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  1. Open And Frank Discussion.

    Assallamu Allaikum, I fully understand the need for limits. But to dismiss a point of view, as I saw it, without reasonable discussion was a little over bearing. I thought the brother raised a valid point. Somewhat ironic that the discussion centre point was about choice / freedom to vote, voice an opinion and then the discussion was closed because someone didn't find it "right". Wassallam.
  2. Assallamu Allaikum. I hope I am in the right place for this, I wasn't sure that what I have to say warranted a "New Topic" on the "open forum". I have been reading the Topic - "Why voting is Kufr, coming soon Idhnillah?". I have been coming here for some time on and off and have been appreciative of the information hereand feel that I have taken a lot of very useful information from here. I have been though, somewhat surprised by the content of the above mentioned discussion. It appears to me that the discussion was about voting, in relation to our "stance" as Muslims. I feel that the strength of response to some of the brothers comments were a little reactionary. Using phrases like " . . . weird muslims . . . " " . . . propogate such nonsense . . ." " . . . great harm to Islam . . . " are I feel very opiniated, personal and unhelpful. I enjoy healthy discussion and am not afraid of disagreement. I really do not feel that the brothers posts needed, what is in my opinion, such a strong response. And then to close the topic I feel with all due respect is a little pre-mature and arrogant. Wassallam.
  3. Assallamu allaikum, Peace, This is not an attempt to insult Muslims who vote or declare them disbelievers. Rather, this is an honest attempt to dive deep into the issue of voting for disbelievers and weigh it on the scales of Shari'ah. I have to say that the brother has a VERY valid point with raising this as an issue. I will be interested in this discussion. Wassallam.
  4. Coca Cola (gb) 07/08 Halal List

    Assallamu Allaikum, Peace, Without meaning to stir up a well discussed point, personally I think all Coca Cola products should be boycotted as conscientiously Haram. The Coca Cola company is and pretty much always has been a pretty staunch supporter and invester in israeli companies. In effect and in my opinion to bye Coca Cola products is helping to fund the killing of my Brothers and Sisters in Palestine. Wassallam.
  5. I Want Answers! Wife Abuse!

    Assallamu Allaikum, My sister I feel your pain, you must be so frustrated by some of the things that people have been suggesting that you do with the rest of your life and how you addresss this. If what you say is true and I have no reason to doubt that, this person is a bully an egotist and a poor representation of a man. He seems insecure to me, but that is no excuse either. It is him that shoud be examining his Islam and his motivations for the way he treats you, not making you feel that you are in the wrong. The longer he is "allowed" to believe that he is right and justified and acting according to Islam the worse he will be. How dare he assume that he has the right to hit you and then quote the Qur'an as his justification. If he is that concerned with what the Qur'an has to say has he followed the "process" laid down by the Qur'an, the exceptional circumstance that MAY lead to someone being "allowed" to hit his wife. Is he aware that if he feels that that is the right way to deal with the situation, after exhausting all other options, then it should be minimal force and should not leave a mark? The Prophet (saw) who was the best husband to his wives NEVER hit any of them, I know as "men" we are not that perfect . . . but that is the example that we should follow, to the best of our ability. I am really sorry to say this, and beg my brothers and sisters indulgience, but too many men and families in Islam use this type of treatment to "control" there wives and daughters. So many young women seem to me to be disillusioned with the way they are treated under the guise of Islamic etiquette, which is eally cultural ignorance, that they do suffer doubts about Islam. It does seem also to me that there is one law for the men and one for women. My sister I know that you feel trapped and have no answer at your finger tips, but trust in Allah (swt) He will not allow you to suffer more than you can bear. My advice would be to try and talk to him maybe with someone that you both trust there. If he won't do that then for the sake of you and your baby you should find a way to leave. i know that that sounds simple but sometimes the simple things are the most effective. Wassallam.
  6. Boycotting The Usa?

