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  1. Trial By Dodgy Dossier

    Subject: SIAC hearings - trial by dodgy dossier Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 20:27:50 +0100 News from Scotland Against Criminalising Communities - SACC (www.sacc.com.uk) Press Release from Scotland Against Criminalising Communities (SACC) Monday 16 October Foreigners suspected of "terror" links are subjected to a system of sanitised injustice. Detainee calls secret commission a "fascist court martial" SACC calls it "trial by dodgy dossier". The scandal surrounding the government’s use of contradictory evidence against people that it wishes to deport as "threats to national security" shows yet again that the parallel justice system operating in such cases is nothing more than a system of sanitised injustice. The scandal came to light last week when it was revealed that a high court judge chairing the Special Immigration Appeals Commission had ruled in May that the Home Office case against an Algerian man known only as "MK" had not been sufficiently "fact driven." It’s bad enough that this parallel system dispenses punishment to people who have not been charged with any criminal offence, but are merely suspected by the government of a connection with terrorism. But what’s worse is that the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) - the "court" that hears appeals against deportation in cases involving national security – considers part of the evidence in secret and requires an appellant to be represented in the secret part of the hearing by a security-vetted "Special Advocate" that he isn’t allowed to meet. Neither the appellant nor his usual lawyer are present during this part of the hearing. It’s impossible for an appellant to present a forceful and comprehensive case under these conditions. The system is hardly better that the Military Commissions that the US imposes on people it labels as "unlawful enemy combatants". A Libyan man facing deportation has described SIAC in a recent message to Islam Channel News as a "fascist court martial." It’s time for this system to be dismantled and for everyone living in Britain to be given the right to a fair and open trial before a jury on recognisable criminal charges before facing any serious penalties. It was revealed last week that a ruling earlier this year by SIAC included blistering criticism of the Home Office for failing to disclose information that could have strengthened the case of a man who was appealing against a Home Office decision to deport him on national security grounds. The man is an Algerian who can only be referred to as "MK." The missing evidence that could have helped his case turned up in documents submitted by the Home Office as part ot it’s case against another man, Abu Doha. The oversight only came to light when it was spotted by Andrew Nicol QC, the Special Advocate acting for Abu Doha, who happened also to be representing "MK". Yet even after SIAC had re-opened MK’s case, and the Home Office had carried out a "trawl" of it’s files, Andrew Nicol discovered still more undisclosed material that should have been presented by the Home Office. The missing material unearthed by Andrew Nicol contradicted a Home Office claim that "MK" had allowed Abu Doha to use his passport. Had it not been for the good fortune that Andrew Nicol happened to be representing both "MK" and Abu Doha SIAC would, in its own words "have been left to determine the question whether Abu Doha used the appellant’s passport, on a false basis" In the "redacted" (censored) version of its ruling that has recently become available, SIAC says "there have been other aspects of this case which give rise to a need for some general comments" and calls for the Home Office preparation of cases to be "more fact driven." It says "there has been fault on the part of the Secretary of State for the Home Department." But the bottom line in this non-fact driven case was that SIAC ruled in May that it would be "disproportionate" to allow MK’s appeal or to order a fresh hearing. "MK" was deported to France in September. Fortunately for "MK", the French government appears to have no plans to deport him to Algeria. This might suggest that the French government doesn’t share the Home Office interpretratation of the information that it presented in secret to prove that "MK" is a dangerous individual. MK had lived in Britain for 10 years and had a partner - a British citizen - and a daughter here. The judge took the view that the Home Secretary had not acted in bad faith. But in our view the catalogue of errors suggests a political culture in which the Home Secretary first chooses whom he wishes to deport, and then assembles the material to support his decision. It’s trial by dodgy dossier. The treatment that "MK" has received will strengthen fears that other foreign nationals currently in jail in Britain and threatened with deportation can expect no justice. Many of the men are suffering from severe depression as a result of their prolonged incarceration. They are nevertheless lucid, reasonable and intelligent individuals who see their situation very clearly. One of the men, a Libyan known only as Detainee "AS", has given an exclusive interview with Islam Channel News. He has been detained for nearly five years and is considered a threat to national security. But he's never been charged with a crime and isn't allowed to see the secret evidence against him. He is currently held in Long Lartin Prison. In the interview, "AS" demands to be given a fair trial before a jury. He is deeply critical of sections of the the British Muslim community, which he says have given insufficient support to the foreign citizens faced with detention and deportation. He says: "We were kidnapped from our houses and are being detained as hostages. They took us from our houses and put us in prison simply because we are Muslims. All our families outside are suffering. They're being treated very badly, one of the brother's wives has miscarried her baby subsequent to the barbaric raid the day her husband was kidnapped by the police. I and another brother have not seen our wives for the period of our detention which is nearly 5 years…. "The court we are appealing to now - called the special immigration and appeals commission which has been made specifically for the detainees - we call it the fascist court martial because they use so-called secret evidence… "Everything is based on fabrications and falsehood which can't be sufficient to be used in ordinary court. The judges are always on the side of the Government... "They only listen to what they get from intelligence sources. We need juries and we need a fair trial…. "The agreement was that if I was deported I would get assurances by the Libyans that I wouldn't be tortured but the funny thing is that they both have got the right after six months of my deportation to withdraw from this agreement. This is an utter joke.... "The biggest kind of failure of this Muslim Council to help Muslims in this country, that (was when) one of the members called Dr El-Hilbawi was asked by the Government about the best way to deal with us. He replied "these people shouldn't be detained or sent back to their countries, but the best solution… to keep them in mental institution". He called us a crazy people, that we are not… "We're not asking our Muslim brothers to send us money in here