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  1. The Importance Of Controlling Your Anger

    Salam all, I remember hearing a hadith about this and even though i cant remember the exact words it was about how the stronger person is not the person who would beat the other in a fight but the person who can keep control of his anger. I think muslims around the world have to remember that Islam is a religion of peace and not of war.
  2. "not All Muslims Are Terrorists...

    Salam everyone I think it is wrong they said the some muslims are terrorists because as we well know that what they do is wrong and sinful killing people. also they should not say muslims as no true muslim would do anything like that and would stop any other person trying to do it. They should name the group of people and why they are doing this so that it may be resolved instead of labelling them terrorists and trying to kill them. Assalamu alaikum
  3. If There Was A God....

    salam I agree with freed slave in your question you asked why arent muslims high living people. If you mean that why are not so many in very high places or very very rich it is because nowadays some people may say they are muslims but only read a prayer a week also the ones who prperly practise Islam are all as freedslave said being tested by god to see how far they will go to follow god . Assalamu alaikum
  4. Books And Sami Yusuf?

    Salam brothers and sisters i have recently been wondering about reading of non Islamic books (fiction) as i for a while read books like crazy but i sometimes ask myself if it is right in Islam to read books as they are giving no knowledge and might lead you from Islam i would like your views on that and i also wondered if sami yusufs naats are allowed as they all have instruments playing, which is haram, but then again its a naat. Assalamu alaikum
  5. Whats Ur Take On Bin Laden

    salam brother i think if astaghfirallah he did do it he is sinfull but i do not know the full truth. khud a hafiz
  6. MSN

    :D i used to use msn alot but not much now :D :P
  7. Oh my....

    :D thats really funny where did you get it (w00t) :D
  8. :D you know if you are a member if you know the rules :D
  9. naats (should work)

    :D Ihope it works :D wa allykumu salam
  10. Video games

    :D some video games are better without violence wa allykumu salam
  11. Islamic Wallpapers

    :D when i went to do ummarah (in october) i saw that on the front of the Masjid doors in madina wa allykumu salam
  12. Talking with muslims in my area

    :D mosque is good go and find out about the place wa allykumu salam
  13. the myth called matter

    :D These are all allahs creations so it is what Allah has made the matrix in my opinion is just a story wa allykumu salam
  14. I'ma be offline for a bit..

    :D congratualations on the new house i hope all goes well :wl:
  15. im failing

    :D try to ask Allah he is all mighty may Allah help you Ameen wa allykumu salam