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  1. Bush On Tape, Impeachment!

    As-salaamu alaikum, :D These were funny.. (sound clips) What is this? Make-fun-of-Bush-week? ~Iman~
  2. My Conversion

    As-salaamu alaikum sis, And welcome :D to the forum. So happy to have you here. It was nice to read your story as it reminded myself of my own journey to Islam...and I see a lot of similarities in our two stories (we even both practised wicca for a short time :D astaghfirullah!)... Hope to see more of your posts in here sis :D Fiamanillah, Sister Iman xxx
  3. Cows

    wa alaikum as-salaam, Oh, "sure" you don't :D Iman :D
  4. What's Your Mother Tongue?

    As-salaamu alaikum, My mother tongue is "norsk" (Norwegian")...uhm...am I the only one speaking this language in here? :D ..Anyone? ~ Iman ~
  5. Cows

    As-salaamu alaikum, Seems like someone is having Mad Cow Disease..uhm?... :D :D Ma'a salaama, Iman:)
  6. How To Ignore

    wa alaikum as-salaam, Lol...I was watching this and laughing..and people in the same room were just staring at me like I was somekind of weirdo sitting and grinning at the machine.. :D ...wops :D Iman
  7. Conflicting Thoughts Concerning Future Study

    wa alaikum as-salaam, and jazakAllahu khairan for the link bro. However, setting goals in life is something I have done throughout my whole life, and is what kept me working so hard at e.g. school. I am sure it will be beneficial reading anyway=)
  8. I Quit!

    As-salaamu alaikum, Yup, that's what I thought too :D Great job bro! ~ Iman ~
  9. Conflicting Thoughts Concerning Future Study

    Wa alaikum as-salaam, Ohh..come here and get a real "sistah-hug" :D ....I know, I know..not easy to know what to study when there are so many choices and possiblities..and you also have to consider the hijab and your religion.. Any studies in particular you have been thinking about? Fiamanillah, sis Iman xxx
  10. Conflicting Thoughts Concerning Future Study

    Wa alaikum as-salaam, Well, unfortunately we don't have enough Muslims here to make a proffesion out of it;-) And I don't live in the Uk ( I love it there though!). But inshaAllah things will work out. I think I will try to just do the degree, and surely there must be some jobs I can get, as psychology seems to be such a wide field, even for clinical psychologists. (If it doesn't work out, I can always come to London :D ) What I said about neutral is that you are adviced as a psychologist not to wear clothes that reveal your background such as class in society, religion, etc etc. Ma'a salaama, sis Iman
  11. Conflicting Thoughts Concerning Future Study

    Wa alaikum as-salaam bro, Well, it is only adviced...as the idea is to be as "neutral" as you possibly can. Yes, you have a point there...I have been thinking the same...but how it will work out practically in real life, is hard to predict without any experience. Yes, I wouldn't mind either, but people are different:) And many would mind.. I guess it all depends on what sort of group of people you are treating.. JazakAllahu khairan for your post bro :D Fiamanillah, Sis Iman
  12. Conflicting Thoughts Concerning Future Study

    Wa alaikum as-salaam wa rahmatullah Brother, And jazakAllahu khairan so much for the answer. Yes, the study I would be taking is vocational so I would become a clinical psychologist. You wrote that: “I'd advise most people who are choosing what to do at University, to choose something that leads into a job, teaching, medicine, pharmacy or at least includes a year placement where you get actual work experience. This applies whether you are a hijabi or not.� Yes, and that’s why I wanted this type of study of psychology too – it would lead to a specific job. Also, to apply psychology in research or in larger companies, does not really interest me that much. I personally want to be involved in helping, listening and counselling people. You asked me about my goal. Well, eventually, I hope to be working with people (esp. immigrants) whom have been subjected to torture, who suffer traumas, who have been victims of abuse and so on. I know of many issues that a lot of the immigrants in our country suffer from, and I really think there is a need for more psychologists to deal with these things. Many “newcomers�, from various backgrounds (such as e.g. war), are not given the necessary therapy they deserve. In stead they are just left all alone when they come into my country. A lot of these people are literally “ticking bombs�, and we have already seen a lot of consequences in our society due to this. So I guess my goal in life would be to work with these kind of people, and insha’Allah help them. My fear however, is how the patients will respond to me (as I will have to face all different kinds of patients, with different religious/ethnical/cultural backgrounds etc). As I know that psychologists, psychiatrist, psychiatric nurses (and so on), are not advised to wear clothing, necklaces and so on, which reveal their “background�. I mean…if you were to see a therapist – wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable as a Muslim if he was wearing a Jewish cap on his head? The link you gave me was very beneficial, thank you. I will look more into it :D Fiamanillah, Sister Iman
  13. As-salaamu alaikum, I am applying for university, and I soon have to make up my mind concerning what to study. Lately I have been thinking about becoming a psychologist, but I cannot make up my mind. The reason I am feeling a bit worried, is that I am not sure I will get a job because of being a hijabi. Also, maybe patients will have a problem relating to me, and feeling “uncomfortable� around me due to me being a visible religious (Muslim) person… Are there any Muslimahs here who have any experience when it comes to this? All help would be highly appreciated. Fiamanillah, Sis Iman
  14. 20 Questions (part 5)

    As-salaamu alaikum, Ok, jazakAllahu khairan for the info. Sis Iman
  15. 20 Questions (part 5)

    As-salaamu alaikum, D-Ziner..did u give up on us? :D :D ~ sis Iman ~