for our food, we're asking them just to support us, just to go at least for demonstration, just to write, just to do something." Detainee "AS", HMP Long Lartin, October 2006 SACC, 16 October 2006 contact[at]sacc.com.uk 07719822164 Notes Rough transcript of the full message from Detainee "AS" to Islam Channel News - (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.sacc.com.uk/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=290&catid=36&Itemid=35"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.sacc.com.uk/index.php?option=co...6&Itemid=35[/url] Clarke at centre of a shocking scandal of incompetence, The Daily Telegraph, 12 October 206 (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2006/10/12/nlaw112.xml"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml.../12/nlaw112.xml[/url] SIAC judgement (Redacted version of paragraphs 88 – 104 in the Closed Judgment of MK ) – www.sacc.com.uk/sacc/docs/siac_mk.pdf Publication of the names of "MK" and "AS" is prohibited by court order. This order was granted for the protection of the men and their families. Publication of their names could result in prosecution for contempt of court. More about SACC – www.sacc.com.uk
  2. Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah Article below by Yamin Zakaria, worth a read. Any impartial observer can distinguish between crass insults, and scholarly criticisms of Islam. Insults are usually self-evident, conveyed using pejorative terms that are intended to denigrate and mock. Such crude language is inappropriate for the mainstream media and the government, as they have the burden of keeping their mask of civilisation from slipping. So, they disseminate the same crass insults using refined language, present it as scholarly opinions by citing selected academics. However, even a cursory investigation reveals that these so-called scholarly ‘opinions’ are primarily based on the works of other hostile critics of Islam, whilst opinions of the proponents, or even those who are relatively neutral, are not given any serious consideration. These hostile critics use specific examples to construct: subjective judgments and simultaneously ignore how those judgments contradict other cases. For example, they describe the Prophet (SAW) of Islam as violent by citing cases where retribution was applied, concurrently ignoring the numerous occasions when He forgave the offenders. Also, how can anyone claim retribution is an act of violence, as it is a form of compensation for the victim, and a deterrence for the criminals. Retribution is central to the notion of justice. Likewise, they claim that the Prophet (SAW) was driven by lust for having many wives, but overlook that fact that many of his wives were old and not the most beautiful. More pertinently, the Prophet (SAW) did not seek the prettiest women in the prime of his youth; nor did he seek them when He became the most powerful ruler of Arabia, when such desires could easily have been satisfied. In fact, the pagan Arabs offered Him the most beautiful women as a form of bribe, in return for His silence, but the Prophet (SAW) unequivocally refused. If having many wives is evidence of lust, then surely these types of charges can be levied better against the Biblical Prophets; Solomon (AS) for example had seven hundred wives and numerous concubines. Conversely, someone remaining celibate can be accused of having unnatural desires. Thus, using this type of superficial reasoning, one can make serious allegations against Prophet Jesus (AS). Similarly, they slander Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as a ‘pedophile’, because of the sole example of His marriage to young Ayesha (RA), the only virgin wife of the Prophet. They argue that Ayesha (RA) was a child by contemporary standards and the age difference between Prophet Muhammad (aged 54) and Ayesha (age 9) is inappropriate. Simultaneously, they fail to account why all of His other wives were much older and some actually exceeded the Prophet (SAW) in age. The pertinent question is: if the Prophet (SAW) really had a strong desire for young women, then why did He not seek wives of a similar age to Ayesha (RA), when He subsequently married numerous times? The hostile critics can be classed into two categories, the secular fundamentalists and the fanatical Christian-Zionists. In order to answer the nasty allegation made against the Prophet (SAW), we pose the following questions: Was Ayesha a pre-pubescent child? Was the marriage immoral due to the age gap? What constitutes a valid marriage? Who really condones and/or practices pedophilia? Was Ayesha (RA) a pre-pubescent child? The conventional definition of a Pedophile is: someone who REPEATEDLY engages in sexual act with prepubescent children. All the reports state that Ayesha (RA) went to live with the Prophet (SAW) as His wife, after she had reached puberty. She and her parents fully consented to the marriage. There was no criticism issued at that time and subsequently, by Muslims and non-Muslims. Hence, this was in accordance to the prevailing custom, and the age old tradition of girls marrying at puberty. However, the allegation persists, because they argue that Ayesha (RA) was still a child regardless of her attaining puberty. In that case, what is the universally accepted definition that distinguishes a child from an adult for all periods of time? Surely it cannot be something as arbitrary as 18 or 16, as is the case in many Western countries, and such distinction is meaningless when you consider that most people below those ages are sexually active. Are we under any obligation to accept their assertions in blind-faith that Ayesha was a child? Note, by those same standards, having sex with an underage female is not described as pedophiliac, but underage sex, or statutory rape! It should also be noted that even today the age of consent in many parts of the world is around 12-14. Age of consent in the USA was 10 hardly 100 years ago and 11 in the UK. Mary the mother of Jesus according to the Oxford Dictionary of the Bible was pregnant at the age of 12 and married of to Joseph between the ages of 7 and 9. The Christian Byzantine emperors and nobilities also had brides as young as 8 years old. The gay communities in secular societies are constantly trying to lowering the age of consent. From the definition of Islam, Ayesha was a woman. Islam makes puberty (physical capacity) and mental capacity the distinguishing factor between a responsible adult and a child. Was the marriage immoral due to the age gap? By whose standards the marriage was immoral? Burden of proof is on the one who makes the allegations. Hence, they must state their definition of morality/immorality and its basis. More pertinently why their definition of morality is universal and absolute - thus has legitimacy to judge all societies. The reality is: morality like laws is relative, it differs from nation to nation; and for most nations it is relative within as it changes with the lapse of time. For example once marriage was sacred but now it is outdated, homosexuality was once immoral but now it is a fad, and so on. Some argue that certain values like lying, murder, and theft are universal, if that was so then the laws and values regarding these issues would be identical. Consider capital punishment, this is viewed as murder by some, while others consider it as a form of retribution. When foreigners