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  1. :sl: As topic stated is there such a thing as a slip of the tounge, meaning that one said something but didn't actaully mean to say it wheather it may have been a minor sin or a major sin. :WS:
  2. A Question.

    :sl: thank you for the help. :WS:
  3. A Question.

    :sl: Hope everyone is doing well In Sahallah. Everyone i have a question today in my class a student made the remark that our beloved Prophet (SAW) had used Jihad as a means to force Islam on other people and tribes. I told him that one must accept the faith for hiim self after doing research no one can force upon some a religion...I remember reading it some were but I dont remember where it might quite possibly have been in the Qu'ran so will some one out there help me out by giving a source or correcting me if i am wrong? Thank you for the help in advance! :WS:
  4. A Question...

    :sl: hope fully everyone is well i do have a question or 2 maybe some one will be able to help me out here. ] Given that there is no institutionalized clergy in Islam, how does the religious system work? What is the nature of religious leadership in Islam? What is the role of the state in religious matters? ny help iis appreciated.
  5. What Is Zina

    :sl: brothers and sister i hope everyone is in good health. my question today is i have a friend a jew and he asked me to show him proof that zina/sex without marrige is haraam in Islam i could not find anything for him and tried browsing through the forums and could not find anyting that had refrence to something in the HOLY QUR'AN. all help appreciated. :ws:
  6. SL: so what if one was to utter it out loud like a slip of the tounge? would ones repentance still count....?? ws:
  7. Anabolic Steriods!

    :D brother stay away from steroids even if they are not haraam...because of health effects and when you age your mussel that you gained will look like flab...use whey and other suppliments but make sure yyou dont take more than necessary and eat right amount of food after taking the suppliments or you risk damage to...liver....and other internal organs... and also you must continuously work out or else the effects will add fat as i am sure you might already know that...other than that keep on pumping the iron..."no pain no gain" :WS:
  8. Regarding "taubhah" In General

    :D a short saying the borthers and sisters often repeat here is is"dont dispare the mercey of Allah (swt). :ws:
  9. How Do I Perform Isha Pryer?

    :D thank you much for your help. :ws:
  10. Regarding "taubhah" In General

    :D repent as many times as you can no amount is too much....repent as much as you can... repent for even the smallest of sins because Allah (SWT) always there to accpet your TUBBAH as long as yours intentions are right. :ws:
  11. :D how is every one doing good i hope just a simple questions on how to perform Isha salaat all help appreciated...I need a guide that goes from niyat all the way to witr... thanx in advance. :ws:
  12. :D exactally you all understood my question...alli wanted to know was there worth other than the word ones parent... after reading the posts i have found new respect for them even more than what i had to begin with. :ws:
  13. :D brothers and sisters recentally I was asked the question what is the defination of a mother and a father? other then the obvious...your parents. (what are there worth Islamically speaking...) :ws:
  14. Sins And Repentance

    :D brother you have found many topics to look into but one quick thing i have asked alot of questions regarding the repentence of sins...one thing i have learned is Allah (SWT) will not forgive you if you have done wrong to another person you must ask the person for forgivness... another thing i learned is shirk you must repent before your death...and before the sun rises from the west the sign of the final hour.... hope theses few words help. :D :ws:
  15. Concerning Eid Prayer...

    :D i am sorry brother and thank you for the help now one more thing how do you perform the neyyah?(intention)?? :ws: