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  1. Dont know what to do

    ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã sis layla no...no...no.....i dont want u to be down or upset at all... Life is not easy for ANY OF US,,but what of that,,,we must be strong and have confidence in ourselves...we must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thingg at whatever cost must be attained.. now sweety...be sure that if u keep that sad expression on ur face things wont improve and sis U DONT HAVE choices,,okay!...only one thing to remember Allah is always there he knows every tiny single thing that is happeneing,,,and even if it didnt feel like that,,,this might be a test for u,,,Allah loves u,,because he is ur God,,,and u dont know how much sadness u might cuz with those thoughts,,,i like u very much myself and i still dont know u/// ooh God inshalla all ur sadness will be swept away..just be strongly faithful...dont worry plz,,,depend on Allah;;; and plz tell me what happens with u,,im sure ur smile will return back to u to shine and sparkle on ur face soon :D u take care
  2. what should i do?

    assalamu alikom sis i have a feeling that u do still care for him but unless u r sure u want to come back to him plz let ur family take care of him...not for his sake if u want,,but for God sake,,, i repeat my wishes that u would help him plz may God guide u to the right path,,ameen
  3. so wonderful

    assalamu alaikom all u know sometimes a person gets feelings of being down,,and just needs to talk and share a little with someone that could help sometimes i wish that i could go here and there and in every place i go to..to find the support and encouragement,,,sometimes with a single smile,,with a small dua..with just seeing that the ppl around me are peaceful and happy.. u know that would be like majic to my heart...i cant tell u how wonderful this can be im just writing this to tell each and every one of u all around the world.....keep the smile sparkling on ur face ,,even if u werent happy,,just let it shine ur face,,some people might have their entire life changed bcz of a single smile u support them with our Prophet mohammad-peace be upon him-considered the smile a sadaqa pardon me for being heavy blooded God bless uall
  4. My mother wants marriage

    assalamu alaikom dear sis..well ialmost have the same problem and when i thought about it again and again i realized that the best thing to do concentrate on ur studies now and dont look for the marriage urself let it come to u..and if it happened and came dont accept it unless it satisfies both sides of ur family,,and at the end remember that ur daddy would indeed like to see u a bride and a successful person in her entire community and society God bleessss uu alwaays :D
  5. how do you make a man happy?

    :D :D assalamu alaikom make him feel that u cant live a moment without him...and that ur life and soul and everything is just and only for him,,,and make it a reality for ur self too...just love him very very much
  6. to all medical students

    u dont know how happy i get when i read the experiences of older colleagues,,u know it just gives u the hope u may be reaally in need for....as for drim sis i wish u the very very best and inshalla u will graduate and become the greateest pedatrician,,,as for u razif!! i didnt know that u r stuck into medicine too..lol well yes i encourage uto go for the pilot doc,,,i mean it is very nice to hahave something new... :D well keep the replies going i mean COMINg thank u again best of luck to u all
  7. i need ur opinions

    5 years ago this one brother got married at 19 and this one time i visited his house and he was playing ps2 while his wife was complaining he doenst spend nuff time with her she didnt tell this to me obviously but i found out by other means .. i was quiet and kept thinking this is what happens when you marry kids haha.. loool...well i think in the case of early marriage...the mother in law of both sides should interfer and give the support the two children need,,,but to remember to stay light blooded :D
  8. i need ur opinions

    dear sis verity,,i really love ur signature ..u made me read it about 10 times.. and about the marriage issue sis dont u wrry...inshallla God would bless u with a wonderful husband u deserve,, salam
  9. Salaam Everyone

    dear dear sister...although im a new member here....but WELCOME WELCOME BACK :D :D
  10. i need ur opinions

    dear sister in Islam thank u so much for this wise opinion...........well u r in the uk that is why u thought 22 would be the minimal limit...... thank u again
  11. i need ur opinions

    yes,,this is true,,,good idea.!!!............hope u find her soon :D) p.s u must be wealthy to be able to do so!! remember that,,,:D
  12. i need ur opinions

    well 35 is too old too..unless u want a mature wife...right?
  13. Islam in Jordan

    ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã æ Ñ�ãå Çááå i think that my country is considered to be a country with strong Islam ..... most of the population here is muslim including our government of course alhamdulillah of course there are many wrong behaviors that misuse our religion but i guess we find it everywhere inshalla we will become more and more strong in Islam and inshalla we will be a great example to all other countries
  14. i need ur opinions

    :D lol... no! im not worried..who said im worried ,,i did not say...hahhaaha u know i was just wondering and i hope u would get the wife that would make u happy hroughout ur entire life :D thanks for the reply
  15. need help

    al salam 3alaykom thank u very much for the website i think it is very useful :D