'Self-restraint and Gentleness'. (Hadith of Muslim) 2. One who is willing to accept Allah as his/her lord, Islam as his/her religion and Muhammad (pbuh) as God's messenger has savoured the taste of faith. (Hadith of Al-Bukhari and Muslim) 3. A Man/Woman without trust is a man/woman without faith. And a man/woman who does not fulfill his promises is a man/woman without faith. (Hadith of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal) 4. Greed and faith can never co-exist in the human heart. (Hadith of An-Nasa'I) 5.One who says his prayers (salat) with great propriety when he/she is in the presence of others, but does so without proper reverence when he/she is alone, is committing an act of contempt for his lord. (Hadith of Al-Mundhiri) 6. God has imposed certain moral obligations, do not aborgate them; He has forbidden certain things, do not indulge them; has has laid down certain limits, do not transgress them; He is silent on certain matters, do not knowingly argue over them. (Hadith of Ad-Darqutni) 7. When i stand for salat I want to offer a long prayer but i shorten it when I hear a child's cry, because i do not want to cause anxiety to the mother. (Hadith of Al-Bukhari) 8. A man who decides to perform Hajj should act with promptness, for he may fall sick or a need may arise that becomes an obstacle. (Hadith of Ibn Majah) 9. God's blessings are for everyone, but a strong believer is better than a weak one. Wish for things which are benificial to you, and in this seek God's help. Do not lose heart. If you are visited by misfortune, do not say 'If i had done this or that, it could have been averted.' Because 'If' opens up the door to Satan. (Hadith of Ibn Majah) 10. Those who remember God and those who do not are as different from each other as the living and the dead. (Hadith of Musilm) Please post Hadiths that hold a special connection with you or that have inspired you in your own life. Wasalaam brothers and sister From Sister Truth. :D
  8. Have You Got Any Food?

    Salaam Brother, thankyou for sharing this with everyone. i really enjoy hearing wonderful stories about The Prophet (pbuh). Do you know any background to where this story came from? when did this happen in The Prophet's (pbuh) life? sorry just out of curiosity. thankyou again brother. wasalaam sister truth :D
  9. My sister, Asma

    sister, you are in my duas! may Allah guide your sister to true health and happiness. you are in my thoughts and my prayers. i do know what its like to see a loved one live with cancer. Insh 'Allah she will pull thriough
  10. Islam in Australia (G'Day mates)

    salaam, Yes thankyou so much for posting all of that information sister Mujahidah Fi SabilIllah. i would really like to get some information about melbourne based groups because i live in melbourne and it would be difficult to go to sydney. i will do some investigating and post some insh 'Allah on the site because i think it will be benificial for Melbourne based muslims. but thankyou again sister Mujahidah. :D from sister truth
  11. Islam in Australia (G'Day mates)

    salaam mate howz it goin? i am from melbourne and very proud of it. :D i grew up in the Burbs and converted to Islam about 3 months ago. i love being an Aussie Muslim. When i wear my Hijab some people say "so what country are you from?" i say "Australia" (In a very occar accent) they seem to think that i am from a Muslim based country its quite funny because i say "no i am actually a fifth generation Australian." they don't seem to believe me. :P anyway its good to be a muslim australian. Wasalaam Sister Truth :D
  12. My story

    Mashallah brother! that is so wonderful! i really loved hearing your story. it reminds me of my own. congratulations for finding truth in Islam. :D
  13. Assalaam Walaikum

    salaam everyone, i am so happy to be here. i tryed to go on this website a while ago but it must have been having some problems. im a new sister to Islam i have been muslim for about 3 months now. Islam is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. alhumdililah! everyday i wake up and i am amazed by the wonderful things Allah has created for us. All praise is due to Allah. i really hope i am welcomed into this forum as i really hope i can stay inshallah. i really hope you are all well! from your new sister and new member to IF. Sister Truth. :D