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  1. How To Say.... In Arabic

    how do you respond when someone says barakallahu feekum?
  2. Some Mistakes Made While Fasting

    wa'alaykum wasalaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu jazakallahu khairan. That was definately a very beneficial article. according to my understanding ( whatever little knowledge I do have)...Zakatul-ul-maal is not specific to ramadan and that if someone has assets during the year but they have not yet reached thier 'nisaab' or specified minimum during ramadan they should not calculate it yet. If it is reached before ramadan then one should not wait until ramadan to pay it. And Allah knows best.. from what I know......When the adhaan is heard, the person should immediately stop eating. If you have something in your mouth you may swallow it but cannot continue eating.
  3. :sl: I too am wondering this....
  4. Asalaam Alaiekum...im Baaaaaaaaaaack!

    :ws: Minaaa!! just when I decided to come check out the ol' forums where we met , I see that you're back on. cool :sl:
  5. Bush, I... I.... I....... The..... The....

    asalamu alaikum Am I the only one who can't stand bush jokes? I mean I can't say I like his actions but, why make fun of him?
  6. :sl: at first I was very confused about the question. My name is an arabic name although I'm not arab and people usually ask where I'm from when they hear it. So I answer thier question if necessary. As to what I identify myself as...It's first and formost as a muslim.
  7. I Want The Pain To Stop

    :sl: You are in my prayers sis! see my reply in the other post :sl:
  8. Anyone Here Suffering From Panic Attacks/anxiety Disorder?

    :sl: Panic attacks are nothing to be ashamed about. It is a medical condition and should be treated as such. I'd recommend highly that you go and see a doctor. I come accross various patiants with this condition and it's effects vary from person to person. You may find that medication works for you emediately or you may find that you have to try several different ones to find what works best. I would recommend that you go and seek help both from a medical doctor and a local imam who may be able to give you some tips from the quran and sunnah. and you don't have to let anyone know that you're going to a doctor. You have my du'aas brother
  9. ...minas' Poem

    :sl: My dear Mina!! I didn't know you wrote poems! MashaAllah. You surprise me more everyday :sl:
  10. The Issue Of Niqab In Islam

    asalamu alaikum Looking at the evidences for both sides I personally feel that it is not obligatory for women to wear niqaab. I do like however that I have the option to wear one if I like. So I started wearing one. Right here in Canada. Niqaab is a form of hijab that was worn by the Wives of the prophet and some of the women of the sahaba but it was not limited to them. Niqaab was not in the culture of the arabs of that time but started with the women of ansar. Some may find it hard to believe that someone might want to wear one, especially in a country like canada or that I am segregating myself far from society but they couldn't be more wrong. I work as a nurse. I greet my nieghbours and friends. They may not be able to see my expression but they can definately understand me as I speak clearly and convey whatever message I want. As for the possibility that men might dress up like a woman and commit crimes........well that's exactly what it is; A possibility. But then again there's lots of things that men could possibly do.. As for all of us looking the same......It's how you wear it and what type. I'm sure Amani would agree.
  11. Surah Fatiha

    :sl: like sis emel mentioned if by first verse you mean the Bismillah.....then in that case there is a difference of opinion on the ruling regarding reading it outloud in prayer or reading it silently according to the madhab you follow. There is also questions as well on wether or not it technically IS a part of fatiha or not ( one daleel used is hadith qudsi in which Allah responds to the person praying........but he does not respond to bismillah). And Allah knows best.
  12. Desiring Benefit From The Qur’aan

    :sl: :sl: Nice read. Clarified a couple thing for me....
  13. Random Incoherence

    :sl: wow mashaAllah this topic is still going on!!!
  14. How To Instill The Love Of The Prophet In Our Children

    asalamu alaikum Hey I didn't even know we had this section on the forums. this is a great article. May Allah swt make us of those who benefit from it. Ameen.