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  1. did we come from monkeys

    Sorry but you are very much mistaken, Theory of evolution has never been proved and nor wikll it ever be proved as it is complete and utter nonsense.
  2. did we come from monkeys

    [DO NOT CHANGE COLORblue] Totally disagree with this and may Allah give you wisdom. Charles Darwin himself could not prove the theory of evolution he merely introduced it. But enemies of Islam take this theory to be fact even though no paleantologist, scientist, etc has never proved it. Allah mad mankind form Adam, there is no concept of the "caveman" in our deen. (ie man was ignorant and Jahil and learnt things through trial and error) Prophet Adam was created as first Prophet and forst man, he was then given infinite wisdom by Allah, and then subsequently the human race began. Please do not confuse science fiction with Facts.
  3. Why Pork Is Haram

    [DO NOT CHANGE COLORblue]Salaam to all This has been quite informative nevertheless aprt from the unclean aspect of the animal I just wished to enquire with a couple of things l had heard, 1. I remember reading something about Noahs Ark, the pig and alcohol. 2. Also l heard that Satan had patted the pig or stroked its back at sometime. Could someone (ideally an Alim) comment on this? Wasallam
  4. Salaam 2 you all

    Salaam, I only joined this site today and thought lt would be nice to say Salaam to everyone....
  5. How do you rate IF?

    It is very good and although l have only joined today l have read a lot of good things on here,