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  1. Qur'an Supports Evolution

    As-salam alaykum wara matulha Well ive read articles by Harun Yahya and he has explained that evolution is not correct but is wrong. Im not sure what you all think about this. Also alhumdolulha i have come back to this forum its been a long time i havent posted... this is my first post from a long time after my exam :D Wa-salam alaykum wara matulha.
  2. Win! Win! Win!

    As-salam alaykum wara matulha I have alhumdolilha have just recived the prize from the post and alhumdolilha its beutiful. I suggest next competiton people inshallah spread the word there is one so that more people will be involved in learning about Islam and have fun :D Walaykum salam wara matulha
  3. Win! Win! Win!

    :D As-salam alaykum wara matulha dear beloved brothers and sisters.. i would like to say a couple of things..... the competiton was great fun eventhough i did not have enough knowledge on Islam to answer them it was done so people can answer them. so it test you reading skills which is good :D Also i had a fun time, i learnt thing i didnt now.. So alhumdolilha it was very good and i would love to see another competiton soon Inshallah!! Also alhumdolilha i won which was brilliant as this is my first Islamic competiton i have won :D so subhanallah! Inshallah i hope one day that anothe brother or sister does another competition like this to infulence more brother and sister to readmore about Islam and now its not all about reading it can be fun like this competition. I hope inshallah that everyone enjoyed the competetion! I would also like to say that may Allah (subhan wala tala) reward brother ***Mu'min*** for holding this competition may Allah reward him and may Allah grant him a place in paradise! Ameen Wa-salam alaykum wara matulahi wa barakatahu !!! :D
  4. Islam in CANADA!!!

    As-salam alaykum wara matulha can people tell me the prices of the houses like 4+ bedrooms?? also were can i get in touch to buy a house in canada because i live in the uk at the momment but inshallah i want to move canada Walaykum salam wara matulha
  5. Bismillha As-salam alaykum wara matulha is music haram or halal becuase some sheikhs have said music is halal while others say music is haram (my personal opinion is that its haram) but people have said there is no real clear proof how can i back my statment ? or is my statement wrong?
  6. Question On Islam!

    As-salam alaykum wara matulha a brother asked me this question which a missionary asked him: If Allah is all powerful and can do anything can Allah make something he can not pick up and is to heavy for Allah?? also i want to now what way is it to start to learn alot about Islam ?
  7. What Surah Shouldone Recite Before Sleeping

    as-salam alaykum brother can you give evidence (check under naration of aisha) may Allah be please with her
  8. Islam in CANADA!!!

    i want to live in canada when i im older can you tell me what kind of area is good and is the space of the houses better also hows thepayment like like in england houses arent that big and about 150,000 pounds that 150 thousand pounts and the houses aerent that big which is 300,000 dollars so that why i wanted now how much are house in canada and all that
  9. What Surah Shouldone Recite Before Sleeping

    They would recite the Qur'aan in their prayer and out of it. 'Uthmaan (raa) would complete the recitation of the (whole) Qur'aan once a day. And some of the Salaf would complete it during their qiyaam in Ramadaan every three nights. Some of them would do it every seven days and some every ten days. Ash-Shaafi'ee would complete the Qur'aan sixty times during Ramadaan, while reciting it outside of prayer. Al-Aswad would recite the whole Qur'aan every two nights of Ramadaan. Qataadah would always compete the Qur'aan every seven days. He would do it every three days in Ramadaan, and during the last ten days, he would do it every night. Their reports concerning that are famous. Al-Haafidh Ibn Rajab (rahimahullaah) said: "The forbiddance of reciting the Qur'aan in less than three days (as stated in a hadeeth) has only been mentioned in regards to its being done on a normal basis. As for the specific times that are virtuous, such as the month of Ramadaan and especially the nights in which the night of Al-Qadr is sought. Or those places that are virtuous, such as Makkah for the one who enters it without residing there, then it is recommended to recite the Qur'aan a lot in these times and places, seeking the merits connected with their time and place. This is the opinion of Ahmad, Abu Ishaaq and other scholars. And the actions of others indicate that as has been stated previously." [5] The person reciting the Qur’aan must observe the proper etiquettes of recitation. Some of them are that: He make his intention sincerely for Allaah, that he recite it whilst being in a state of purity, that he use the Siwaak and that he recite it while pondering on its meaning and observing total consciousness. Allaah says: "A Book, which We have revealed to you in order that its verses may be pondered upon, so that the people of understanding may be reminded." Also, from the etiquettes of the recitation is that one does not stop his reciting in order to speak to someone else. Indeed, when many people sit to recite the Qur'aan, and there are people sitting next to them, a majority of the time, they stop their recitation and speak to their neighbors. This is not proper since it is turning away from the recitation without a valid reason. And it is on the one who recites, to act upon the Qur'aan, making permissible its Halaal and forbidding its Haraam, so that the Qur'aan can be a proof for him on the Day of Judgement and intercede for him in entering the gardens of bliss. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Footnotes: [1] Saheeh Muslim [2] Reported by Muslim (804) [3] Saheeh Muslim (804) [4] Al-Bukhaaree (1/30) and Muslim (2308) [5] Lataa'if-ul-Ma'aarif: pg. 102-103
  10. What Surah Shouldone Recite Before Sleeping

