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  1. Praying For Boys...

    Assalamu'Alaikum Had we worried for a minute there Sunni Muslim :D Book 032, Number 6363: 'A'isha reported: A poor woman came to me along with her daughters. I gave her three dates. She gave a date to each of them and then she took up one date and brought that to her mouth in order to eat that, but her daughters expressed desire to eat it. She then divided the date that she intended to eat between them. This (kind) treatment of her impressed me and I mentioned that which she did to Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him). Thereupon he said: Verily Allah has assured Paradise for her, because of (this act) of her, or He has rescued her from Hell-Fire. (Sahih Muslim) Book 41, Number 5128: Narrated AbuSa'id al-Khudri: The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: If anyone cares for three daughters, disciplines them, marries them, and does good to them, he will go to Paradise. (Sunan Abu-Dawud)
  2. Responding To Non-Muslims On IF

    If someone has a question everyone has the right to reply otherwise whats the point of the forum... to have just a few identified brothers and sisters replying to questions posed by non muslims is not, in my humble opinion, a good idea. keeping replies concise and as factual as possible so as not to confuse or mislead maybe a better approach.
  3. Ip Address'

    Assalamu'Alaikum A couple of points to bear in mind.... 1) Every single site you visit logs your IP address - it helps the webmaster / company to maintain statistics as a guide to the number of visits / unique visitors, country of origin of visits and so on 2) Unless you have your own fixed IP it will always be changing as ISPs (Internet Service Providers) issue dynamic IP addresses - each time you connect you will have a different IP although it will fall within a given range specific to the ISP 3) If you connect through a LAN such as from work or college the computer will have a unique IP on the LAN but the IP registered on the forum will be that of the organistaion 4) To check your IP address try a site such as: "checkip.dyndns/"]checkip.dyndns/[/url] 5) If you are concerned there is a large range of software available that will hide your true IP address - be ware of some of the free ones as they may have problems of their own - adware, spyware etc. 6)I am sure that the brothers and sisters who moderate this forum do not have either the time or the inclination to "play dirty tricks"
  4. How do you rate IF?

    Asslamu'Alaikum. New members should have the same rights as established ones there really isn't any need for such strict rules on where members can post and on PMing - if someone is inappropriate in there posts ( and I mean genuinly inappropriate not just disagreeing with the mods) ban them, and report them as I assume you are logging IP addresses. I can't help but feel that the current approach borders on paranoia. I can understand that the mods feel protective towards the members as the overal impression is that the forum is aimed at the young and many of the posts seem to support this. Personally I found Islamicity a more serious forum. Just my 2 pence worth. Salaam
  5. Why do u not grow a beard?

    Having a beard does not in itself make someone a good muslim, it is what is in the heart that matters not what is on the face... if you want to grow a beard because of your love for Alah (swt) and to follow the example of the prophet then Alahmadulilah that is great.. if you grow one because you think you should, because others say you should or to attract a wife isn't that just a little bit on the hypocritical side? A beard is like hijab for the sisters... it must come from the heart otherwise its just show. I know brothers who haven't grown a beard but they are good practicing muslims and I know brothrs with long lovely beards that would make you cringe with some of the ways they behave sometimes... don't get me wrong I am not judging them, that is for Allah (swt), I am just reflecting on the impression that they give, I can not know what is truely in their hearts. May Allah guide me and forgive me if I say anything that may mislead. Salaam, Najm
  6. How do you rate IF?

    I have just joined and find it far too restrictive... sorry but there is a difference between careful management and over flexing your admin muscles.