kill their citizens it is deemed as murder, however when they kill foreigners it is collateral damages for building democracy! Similarly when you examine the details of what constitutes lies and theft you see the sharp differences. The Christian-Zionist are in no position to lecture about the age gap, given that there are numerous references [1] in the Bible illustrating marriage between young girls with older men. Even a child as young as 3 can be taken as a bride [2] this is elaborated in the section below: who really condones and/or practices pedophilia. They have a further problem in lecturing the Muslims about morality as there are stories [1] alleging adultery, incest, indiscriminate murder of women and children, committed by the Prophets of God under divine guidance. For the secular critics, to claim that the marriage was immoral is irrational and hypocritical, as secular societies do not recognise marriage as a sacred institution in the first place. It is viewed as an ancient tradition, thus people are increasingly cohabiting. Also, how their scale of so-called morality works? They say it is wrong for a man to have married a much younger woman, but there is no problem if the individual is engaged in homosexual activity or other kinds of sexual practices like incest, bestiality that are considered by most people as deviant from the norm. At least a heterosexual relationship conforms to nature and fulfills the role of reproduction. Is it morally consistent to criticise the marriage of Ayesha (RA), while permitting such activities? Of course, the secular critics scream sexual freedom is the reason for allowing such activities. Then surely, by that freedom, there should be no objection if two individuals willingly enter into a marital contract, regardless of their age differences! Would it be perceived in the same light, if a sexually active 12 year old male wanted to marry a 60 year old woman willingly, exercising their freedoms? Many of the secular anti-Islamic monkeys have been trained to foul mouth Islam, and unable to elaborate and justify their alternative moral paradise. Naturally, if you criticise something, you must have an alternative. That leads to the next question. What constitutes a valid (moral) marriage? Since Aisha (RA) was much younger than the Prophet (SAW), the anti-Islamic critics make a lot of noise, as if they have been offended due to their high level of ‘morals’. That is like the devil lecturing others about sin, and a response of laughter is natural and most appropriate. They criticise the age gap, but fail to state what that gap should be and why? Indeed, they should clarify their overall position of what constitutes a legitimate (moral) form of marriage, giving details of all the relevant factors like age, gender and eligibility. So, looking at gender, what about homosexual marriages where the gender boundaries are crossed; this is now viewed as legitimate by most secular societies, and increasingly by many of the Christian churches. Many countries have made it legal and in many places it has become a fad. We regard homosexual marriages to be unlawful and disgusting; it goes against human nature of procreation. Is it morally consistent to permit such activities, while condemning a normal heterosexual marriage for having an age gap? In terms of eligibility, what about those who cross the traditional boundaries of marriage that is considered sacred, and commit incest by engaging in sexual acts/or marrying within the family? Is this moral? If not, then are you going to be imposing your views on them and defile your sacred notion of freedom. However, this is not the end of the story, some freedom loving secularist are experimenting with beasts to eating each other (cannibalism). Of course we know the masses in general do not engage in this, but the point is secular freedom permits such things. While permitting such things, do the secular critics have any right to lecture the Muslims on marital issues? The secular critics always avoid this pertinent point of elucidating the conditions of a legitimate marital relationship. Because, they want to criticise others - whilst avoiding their own position being subjected to the same criticisms. Indeed, we know how easy it is to call others ugly wearing a mask! It is a real irony that these secular foul mouths are constantly demanding proof from Muslims, yet when they are asked to justify their own position, they expect you to follow them with blind faith. These are the real ignorant fanatics and extremists of our time. Who really condones and/or practices pedophilia? Ironically, the foul mouth Christian preachers, with venom and hate slander the Prophet of Islam, while waving the flag of ‘love’. Often they are supported by the Zionists behind the scene, who have good reasons to remain relatively silent on this issue, as the evidences below demonstrate. If sexual relationship with a pre-pubescent child is that abhorrent, surely the condemnation should start by calling for the Bible to be banned. Consider the following verse, and there are numerous other verses like this: “Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, 18 but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.†(Numbers 31:17-18) The verse orders the killing of all males including children of any age and that is pretty gruesome. It is not the Quran but the Bible that is suitable as a manual for terrorists, serial killers and mass murderers, may give a plausible explanation for the existence of violent societies like the Zionist-israel, Christian-US and medieval Europe. As for “kill every woman who has slept with a man†according to the scholars of the Jewish Talmud [2], this resulted in killing of every girl 3 years upward, ordered directly by Prophet Moses himself. The verse applied to women who were not virgins as well as those who had the capacity for committing sexual intercourse. The Rabbis elaborate this is 3 years upwards, as they explicitly state [2] numerous times in the Talmud: "A girl three years old may be betrothed through an act of sexual intercourse". Therefore, this is clear evidence of pedophilia activity legitimized by the Bible – advocated and followed by the Jews, while Christians are not obliged to follow the commandments of the old Testament but they consider it to be part of God’s revelation. If they condemn Pedophilia then logically they have to condemn their God, who permitted such activities once upon a time. Yet the Christians and the Jews have the audacity to slander Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and the Western world happily promotes such slander without looking into their backyard. They should really follow their own advice from the New Testament on this issue: "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her."