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  1. Water or Coke?

    Salam In jamaica people use pepsi to clean metals and is usualy not drunk enough said Deen
  2. Back to Basics

    Salams Green tea is something drunk throughout asia and for a full detoxing affect lemon is added this is part of a diet called a macrobiotic diet which has claims to curing cancer using the basics of Allahs creation into basic organisms i.e. seeds etc. Green tea first thing in the morning will clean out the stale left over digestive enzymes left in the gut which clears your skin as well. If your interested in macrobiotic diet i advise you look up Dr. Gillian McKeith and other such nutritionists who are now seing the benefit in a balanced diet. Deen
  3. Tick Tock

    Salams Thanks!! early morning brain fatigue dont know why i didnt c that.....
  4. Tick Tock

    Salam stupid question, but im in london and the time on this forum is quite dodgy is there anyway in which i can change the setting.
  5. Salams All

    Assalamuwailaikum!! im Deen and im from London, i want to send big SALAMS to everyone on this site !! :D Deen[DO NOT CHANGE COLORgreen]
  6. Tsunami

    Thanks to everyone who helped raise money and awarenes for the tsunami crisis Salam Deen
  7. 5 Million facing destitution

    Thankyou keep donating!!! Thank u May Allah bless all that gave and gave for the people around the indian Ocean. £75m was donated by the people of the UK! Jazakhallah Khair, Deen
  8. 5 Million facing destitution

    The death toll stands 118,000 people. 5 million facing destitution "google/tsunami_relief.html"]google/tsunami_relief.html[/url] Please give what you can and investigate the above link beacause those 118,000 have passed leaving millions alone in the face of destitution, they are not alone as the 6 billion of us are here with them on our screens everyday supplicate and give generously Salam, Deen.
  9. Dua for my future

    Nothing comes for free Nothing tangible but my muslim's your dua means more than anything right now im 3 weeks away from my exams and revising everything for an exam that will well and truly shape things to come i ask in my pity for you to raise your hands before Allah for excellent results inshallah. Salam Deen.