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  1. Taliban Displays Its Reach With Attacks

    So what about when the prophet struck the 10 year peace deal with Quraish? Islam is NOT if then statements.
  2. Since that is directly directed towards Islam, i am obligated to answer. I am given a choice, an eye for an eye OR forgive. Since they are in MY land, killing MY people i can only be considered defending myself.. i go .. an eye for an eye on this case. 5500 is nothing compared to that of the hundreds of thousands of INNOCENT Iraqi's. Dont even start me on the case of suicide bombers (i realize they are wrong), the point right now is thus: The situation is far worse now then it was under Saddam. Hence is it not the fault of the US!?!? and i do not care if you are British, Australian or even from some Muslim majority country, you brought up a point about the validity of my religion and i answered in return. Fair and square.
  3. Salam Now i would like to ask everyone to please stay on topic. This thread is not for the discussion of suicide bombings or the Crusade against the Islamic world. Now, my question i guess is: What would be fair to the Iraqi people and the US citizens because of this atrocity caused by this administration. I am sure we all understand well that this administration has carried out an illegal war against Iraq, not only that but it has deliberately lied to the American citizens. If you think otherwise would you like to elaborate? Thankyou.
  4. American Casualties In Iraq/afghanistan

    actually you should be ashamed... why should i or anyone else be ashamed of this? to put it in simple words, while your forces were not on our land, THESE killings that you mentioned never happend. so now that your forced ARE on our land, these do happen. LOGIC tells me the following Presence of America = Presence of Evil || You should be ashamed || not us
  5. Do you really think that Bin Laden is communicating to chechneya from his cave in tora bora? oh wait he is well equipped backed up by the worlds fastest and best sattelites that roam around just for his cause... Why cant you people understand, Bin Laden is as real as Batman.
  6. 4000 American Deaths In Iraq And Afghanistan

    <{POST_SNAPBACK}>At Last. Thank You; I believe the same.
  7. its sounds pretty stupid to sound so pumped up as you have acheived NONE of your goals for the future of Iraq yet... also how would you explain the 4000 DEAD us soldiers?
  8. Afghan Opium Production 'soars' In Afghanistan

    You got to be joking buddy, LISTEN MY OWN GODDAMN FAMILY RAN A FREAKIN GIRL SCHOOL AT THEIR HOUSE. THE TALIBAN DID NOT CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF IF YOU EDUCATED GIRLS. 8 MONTHS BEFORE THE WAR STARTED, THEY WERE ON THE VERGE TO CONSTRUCTING THE FIRST GIRL SCHOOL IN QANDAHAR. but this #### dont go on tv or news because it will make them look bad. You guys must be brain readers, i mean we are from the god damn region who knows more? me or you? The TALIBAN understood the Pashton notion towards girls... its a cultural thing, not Islamic, they were to slowly educate people about Islam and then introduce new things into the country, unlike your Prophet... the all knower Bush who pushes #### into the field... heck he aint losing anything he is back in the US. ITS THE AFGHAN people that will. If we dont like the US, thats it, we dont... calm the frick down, its not the end of the world; maybe you can stop killing innocents then perhaps we can reconsider...
  9. Afghan Opium Production 'soars' In Afghanistan

    Oh really, so are you going to feed the Afghan Kids when they stop growing opium? no well dont make predictions then. Are you somekind of a Talib expert? i am not a Talib-pro but let me tell you, the Taliban dont come to your house commanding you to grow opium so they cant take a percentage of what you earned... you do it so that you can feed you family.
  10. Iran To Ration Gasoline, Drivers Race To The Pumps

    well it also says that they dont have the ability to refine all that, still weird?
  11. Afghan Opium Production 'soars' In Afghanistan

    Well based on what he said... the TALIBAN need money, so they let this happen NOT that the PEOPLE NEED MONEY. but whatever like i said before livius there is absolutely NO difference between the so called US of A and the Soviet Union that had taken over Afghanistan.
  12. Islamic State Is Made!

    Sarcasm? such insulting sarcasm; well you really deserved that post then.
  13. Islamic State Is Made!

    According to you it is; not to others; Islam did not take over a part of the world; if you dont know something ask; a group of Muslims did. but anyways if we follow your technique Christianity has taken over the middle east? way to make your self look like a retard.
  14. Islamic conquest you guys have to be JOKING. for those that are attacking this point; can we now talk about... wiping 3/4th of the Native Americans, or wiping each other out in WW1 and WW2? or perhaps the colonization of Africa? There is evil people on this planet... big deal get on with life...