(John 8:7). As for the secular critics, if they were genuinely against pedophiles, then why they are silent towards the real pedophiles around them? There are organised pedophile groups trying to legitimize such activities in the US and Europe. Yet no words of condemnation issued against them, and the secular critics should deal with such groups first, getting their house in order, before pointing the fingers at others. Like serial killers, Pedophiles exist in abundance in the West, and not in the Islamic world. Even a cursory search on the web will reveal a growing number of such sites are hosted by Western secular countries. Indeed, all the evidences suggest that these critics actually condone pedophilia, and their hypocritical silence corroborates that. No doubt, their blind and fanatical adherence to the notion of freedom has also contributed to shaping their perverse mindset! These secular critics, particularly the western ones, have a problem of criticising Muslims by using their own demons. So, they say we are fascists when they have invented and practiced it. We are supposed to be violent but who has caused the largest wars, and have the largest war machinery. They call us terrorists, and yet they are the ones who have invented bombing civilians en masse. Likewise, the Prophet (SAW) has allegedly acted immorally for marrying Ayesha, while they issue moral ‘certificates’ for every form of sexual acts. More likely, they are accusing the Prophet (SAW) of such things, to relieve their guilt of having so much pedophilia activity around them. The above mentioned examples demonstrate whether one is a refined critic with academic credentials, or a foul mouthed anti-Islamic zealot, they have the same objective of character assassinating the Prophet (SAW), while turning a blind eye to their sea of hypocrisy. It is a pity that scientifically advanced nations cannot apply the same principle in dealing with Islam. Instead they are behaving like some medieval state, thus they are disseminating insults in various ways. Yamin Zakaria (www.iiop(contact admin if its a beneficial link)) London, UK Copyright © Yamin Zakaria 2006 [1] (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.answering-christianity(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/aisha.htm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.answering-christianity(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/aisha.htm[/url] [2] (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.answering-christianity(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/age3.htm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.answering-christianity(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/age3.htm[/url]
  3. Salaam I usually get the Shifa blackseed oil products, its free delivery in the UK. You could probably get the liquid form cheaper elsewhere but they do capsule form using other beneficial ingredients along with the blackseed, such as, honey and blackseed oil caps, evening primrose with blackseed oil caps etc. (the latter isnt yet listed on the website but its good stuff for hormornal imbalances) heres the website: (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.shifalife(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/etrading/index.jsp"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.shifalife(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/etrading/index.jsp[/url]
  4. Craig Murray's 'murder In Samarkand'

    I was simply stating what Craig Murray himself told us. Anyway after quering it with him, this was his reply: "It is not in any of their shops. It is available for order on their website, but one friend received notification from WHSmith that his order had been cancelled and his money would be returned to him. Another friend still has an active order with WHSmith, but the book hasn't as of yet been delivered. So it is very hard to tell if there is an actual policy against the book at WHSmith, but certainly no-one has succeeded in buying from them yet that I know of..." So yep, theres definitely summat fishy going on. and oh yeah, Amazon rocks :D
  5. State Terrorists V Freedom Fighters

    hey dont worry about it, you go ahead and scrutinise Yamins article. I am in contact with the brother, and will forward any points made by yourself. I know he'd be more than happy to reply.
  6. ~ Nothing Is Safe In Lebanon! ~

    And if israel stopped deliberately targeting civilians then those people would still be alive. israel could have avoided war had it wanted: If we recall, Hizb-Ullah conducted a strictly military aid (yes soldiers not civillians), but israel responded by attacking military AND non-military targets. We learn from the past that prisoner swaps have been conducted (1979, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2004), it was always relatively calm after these exchanges, everyone was happy. so why wage war this time round? A mass punishment on civilians is deplorable, you and I both know that. Eloquent as ever eh makko? A thousand apologies for assuming you were a Jew, but can you blame me after your staunch support for the zionists, almost shamelessly, putting even the pro-israeli neo-con sympathisers to shame. You can sugar coat your insults however you like. Twisting words is something you people are good at, in your dictionary insults become ‘advice’ while oppression and aggression become ‘self-defence’ By dismissing these findings as ‘rubbish’ really goes to show how unwilling you are to accept the truth. Please remember these individuals are non-Muslim and have conducted their extensive research on neutral grounds. It wasn’t a primary school project but part of a large research programme supported by the Economic and Social Research Council. â€This superb study is extensive in scope and scrupulously fair. It will be a landmark †Edward Herman The work was undertaken with support from the Economic and Social Research Council whose help we would like to acknowledge. In producing this study out intention was not to ‘monitor’ the media or to criticise individual journalists. Our intention was to discuss the pressures and structures within which they work to show the effects of those on new content and to examine the role of the media in the construction of public knowledge. It is a very extensive study with an audience sample of over 800 people and a detailed analysis of TV news over a two-year period. …The study suggests that television news on the israel/Palestinian conflict confuses viewers and substantially features israeli government views. israelis are quoted and speak in interviews over twice as much as Palestinians and there are major differences in the language used to describe the two sides. This operates in favours of the israelis and influences how viewers understand the conflict. The study focused on BBC One and ITV News from the start of the current Palestinian intifada, the Glasgow researchers examined around 200 news programmes and interviewed and questioned over 800 people. 1. As one viewer put it: The impression I got (from news) was that the Palestinians had lived around about that area and now they were trying to come back and get some more land for themselves - I didn’t realise they had been driven out of places in wars previously. (above exerpts taken from website) LOL well if we go ask the Palestinian civilians then they would tell you the death of their people – which statistics prove are at a ratio of 9 or 10 to 1 compared to deaths of israelis – are a result of terrorism and intentional targeting of civilians. Why is it that each time israel attacks say a vehicle belonging to ‘Hamas millitant’ about 10 bystanders or passers-by happen to also be killed. How can this be acceptable to you? By the way the figures never include women who die while giving birth at checkpoints, who are refused permission to reach a hospital. Or the thousands of Palestinian prisoners abducted and held indefinitely in israeli prisons, unknown whether they are alive or dead.
