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    ISLAM! <br />ISLAM! <br />ISLAM! <br />ISLAM! <br />ISLAM! <br />cant stress that enough lol<br />ISLAM is always first. <br />then comes soccer and football,<br />then chemistry, <br />after that bio,<br />after that maths.
  1. ...Some guy at my skool

    :D ya we took him to Mufti, and lolz [at] Farouk1986 post #24, and alhumdulillah his bro is ok about his conversion but his mom and dad dont know, and he gets beats from his mom even before his conversion soo he doesnt want to tell his mom cuz she is SUPER HARDCORE Hindu but his dad wont care cuz he believes in one God but doesnt follow a religion. :D
  2. Get Married Now?

    :D G: Male A: 17 Ya cuz then at least i would have no problems with dealing with my desires and i would have a friend who i can trust and talk to about personal stuff. :D
  3. Nice Qoran Recitation

    :D EDIT: um i think these links dont work, so click on "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.aswatalislam(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/DisplayFilesP.aspx?TitleID=70&TitleName=Quran_-_Mishary_Rashid_Al-Efasy"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.aswatalislam(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/DisplayFilesP....Rashid_Al-Efasy[/url] then download surah 86-89 i love this recitor's surah at-tariq, really good :D :D
  4. Whats Ur Fav If Section?

    :D i guess i usually am in the polling station, after that in councelling room, after that "Islamic Forums (run by IF members) > Learn Islam" ater that i am all over the place lolz :D
  5. Parent's Permission In Marriage

    :D but arent parents there to just guide u, be ur advisors. they cant say no because i dont like this person's background, secondly it is ur life time partner that u are choosing so its ur decision. p.s second part is opinion based :D
  6. Butter

  7. Do You Ever Log Out?

    :D ya but for me ma sista trys to get me banned in any way possible soo i am now starting to get in a habit of logging off lolz :D
  8. Do You Ever Log Out?

    lolz i sometimes do but as sis desertdweller said its paranoia. and that gets me too so i sign out lolz :D
  9. Were U Raised As A Muslim?

    :D born but am ashamed that i couldnt properly practice in my preteen (idiotic) years :D make dua every one that i become a hardcore practicing muslim. :D :D
  10. Butter

    :D lolz its just to get ur self fat but the thing is i dont get fat. alhumdulillah :D
  11. Butter

    mayo/ketchup/butter/ and my secret fat shake and sandwich are THE BEST THINGS THAT I LIKE.... THE BEST WOOOOOOO, I EVEN PUT MAYO ON MA FRIES :D p.s dont ask me about ma secret fat shake and sandwich, u guys would get grossed out. lolz :D
  12. Support System For Reverts

    :D :D firstly i have to say this, what is wrong with those types of people, if a person in ma area reverts people are like MASHA Allah oh this guy/girl is way more pious than born muslims etc. i cant believe how ignorent ppl are, not wanting to sit beside reverts as if they were dirt from the street they should look at them selves first and if some one no matter how old does that in front of me i would seriously start yelling at them. :D *relief sigh* secondly, :D to the topic and in my area two guys converted :D and i offered both of them my place to live if they experience any trouble, plus my area there is a New Muslims' Selter for all the new reverts who were kicked out or ran away from home cuz of trouble from their parents. And the person who runs the place is a really good person and he is also a revert. :D :D :D
  13. Do You Ever..............

    :D i know two people from this forum, bro MM cuz he goes to ma school but the second one i dont know about that member if i met or not so i am not gona say the name. :D
  14. Y Cant I Post?

    :D no problem, i just wantd to know y i couldnt. :D :D
  15. Y Cant I Post?

    :D I cant post in Islam for beginners: Q & A in the topic dating girls. y is that? :D