    Assallamu Allaikum, It's a matter of conscience, something far too many people fail to listen to. Wassallam.
  7. Islam And Christianity

    Assallamu Allaikum, Peace, JCBeliever, Thanks for that, certainly raises some interesting issue around the trinity, as its been explained to me. Wassallam.
  8. Boycotting The Usa?

    Assallamu Allaikum, Peace, I don't buy American - israeli "goods" at all, if I know that they are American - israeli, or shop in Asda, Walmart, Big W and so on. But thats not necessarily just, but certainly is in part, because of the country that is behind these goods and stores, but moreso because I really am not sure where they invest their profits. I can only imagine that some of that money must find its way into the arms companies and more than likely into the huge Jewish conglomerates that are so prevailant in the U.S. I don't want to feel that I am knowingly or even possibly, supporting even minutely, nations that are deliberately killing Muslims. Wassallam.
  9. Islam And Christianity

    Assallamu Allaikum, Peace, JCBeliever, You make an interesting point about Isa (saw) being "with God" and before Abraham. Does that mean that Jesus is a separate creation to God (swt) even in Heaven. Who or what then does that mean, that Isa (saw) was when on earth? In terms of his relationship. spiritual, physical with God (swt). Peace, Wassallam.
  10. Amidst My Grief

    Assallammu Allaikum, My sister, firstly let me say that i am so sorry that you are going through such a difficult time at the moment and that i will make du'a for you. You obviously cannot elaborate on your problems and are taking them very seriously. The thing that I try hard to remember when things are difficult is that if I try to deal with every thing at the same time as a single problem I cannot even begin to find it in my mind to start. Without presuming too much I would assume that something has happened or may happen, that to you, is quite serious. May I suggest that you do get some time alone, that sounds to me to be the best place to start, tell yourself that guilt is not a good enough reason to punish yourself, while your mind and heart are so confused. Give youself the space to appreciate that sometimes several small problems are as difficult, if not more difficult to deal with than one seemingly huge one. Allah (swt) knows your heart, even as human beings we can not even begin to know ourselves as well as Allah (swt). When we have given our heart to Allah (swt) so willingly, sometimes it seems a little unfair that Allah (swt) would appear to "desert" us when we need him most. But when we are worried, upset or finding things difficult it may be that blaming the one that we rely on most is the easiest thing to do. I am sure you have read a thing called "Footprints" it is as far as I know noe denominational. Briefly it says something along the lines of, a person was having a difficult time with many problems and questioned why when they needed God (swt) most, after God (swt) had promised to be there at all times whatever the trial, was there only one set of footprints in the sand (I presume that the sand represented life). God (swt) replied and said "my child I love you and would never leave you, when you saw one set of footprints in the sand, it was then that I carried you." I guess that is what we need to carry in our hearts when our mind is weak and in our mind when our heart is weak. I hope insh'Allah that you can take the pressure off yourself and see these things for what they really are, they seem almost invincible right now my sister, but believe in and trust yourself, you will insh'Allah make the right decisions. Wassallam,
  11. AssallamuAllaikum, Peace, 3dshocker, Diplomacy is a two way street, two understandings two opinions one solution. Respect. Maybe the "deep devide" isn't so deep after all. It is good to discuss things with someone that holds so different a view. I look forward to our next encounter erm discussion. Wassallam. (Chocolate donut! - :D )
  12. Your freedom is your right to chose your version of freedom in the same way that I have. My personal belief is that you are informed and rational enough to arrive at your own conclusions and me to mine. For me to "force" my opinions or to "demand" an apology on / from you would negate my own use of that same informed and rational learning process and mean that my own beliefs are misguided and have the potential to become dogmatic I would rather NOT believe than have that happen. Wassallam.