  7. ~ Nothing Is Safe In Lebanon! ~

    Whats the matter Makko, are you angry? why are you resorting to insults? You'll find my post contains FACTS and not personal insults and ridiculous rants like yours. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.gla.ac.uk/departments/sociology/units/media/israel.htm"]FACTS[/url] Before you restart your silly accusations, those who conducted the study were not Muslims **shock shock horror horror** yes unfortuntaely for th neo-cons, people can still see past the propaganda being forced down British throats. So yes conclusively BBC is the voice of Arabophobia in England. Whether one admits it or not! By the way, if there was any collective guilt regarding the holocaust of your ancestors, your inhumanity towards the Palestinians and other Arabs has gone a long way towards dissipating it. That is not only my opinion but the opinion of many, both Muslim and not.
  8. Craig Murrays book 'Murder in Samarkand' reveals the horrific and tyrannical regime of President Islam karimov in Uzbekistan, where Murray served as British ambassador. The most disturbing fact being that this regimes clearly backed by the US and Britain and is ironically their ally in the 'war on terror' - Karmiov being among the biggest terrorists known to man! Other western ambassadors in the country chose to dismiss the blatant torture when Murray presented evidence of it occurring (pictures of innocent people being boiled alive, their finger nails being ripped off, rape with broken bottles etc. all carried out by the Uzbek authorities) Mr Murray revealed afew days ago at a talk i attended that the publishers of his book and he himself hav been receiving threatening letters from the British government regarding his new book. Order your copy now if you havent already before its banned. Its important for us all to be aware of the atrocities being committed silently against our brothers in Uzbekistan, as our government continues to look on and encourage it. Available at Amazon! (W H Smith stores are: 1.Not stocking the "Murder in Samarkand" 2. Are returning the copies ordered under Sale or Return. 3. Have instructed staff to refuse to take orders for the book. Thus proving it is pro-torture and supports terrorism!) Buy your copy now!: (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1845961943/202-4646103-1873440?v=glance&n=266239"]Amazon[/url]
  9. ~ Nothing Is Safe In Lebanon! ~

    If we compare statistics, more than 250 Lebanese, most of them civilians, including women and children, have been killed by israel using 500-pound laser guided U.S.-made bombs. To date, 25 israelis have been killed, half of them uniformed soldiers in combat with Hezbollah fighters. Yet israels always whinging for sympathy. Btw if you'd like to read about the media bias in the UK (exposing the BBC) check the following link: (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.countercurrents(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/pa-hassan180706.htm"]BBC: A zionist propaganda outlet[/url]
  10. ~ Nothing Is Safe In Lebanon! ~

    LOL try turning your telly on, thats exactly what theyre doing! Liberte dont YOU people get it? israelis have been holding Lebanese and palestinians illegally in prisons for years unvisited by the Red Cross or any other humanitarian organisations. Do we ever hear about that on your zionist media? Do they ever make a big hoo-haa about Muslim civillians? but when two israeli soldiers are held - to be exchanged for Lebanese prisoners and not indefinitely like israelis have been doing and STILL CONTINUE TO DO SO, we see they wage war against a whole country. Read the article i posted State terrorists v freedom fighters, may enlighten you a little regarding the real terrorists.
