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  1. A Picture I Wanted To Share

    as salamu alaykoum Isn't that a verse about the hypocrites on the day of judgement when there will be a wall between them and the true believers?
  2. Medical Research Regarding The Hadeeth On The Fly

    salam alaykoum barak Allahou fik, that's what I wanted to know. I apologize if I expressed myself in a wrong way. English is not my native language and I can make mistakes in the meaning of what I say. I never intended to say you were a liar or that the hadith was not authentic. It's just that when I learnt the thing with 19, I told it to other people who believed me and when I learnt it was wrong I became cautious about these "miracles". Another one is a forest where the trees write "la ilaha illa Allah mohammad rasulullah" and this forest in fact doesn't exist: it is just a painting. I'm ashamed of muslims who do that...
  3. Medical Research Regarding The Hadeeth On The Fly

    salam alaykoum You're right, brother Syriankid, we already know that the prophet(pbuh) told the truth. The point is to know if this can be used to make da'wa, to show people that Islam is the truth. That's the main reason why we search "miracles", am I wrong? wa alaykoum salam
  4. Medical Research Regarding The Hadeeth On The Fly

    salam alaykoum I mean : has this scientific study been led by righteous people? Because some time people want to find miracles so they tell lies as it was the case for the 19 angels. But I think this is ok because I saw the name Dr Saleh As Saleh, I'm not sure who it is but I don't think he's a liar. So it's probably a true thing insha Allah wa alaykoum salam
  5. What Do You Think Of Harun Yahia?

    as salamu alaykoum I read severe warnings about him. It seems like his aqqedah is not correct. I don't have the skill to discuss that. I asked about his scientific work, is it reliable or not? Can I use it if I debate with non-muslims who believe in darwinism?
  6. Coca Cola, Halal?

    as salamu alaykoum should we boycott all american brands? Is there any evidence in Islam for this boycott? I had read a fatwa which said it was mandatory to boycott american products but I don't know if this was reliable. as salamu alaykoum
  7. Medical Research Regarding The Hadeeth On The Fly

    :D masha Allah, very interesting. may Allah reward you for sharing this insha Allah. I only hope it's true, because unfortunately, some "miracles" are fakes. It was the case with the verse in surah al muddatthir about the 19 angels. But if it is true I find it very interesting. :D
  8. salam alaykoum I know that hes has some wrong ideas about religious knowledge. I want to know if his scientific work (refutation of darwinism) is reliable or not?
  9. Hadith

    salam alaykoum I would like to know if there is a hadith which says that if one doesn't look at the forbidden things, Allah(swt) will put the light of the faith in his heart? wa alaykoum salam
  10. Photography In Islam

    as salamu alaykoum I think there are hadiths which forbid the making of pictures which contain human beings, wa Allahou a'lam Scholars like Al Qardawi have said that photography is not the same thing and that it is allowed but other scholars say it's forbidden. Allahou a'lam wa alaykoum salam
  11. Women Preying On Muslim Men

    as salamu alaykoum :D :D :D :D :D :D :D I knew it, I knew it, women are evil :D Except my muslim sisters of course. wa alaykoum salam
  12. From The Kkk To Islam:

    as salamu alaykoum excellent article, :D for sharing. It seems like Islam has answers to give to any kind of persons. I think there was also Malcolm X who reverted to Islam for the same reasons. It's amazing how Islam gives solutions to all kind of problems. wa alaykoum salam
  13. Shaykh Yahya Hawwa website

    as salamu alaykoum seems like one of the best recitations I've ever heard, masha Allah. wa alaykoum salam
  14. Islamic Way To Find Ur Life Partner.?

    as salamu alaykoum what I gave here are the "minimal requirements". I can't ask too much as 1)I'm not perfect myself ( I personnaly think I'm far from this description of god-fearing and law-abiding so how can I ask that if I don't fulfill it myself). 2)where is this god-fearing and law-abiding sister? Well, the truth is that I don't allow myself to speak to sisters, so I have no idea how many of them are god-fearing and law-abiding(maybe you can tell me). But it is true that sometimes I see a sister walking in the street and it's like if I could see taqwa on her face (a really powerful feeling). If I can marry such a person, al hamdulillah, but if there is no one who fits this description then I think I will accept anyone who fulfills the "minimal requirements" but it's true that it would be very nice a wife who would remind me of Allah(swt) instead of reminding me of dunia. wa alaykoum salam
  15. Islamic Way To Find Ur Life Partner.?

    as salamu alaykoum well, by saying "pious" it doesn't have the same meaning for me as it had in the past time. What I call a pious woman now is only someone who wears hijab and prays on time and if possible doesn't mix with non-mahram mens. I hope that's not asking too much or I will never get married :D And the problem with internet is that you cannot know whether the person is honest or not. I mean : is she really what she says she is? whereas if someone proposes you to marry one of his relatives, he can describe her behaviour so that you may not be deceived. And of course it is Allah(swt) who gives us what we need in this dunia so please make du'as for all brothers and sisters who want to get married.