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  1. Random Incoherence

    500 pages, and going strong. Is this topic on steroids or what, Hasib?
  2. Terrorists

    I agree with Strider on this one. But not for the first bits. Both attacks were not solely carried out by these Muslims terrorists. I agree there are Muslims who think this way. I wish I could grab them myself and give them a good bashing. They think Jihab is bombs on a bubs, stupid idiots. I think it's because of these idios the rest of us are getting the stick. The intelligence community must've found out about these plans. Using the Muslims as scapegoats, they did it themselves. There's plenty of evidence showing that, but with the likes of these wacked up Muslims, the blame can nicely be dropped on to us.
  3. A Challenge To All

    That's not a zero, look at it. It's a clear lowercase letter o dude. Sush it Mujahada.
  4. Gift Ideas.........

    buy them a domain and give them a years hosting to run their own blogs. they shouldn't complain. or see if any retailers (who sell mostly Islamic goods will be a good idea) can sort you out with a few vouchers for them to spend as they see fit.
  5. Random Incoherence

    why is women said like wemin and woman is said like woman? huh. and don't diss the english.
  6. A Challenge To All

    no one? what? dont push it dude.
  7. New Friends

    Honestly, I can't seem to make friends at all nowadays. Everyone just thinks I'm a ####y little arrogant who likes to act all clever and sarcastic all the time. Stuff them. I don't need friends.
  8. Tosser

    Salaam. Another topic from me. Whilst having tea today, the phone rang. It was my mum's brother all the way from back home. Nothing surprising. He's been calling a lot recently, and today I find out why. Now people back home where I live, people have no point to or ambitions in life. Unless you count eating chilli's and Kichri all day, getting married, having loads of sex, and visiting 'London' (i.e. England) on a 6 month work visa once in a life time is something to call great. Anyway, apparently he tells my mum that he's found her son (me) a really really nice girl to marry. Ok, so I should thank him, but there's more. This girl is his wife's sister, who wants her to get married to one of her husbands nephews who live in 'London' and if he doesn't he won't be getting any. Maybe I'm speculating a little, but I'm sure it goes something like that. I'm just so pissed off right now. I've already pushed off a few other idiots who tried this sort of hitching-up thing last year, and a few times the year before. It just gets really annoying. Why do they do things like this. I hate all this marriage stuff. Kind of sucks. Marriage is the last thing I'll consider right now and for a good few years to come actually. I can't wait the next time he calls, I'm going to put him right in his place. Tosser.
  9. Left Hand

    I understand it is a case of Sunnah but not sin then? Thanks umAhmad.
  10. Ask And Ye Shall Know

    Mehnaz, Google doesn't have feelings. It gives answers without emotions. See what I'm getting at? Hmm. Dreamer, I think the discussion of whether music is Haraam or Halaal is the most interesting amongst the youth today. Add the 'intentions are what matter' point of view too. Lectures on the lives of the companions of the prophet are the most beneficial I think. Each has a different story, which would relate to many of us and could we draw examples from.
  11. Whos Line Is It?

    Oh man, that was way to easy.
  12. Artwork

    Salaam. WOW, can't believe I missed these. I really like the marks on the second image. Some good stuff there.
  13. Ask And Ye Shall Know

    Anything and everything.
  14. Whos Line Is It?

    Salaam. Me me me. Ok, here goes. 'Dee-na-mee-tay! MustbeItalian... ' (No Google'ing!)
  15. Left Hand

    Salaam. I write/draw/paint with my right hand and sometimes at college during visualising class my hands (right mostly) tend to get dirty. Sometimes if I'm having something to eat whilst working, I eat using my left hand. As a kid I was told not to eat with that (left) hand because God would hit me for it. Yeah, my mums way of putting it. Now I understand that it's not actually a sin to eat with the left hand. What's the status/opinion of eating with the left hand?