  11. State Terrorists V Freedom Fighters "We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population." – (David Ben-Gurion, May 1948. From Ben-Gurion, a Biography, by Michael Ben-Zohar) Even before the abovementioned words were uttered by Ben Gurion, and before the establishment of israel: terrorism, assassination and propaganda were the primary tools of the Jewish immigrants arriving from Europe and Russia. Ironically, many of them were fleeing persecution but upon their arrival they began to persecute another innocent nation! These Jewish (Zionist) terrorists organised themselves into groups and one of the earliest one was called the “Haganahâ€; its members included the likes of Yitzhak Rabin, Ariel Sharon and Moshe Dayan. From “Haganahâ€, the “Irgun†gang was formed by the more fanatical right-wing members; the group was later led by Menachem Begin. However, the “Irgun†gang also split in 1940; their off-shoot was called the "Lehi" also known by the British as the "Stern Gang", named after its leader Avraham Stern. All of these terrorist groups terrorised the indigenous Muslim/Arabs, driving them out of their lands. This is the source of the problem, the root of the Arab-israeli conflict: foreigners who have sought refuge in the land of olive (Palestine – “Bilad az-Zaytunâ€), turn violent on the indigenous population. These ungrateful Zionist terrorists also attacked the British occupational forces, despite the fact that it was the British government who facilitated their ‘settlement’ in these lands. They bombed King David Hotel, killing 91 people that comprised largely of British civilians. Menachem Begin of the Stern Gang was wanted by the British authorities for his criminal activities. After the establishment of israel, the “Irgun†gang led by Menachem Begin became the right-wing Likud Party, while the “Haganah†terrorists and the criminal Stern gang integrated to form the israeli Defence Force (IDF). Therefore, israel is a terrorist state by its nature; its institutions were born out of the terrorism of terrorist groups and theft of Arab/Muslim lands. israel continues to function in this mode, terrorising the region for the ultimate goal of building Eretz (greater) israel. The map issued by Begin’s Irgun gang is proof of that vision of creating Eretz israel, when israel was not even born. Menachem Begin explicitly stated this in 1947: “Eretz israel will be restored to the people of israel, all of it and for ever.†However, international situation prevents israel from achieving this goal of building Eretz israel immediately; this is a long term objective that is being undertaken with careful planning. To weaken the surrounding Arab countries is one essential milestone for achieving this objective. Thus, dismantling of Iraq, incursion into Syria and Lebanon, eventual annihilation of the Palestinians, preparing to attack Iran, Somalia and Syria, then eventually Saudi Arabia and Sudan, all aid that objective of building Eretz israel, even though other factors are driving those events. Not surprisingly the fanatical neo-cons (Zionists) are the real architects of this aggressive US foreign policy that is design to weaken the Arab/Muslim countries. Eretz israel is the goal, and terrorism is the method. It was the Zionists who introduced these methods, like the European colonisers introduced chicken pox to the peaceful native population in the Americas and Australia. Zionists even openly admitted of their intention of using terrorism, the aforementioned words of Ben-Gurion and the underground newspaper of the Stern Gang explicitly stated this: “Neither Jewish morality nor Jewish tradition can negate the use of terror as a means of battle.†After the birth of this illegitimate child called israel, terrorism of groups and individuals was replaced by state-terrorism. However, since 1948, israel has managed to portray itself as a victim of terrorism, instead of being the real perpetrator, while israel’s victims have been systematically turned into terrorists. This reversal of the image was achieved primarily by the media-terrorists of the west, and this continues till today by their one-sided media coverage. Zionists of all colours to the government of israel are given maximum air-time, while the Arab voices are given minimal time, if any at all. For example, the big news in the Western media is that Iran and Syria have aided Hizb-Ullah, but it is no news that the US and UK has been arming israel to the teeth for the last 60 years! No one notices that the US and British made fighter-planes, helicopters and missiles are used daily to kill and maime Palestinians. If we examine the weapons dropped in Lebanon, one would think it was the US that launched the attack. Basically, coalition of greedy capitalist-vultures in attacking Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon is acceptable but not the coalition of Muslim countries defending itself. Another example of media-terrorism is the selective application of certain terms to conceal the crime. israel bombing civilian installations in Lebanon and Gaza, depriving the entire population of transport, water and electricity, is described as an act of ‘self-defence’; but any impartial observer will see this as ‘collective punishment’ dispensed through state-terrorism. These are acts of war crimes and illegal under the various international conventions. israel continues to use its firepower, targeting residential quarters and civilian conveys leaving Lebanon, killing indiscriminately including women and children. This is described by the media-terrorists as israeli retaliation to Hizb-Ullah and Hamas. In short they portray the situation as: innocent israel retaliating against the Arab-terrorists, civilian casualties are collateral damages. Poor israel, always the ‘victim’ despite the fact that it is armed with the most lethal weapons! What is it this time? Is it anti-Semitism or denial of holocaust? Did someone shout 5.999999 Million Jews were killed instead of 6 million? How israel is the only victim in human history that has managed to kill many more of its enemies (Arabs) since its inception? Victims usually suffer more than their perpetrators, but in the case of israel it is the opposite. The ‘genius’ Bush also calls the israeli aggression against the Lebanese civilian population and the civilian infrastructure as an act of ‘self-defence’, I suppose like he is ‘defending’ the US in Iraq! According to him the capture of the israeli soldiers by the resistance forces is the source of the problem, just like 9/11 being the point where the history of conflict began. Bush and the media-terrorists conveniently ignored the offer made by Hamas and Hizb-Ullah to exchange prisoners, and all this bloodshed could have been avoided, if that route was sought. Yet we have put up with Bush and the Zionists continuously uttering “peaceâ€, of course what they mean is “pieces†of Lebanese and Palestinian