    'Abdullaah Ibn 'Amr (raa) reported that the Messenger of Allaah (saws) said: "The fast and the Qur'aan will intercede for the servant on the Day of Judgement. The fast will say: 'My Lord, I restricted him from food and drink, so allow me to intercede for him.' And the Qur'aan will say: 'I prevented him from sleeping at night, so allow me to intercede for him.' So they will be allowed to intercede." [3] Therefore, it is essential for the person fasting to recite the Qur'aan much during these blessed days and honorable nights. For indeed, there is a special virtue for the abundance of recitation in these days, which is not found in any other month. He should take advantage of the nobleness of time during this month, in which Allaah revealed the Qur'aan. There is a special merit to reciting the Qur'aan in the nights of Ramadaan. For indeed, the night brings an end to the busy daily affairs, the enthusiasm is roused and the heart and the tongue mount upon reflecting. And Allaah is the one in whom we seek assistance. It is reported that Jibreel used to meet with the Prophet (saws) during each night of Ramadaan and they would study the Qur'aan together. [4] So if making thikr (remembrance of Allaah) were better than the Qur'aan or equal to it (on these nights), they would have done that all the time or at certain times along with constantly gathering for that occasion. Thus, this hadeeth illustrates the precedence of studying the Qur'aan during Ramadaan and gathering together for that occasion as well as turning towards one who is more prominent in the memorization of it. The predecessors of this ummah would recite the Qur'aan constantly during Ramadaan. And when they would fast, they would sit in the masaajid and say: "We will guard our fast and not backbite anyone."
  11. What Surah Shouldone Recite Before Sleeping

    As-salam alaykum dear beloved bothers and sister Non has the right to be woshiped expect Allah subhan wala tala and Prophet Muhamad is the final messenger of Allah and slave of Allah. Rpopeth muhamad recited sura Ta ha at night time so yes i belive it is allowed. also when you sleep your soul is taken out moreover each letter of the quran you read you get blessing so therefore its good to read at night time: Abu Umaamah (raa) reported that the Prophet (saws) said: "Recite the Qur'aan for indeed it will come on the Day of Judgement as an intercessor for its Ashaab (those who read, memorize and implement it)." [1] This hadeeth indicates the virtues of reciting the Qur'aan, the greatness of its reward and that it will intercede for its holders on the Day of Judgement towards their entrance into Paradise. An-Nawaas Ibn Sama'aan (raa) reported: "I heard the Messenger of Allaah (saws) say: 'The Qur'aan will be brought on the Day of Judgement as well as the people who used to act upon it. Surat-ul-Baqarah and Aali 'Imraan will then approach them.' The Messenger of Allaah (saws) likened them to three examples, which I have not forgotten afterwards. He (saws) said: 'As if they were two clouds or two dark black canopies with light between them both or like two flocks of birds stretching their wings in the air pleading for the one who recited them.'" [2]
  12. Virgin Mary Sightings Around The World

    no i think it could be a jinn playing a trick on mankind as they can
  13. As-salam alaykum wara matulha strider and everybody else sister can i please have the full gift of life please sister
  14. Naseeha, What Would You Like To See From Them

    maishallah brother its good to se people doing good in this world by trying to show why Islam is rite i really liked u peace justice and harmony brother if you need any help with anything please please email me Islam-inside[at]hotmail(contact admin if its a beneficial link) i would like it if u can get the album out as soon as possible :D walkum salam wara amtulha
  15. As-salam alaykum (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.nuralhabib(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/audiolounge.html"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.nuralhabib(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/audiolounge.html[/url] go to there and and hear GIFT OF LIFE its a sample but u can hear it i want to now has anyone got that nasheed?