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  1. The Breadwinner

    The Breadwinner : Starvation or Survival,a girls life under Taliban rule - by Deborah Ellis. I have just read this book, it tells the story of Parvana an 11 year old girl living with her family in Afghanistan, when her Father is arrested and taken away by the Taliban she has to disguise herself as a boy,so she can go out and earn money for the family. I just wondered if anybody here had read this book? And furthermore what the point of view is on something like this,bearing in mind that the author although being a western person,did do her reserach and did go to Afghan refugee camps,and heard many stories just like the one that she chose to portray in her book.
  2. Allah leaves his autograph on tsunami waves.

    The word Allah simply means God in Arabic. God does not have a name that people know,thus he has no signature.Allah is what 'he' is not who 'he' is. Take for instance when we sign our own names on letters and documents, you would not put your signature down as 'Mr' 'Ms' or 'Mrs' i.e you would not use your 'title',you would sign your name.
  3. how to speak with a british accent

    Well whats wrong with the accent you've got? Stop being pretentious
  4. Non Muslims with Muslim names

    I never knew there was such an issue,I just assumed all names like that to be simply arabic. I'm confused as to how a name can actually be Muslim,what about the Phrophet Mohammed,surely that was already his name before the religion of Islam began in the 7th century AD,or did he change his name??? The name doesn't always match the person though. Take for instance names such as Christian,Mary,Madonna(no not the pop star,the name) Jesus even, they are all first names most of them quite popular as first names,some not so popular depending on the country you live in.
  5. Not Without Her Make-up

    I knew it was satire,I read the article,but it still doesn't stop the whole generalisation of various people,being stupid though.
  6. Adopted Son Fed Salt for Being Less Than Perfect

    The media cannot be blamed,evil crimes have been done since man was created- people have minds of their own. The media should not be made the scapegoat every time something happens.The killers of Jamie Bulger,were 10 years old that is more than old enough for a child to know the difference between right and wrong and they knew that the films they watched were just films.I mean taht is just common sense,unless they were mentally retarded in some way and unable to distinguish between a film and real life,(which there was no evidence of) they did it purely because they wanted to. If they hadn't have wanted to kill him,they could have stopped at any time, they hit him,they didn't stop,they pushed objects into his anus and still didn't stop,they threw stones at him and still didn't stop they knowingly went on and on,they tortured him for fun and killed him. They killed him and they are now allowed a second chance with new identities - it should be a life for a life but it isn't. Pure evil is what they are,the media plays no part. People choose,they make up their own minds. They didn't have to kill, neither did those whom this topic is originally about. They did it because they wanted to. Just like Mary Bell in the 60s,she was a child who killed another child.Media was much more milder back then than what it is now,so the media cannot be made the scapegoat. It is often chilling in it's simplicity that they did it because they could. Everybody blames the media. If I went out tomorrow and murdered somebody, I could say well the media influenced me. I listen to Rock/Metal,I watch Horror Movies,I have read books about True Crime,Serial Killers etc, plus I certianly didn't have a regular childhood or regular teenage years,blah,blah,blah. But my point is,I'm not going to kill anybody.The music I listen to,the books I read and the films I watch do not influence me in any way shape or form,if that was the real case then people would be comitting coldblooded murder left right and center. People commit those types of murders because they want to.
  7. Not Without Her Make-up

    Ah back we go to those 'stereotypes','if one person does it they are all like that' mentality. Quite pathetic really.
  8. Charity

    It's just as bad as when people give to charities for Africa,the money never goes to the people who really need it. As for the spiritual side of things,if you know for a fact that the money is not going to those who really need it .i.e. the poor,then it would be better not to give and to find other ways of helping the poor,so that they can get the help they really need.
  9. Family Tree

    Some of my family were Scottish too.
  10. Adopted Son Fed Salt for Being Less Than Perfect

    :D I totally agree,I was shocked when I heard this story the other week, I couldn't believe they got off so lightly.I hate cruelty to children,those pieces of scum tend to get everything don't they.They should have loved the child for what he was,not what he wasn't and they should have counted themselves lucky that they had the chance to adopt!! It's like those two that murdered 2 Year old Jamie Bulger,back in 1993 - I can't believe those sick,twisted murderers were allowed out of jail,not that they were in jail it was a young offenders institute. :D Cruelty to Children,Cruelty to Animals,Men who beat Women,Rapists and Racism they are all things that make my blood boil. :D
  11. Feel your age?

    I'm 23, and I feel it.But I've always beenvery mature,I grew up quickly from the age of 8 years old,as a lot has happened in my life so I had to grow up quickly,childhood didn't ever really feature in my life,but I'd rather be mature,rather than acting like some silly teenager - even when I was a Teenager,I was sensible and mature.
  12. Family Tree

    Well,I never had teh chance to meet my Great-Grandfather (on my Gradmothers side) as he sadly died a few years before I was born. But I know who he was,where he was from etc,just one of the many things about him is that he lied about his age so he could go into World War 1,as his Step Mother hated him so much and he didn't want to stay at home. My Great Grandmother I knew very well, she died in 1997,aged 93 - here and I were very close, her Father was a very rich man,he was a White South African. My Grandparents,I have seen them almost every day since I was born. Up until I was seven years old,myself,my Mother,my Grandparents and my mothers three sisters and two brothers (my Aunts and Uncles) all lived in the same house. I know my Great Aunts and Uncles and I know First,second and third cousins,also.
  13. Iranian rape case woman pardoned

    Rape is the worst thing that can be done to a woman,I believe in my own opinion that next on that list is slapping or hitting her and lying and/or cheating. When a woman has been raped, they feel scared and alone,it isn't the most easy thing to tell somebody. That you should have to prove it or die,is terrible.It is the worst time and one can never get over it and when you can't get justice for what was done,it makes it even worse.Laws such as this are out dated and they need to be reformed,the victim needs protection not persecution. NOTHING in the world gives a man the right to rape a woman. A woman should be able to be wherever she likes,without having to worry about a woman hating power hungry psycho,because that is all rapists are.
  14. 300 Muslim Tsunami Orphans

    I think they should help the children out ofcourse they should,but if the claims are true,then that needs to be looked at. The children need to be intouch with their religious roots,wherever they go. Really though I have to say,I'm not sure I believe the article - I would have thought that Missionaries are there to do the basic and most important things,I didn't think that recruiting and converting was part of the job description. I think this is more a case of 'The Washington Post' doing a bit of stirring - I'm sure we all know better than to believe what we read in the News Papers and 'The Washington Post' is a tabloid newspaper is it not?...I could be wrong,I don't live in America.
  15. Why Are We Here?

    Personally I do not deny the existence of God,I just don't believe in organised religion,that's all. I believe I pray every day,I just don't consider myself to be part of the organised religions.For instance I was baptised in a C of E church,when I was 10 months old,went to Church regularly. But as I got older, I just made the choice not to consider myself as a "Christian". I have faith and I'm a believer and for me that is a decision I'm totally at peace with and content with. But different people need different things and make different decisions and whatever decision they make about Faith,Religion it's their choice and no concern of mine.If they are happy they are happy and that is what matters.