children! Let us suppose that Hizb-Ullah and Hamas did not retaliate to the initial israeli aggression but made a pre-emptive strike on israel and took the few soldiers as POWs. israel has been holding thousands of civilians (Lebanese and Palestinians) for decades; this includes woman and children for resisting the illegal, ongoing occupation that is condemned by international law. Therefore, israel has no right to complain for the actions of Hizb-Ullah and Hamas, moreover it is an occupational force that deserves to be resisted. Did israel not bomb Iraq’s nuclear reactor in 1982, so why the Zionist state can make pre-emptive strikes but not the Arabs? israel claims the right to invade Gaza and Lebanon to ‘rescue’ the captured soldiers. No authorization was required from the UN, and the US gave it the green light. israel refused to negotiate the release of its soldiers, partly because it has a hidden agenda and partly because of its racist nature, as allegedly they are God’s chosen race, and they are worth far more than these Arab-gentiles. This means for one israeli Jew infinite number of gentiles can be killed, be it women or children. This is not propaganda, Talmudic law actually endorse this. No surprise the Stern gang stated this ethos: “Neither Jewish morality nor Jewish tradition can negate the use of terror (against gentiles)…†While on the subject of terrorism, it is interesting to note that victims of Hizb-Ullah has primarily been israeli soldiers and only 10 civilians, in contrast almost all the victims of the israeli onslaught has been innocent civilians. So who is the real terrorist by their conduct? Commonsense tells us there is clear difference between, groups resisting foreign occupational forces as freedom fighters and state-terrorists/terrorists. The former groups are operating largely within their borders to free their lands and people from foreign forces; hence by reality they are freedom fighters. In contrast state-terrorism is deployed largely by imperialist nations seeking the wealth of other nations and by those nations who have established themselves on other people’s land, later colonised it by force. For example, it was state-terrorism of European colonisers that led to the virtual annihilation of the aboriginal and the Native American population. israel and the US are perfect examples of state-terrorists; they were setup on stolen lands, subsequently committed genocide on the native population. Both countries use their firepower to terrorise weaker nations, while they have killed millions more, they scream of being innocent victims, whenever they face just retaliation. Yamin Zakaria London, UK Copyright © 2006 by Yamin Zakaria
  12. People Posessed By Jins

    Wasalaam Firstly it is very important to understand that nothing happens without the knowledge of Allah swt. The truth is that the existence of this universe and every creature in it clearly indicates that Allah had knowledge of it before He created it. "For it is impossible that He could create these things without knowing about them, because He creates things by His Will, and will requires a preconceived idea about the desired thing. This preconceived idea about the desired thing is knowledge of the desired thing. So creation requires will and will requires knowledge, so creation requires knowledge." (Sharh at-Tahaawiyah, p 148, Cited in Umar Al Ashqar, Divine Will and Predestination in the Light of Quran and Sunnah, p 42) Every human created by Allah is a free agent, and He knows how this free will is going to be used by every man or woman, human or jinn. It was the Will of Allah to give us free Will, therefore when something similar to this case of possession takes place, we say it is the Will of Allah swt - of the free will He has granted us, and He being the Controller of All Affairs, has permitted this to happen. It is important to stress that whatever decisions we make in life are not forced psychological decisions but because we chose to make these decisions by the intellect, the Qur'an and the ability granted by the Merciful to choose between various matters, between wrong and right etc. Allah has fore-knowledge of what decisions we will make, which were written fifty thousand years before man was even created in His book al-Lawh al-Mahfooz. Our choices and decisions in life are not the way they are because of the contents of the Book, rather it is vice versa. “Say: The truth is from your Lord; so let whosoever will believe, and let whosoever will disbelieve.†(Al-Kahf: 29) If we had no free will, why would there be a need for accountability, al-Qiyamah, Hell, Heaven? After all, how can one be held responsible, punished or even rewarded for something in which he had no say in? “Those who give partners (to Allah) will say: ‘If Allah had wished, we should not have given partners to Him nor would our fathers; nor should we have had any taboos.’ So did their ancestors argue falsely, until they tasted of Our wrath. Say: ‘Have ye any (certain) knowledge? If so, produce it before us. Ye follow nothing but conjecture: ye do nothing but lie.’ Say: ‘With Allah is the argument that reaches home: if it had been His will, He could indeed have guided you all.’ Say: ‘Bring forward your witnesses to prove that Allah did forbid so and so.’ If they bring such witnesses, be not thou amongst them: Nor follow thou the vain desires of such as treat our signs as falsehoods, and such as believe not in the Hereafter: for they hold others as equal with their Guardian-Lord.†(Al-An`am: 148-150) This leads us to another very important point. Allah swt is the Creator, and He created good and evil. However he has given us the ability to choose between right and wrong. Because our lives are a test we will be held accountable for everything that we do and how we react to certain circumstances. So the Jinn possessing the sister is doing so of his own free will. Allah swt creates the circumstances but does not enforce us to make any decisions. The type of results we get is not because Allah had already decided our fate which we had no say in and were helpless. The results we get depend on the actions and deeds we do. Taking the sisters Jinn story as an example again, the Jinn possessed this sister, for whatever reason they usually possess – angering the jinn, hitting him mistakenly, falling in love with humans etc. However, once this incident had taken place, it was a test on the Jinn to see how he reacts. He chose to possess the sister. As the jinn is also being tested, God would not interfere with human choices, nor manipulate them, because this would defeat the very purpose of a test. Or if He was to correct every evil instead of awaiting the appointed Day when all will be judged accordingly. And it is also a test on the sister to see if she endures it with patience turning to Allah swt and insha’Allah an expiation of her sins through the difficulty. Narrated 'Aisha: (the wife of the