  13. Your religion defines your view on these for you ~ How can you say you're not opposed to liberalism if you want muhammad and Islam to be protected from offensive jokes? You are really missing the point. I am not opposed to liberalism at all because as I said I do not feel the need to be involved in political or sociological matters. I do oppose the right of someone to offend my belief and someone that I cherish, without the FREEDOM of recourse. My choice and freedom to object is in agreement with your own view of Liberalism. I have chosen Islam as my religion. I didn't wake up one morning and say "oh today I will be Muslim". I studied Islam for over two years and then made the informed choice to accept that Islam was the best way to serve God (swt) for me, no one forced me. Therefore I have CHOSEN to live according to Islam. Ahhh yes, if he were alive he could very well take it to court if the comments were actually being directed at him. Direct harrasment would of course not be permitted under any circumstances. However jokes about him on TV etc can and will be acceptable so long as they do not pass it off as the truth under which case he could sue for slander. Check the definition of libel. Who else would a cartoon of Mohammed portrayed as a terrorist be aimed at? If He (swt) were alive are you saying that these cartoons would not be direct harrassment? If a cartoon was to intimate that a politician was frequenting a brothel or was having an affair or beating his children would you say that that was libelous? I'm sure that the politician would and quite rightly. liberalism has nothing to due with mistreating animals...anywayz I already said that you wouldn't be allowed to harrass people. As long as they can leave at their discretion its fine. If I make a site that makes fun of george bush, then george bush doesn't have to visit it. You oulined three "no go" areas did you not? " . . . emotional physical harm to children and physical harm to adults - THATS IT . . . " Be careful of your definitions. I am saying that the best I can do is offer you the type of freedom I use myself. Make fun of me etc, it's all in good fun. Hate me? You're entitled to believe whatever you want. Try to take away the freedom I currently have and I'd be willing to declare war. Now we are beginning to see each others point of view. I do not chose to believe that your type of freedom is acceptable to me I wouldn't make fun of you if I thought that it offended you. And I do not want to take away the freedom that you value. Merely to offer you my version of that. Wassallam.
  14. AssallamuAllaikum, Peace, 3dshocker, Considering you seem to be very much opposed to liberalism, this wouldn't be possible. Liberalism is essentially freedom with only 3 bounds ~ emotional and physical harm to children, and physical harm to adults - THATS IT. Anything else goes, you can't accept this, how could you possibly tolerate us or we possibly tolerate you living in the same society? You'd have to be laid back on some of your values ~ censorship ~ or us on ours ~ freedom ~ for this to work. I am in no way opposed to liberalism because I have no political or sociological interest, in interfereing in the rights of others to live how they want to in a society that exists, in my opinion, without the need for God(swt). I struggle my friend with your definition of Liberalism. On one hand you defend the right of people to mock, insult and lie about a highly esteemed religious figure yet want to deny the right to object to that libelous insinuation, on the basis of freedom.(Which incidentally if our beloved Prophet (saw) were alive today, could have led to a legal case for libel under "liberalist" secular law ). " Liberalism is essentially freedom with only 3 bounds ~emotional and physical harm to children and physical harm to adults - THATS IT." That is wrong on so many levels. Liberalism is about recognising, understanding and respecting the differences in all people and of people themselves and allowing them to live accordingly without fear of predjudice. Are you saying that as a liberal I would have the right to go up to someone in a wheelchair and mock them because they can't walk? Or to mock a person that has very dark skin just because they have dark skin? Am I allowed to mis-treat animals? If this is your idea of liberalism then I accept that because that is what you believe and because that is how you choose to live your life. I don't agree and never will but I do understand your right to choose. It seems to me that you are saying that I, as a Muslim, can have all the freedom that I want as long as I agree with you. Wassallam.
  15. Separation Of Church And State

    AssallamuAllaikum, Peace, Mr. Danger, I personally believe that the two should never be joined. If you have a religious belief, that should be your guide for life. We all obviously have to live within the law of the state but not to the the extent that our religious convictions could become secondary. I personally do not believe that Muslims should take part in the political system as it stands. As somone that has chosen to live my life as a Muslim I do not see the need or reason to take part in political secular system that promotes, condones or allows, under law and without punishment activities that are contrary to my religious convictions. Wassallam.