Prophet) Allah's Apostle said, "No calamity befalls a Muslim but that Allah expiates some of his sins because of it, even though it were the prick he receives from a thorn." (Bukhari) Having said that, it is still of utmost importance for the sister to turn to Allah swt to remove this calamity and ask for forgiveness, as He is after all the Controller of our Affairs, and if He so wishes He can remove the jinn and make easy trials in life, their severity, timing, duration etc. Allah swt is full of Mercy and answers the calls of His Slaves. Only he can make matters easy for us that are beyond our control, and knows what is best for us though we may dislike it. With regard to the effect of sin and obedience on changing the Divine Decree, you know that which is al-Lawh al-Mahfooz can never be changed. The Prophet Muhammad pbuh said: “The pens have been lifted and the pages have dried†(At-Tirmidhi) As for the pages which are in the hands of the angels, Allah swt may command His Angels to change it because of an act of worship that a Muslim does or because of a sin that he commits, but in the end it will not be anything other than that which was decreed from eternity. The Jinn will eventually be punished for the oppression unless he repents, and this sister will be rewarded insha’Allah. “Whosoever harms (others), Allah will harm him, and whoever makes things difficult for others, Allah will make things difficult for him†Ahmad 3/453 “And those who annoy believing men and women undeservedly, bear on themselves the crime of slander and plain sin†(Al-Ahzab) About the Qur’an taking 2plus years to ‘work’, Allah is more knowledgable than us as to what is good for us and what is bad. He has no need to justify anything to us on the duration and prolonging of it or choosing not to interfere, but we learn that the Qur’an IS having an effect on the jinn as he screams in agony at the sound of it. Therefore even he is aware that this is the Word of God which will eventually overpower him. As for your point on God subjecting us to pain and suffering through tests, Allah swt alone is aware of the strengths and weaknesses of humans and jinn, whether psychological or physical pain will be more effective when used as a means of testing and expiating sins. He alone has knowledge of what type of test we suit best, the Hikmah and purpose behind it. A disbeliever cannot understand the wisdom behind difficult tests as he may not believe in the Hereafter. As Muslims we know life in this world is temporary and Jannah is our final abode. We acknowledge that we sin, and for the sins Allah swt chooses not to forgive, we will be subjected some form of punishment. As I mentioned in my previous post, the punishment of the hereafter is more severe than this life. So Allah would rather have his slaves be pure so that they can enter Jannah immediately after al-Qiyamah. By the way, you may find this iseful: The Creator of Events and Fate Question/Comments: Thank you for your answer posted in your site under discussion about fate on Feb.17 2005. Hope you will clear a little more. If Allah does not create the events then how can He be called the Creator? What I thought was that when a person makes a choice, Allah by His Divine Will creates the actions and circumstances that allows the persons intention to be carried out. For example if a person decides to drink alcohol then the events that follow should be created by Allah. Otherwise it would mean that man because of his choice leads to the event which would indicate that, it is man's choice that lead to creation of events. Wouldn't it be Shirk as this would indicate that man also plays a part along with Allah in the creation of events? Also when the Muzzin in Azan says "Hayya Ala Salaah" we are asked to say nothing happens except the Will of Allah. Hope you will clarify. Thank you. Was Salaam. Answer: The title "Creator" refers to God's faculty to produce by bringing something into existence. It is not in reference to fate. Your example refutes your own position because the element of "choice" negates fate. Even if God "creates" conditions the fact is these conditions do not infringe upon a person's choice and free will. Besides would that not imply that we are orchestrating God's will rather than the other way around? No matter what choice we have it never implies that we share in God's power of "creating" or otherwise. Even our free wills have limitation to the conditions and environments that we live in. Just because we have intentions to do something does not mean that circumstances will go according to what we had intended. I do not think it is realistic to consider having a choice, or free will, as the producer of events. Surely things occur but in no way do we develop those events with any prior knowledge. It is safe to say this is far from shirk (i.e. associating equals with God). As for the athan (i.e. call to prayer) and what we say it is simply a matter of recognizing God's Omnipotence and Control over our carrying out our intentions and plans; it does not, in the least, refute the fact that we are indeed free to intend and plan to carryout these intentions. I hope I have clarified the issue. God knows best. Ronnie Hassan February 26, 2005 (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.understanding-Islam(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/related/text.asp?type=discussion&did=566&sscatid=18"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.understanding-Islam(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/related...=566&sscatid=18[/url]
  13. Iran My Fav's

    Assalamu Alaykum wa rahmatullah ^^^ didnt the two teams meet in France '98... and the iranian players offered gifts (flowers was it?) to the americans. lol.. would be a good 'un if they met this time round anyway. Hope Iran does well and Saudia Arabia :D Tunisia's usually my favourite though i know they wont win.
  14. How Did Islam Come To You

    Assalam Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah My parents decided to send me to an Islamic school when i was 12, which meant leaving all my friends behind. i argued with them and sulked.. cried for a week but they would not back down. Now i thank them every day as it was the best decision they could ever make for me. May Allah reward them. Due to this, Islam has always been a part of me as ive become older. As well as my teachers, my older sister was also there to guide me until i could make my own decisions and see wrong from right. I believe being in an Islamic environment is very important for practising muslims, especially in the vulnerable teen years!
  15. So, Whats Playing In Your Mp3?

    Assalamu Alaykum My sister has one (which i borrow occasionally) which is full of different recitations, arabic nasheeds- ahmad bukhatir mainly - and she loves her jihadi type ones as well. Its almost an essential for most people i know who travel on train to work or uni :D