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  1. Some Of My Thoughts, Hope You Like Them

    So, read any more of it Yasnov and anyone have any comments or things anyone would like to talk about regarding the book?
  2. Some Of My Thoughts, Hope You Like Them

    Well... yes and no, i've sort of finished it and sort of not finished it. There is no real permanent answer to "who am i" it is a question that depends on time. "Who am I" Is a question that has to be answered in 4 dimensions, most important of which is time. So you can never have a permanent answer to the question as time is always moving, I have an answer that works when i wrote the book. Do i have one now... yes if i answer it but its invalid the next moment. Surrender to time =P
  3. Some Of My Thoughts, Hope You Like Them

    Never trust anyone who is afraid to be shamed in public or laugh from time to time :sl: Serious discussions sink in best with a dose of humour on the side :sl:
  4. Imam Like Child - Miracle And Blessed Child

    God speaks to us all at all times, everywhere, where ever we look. It is only a question who are willing to listen, this boy was and praise to him for doing so. (assuming its not a hoax ofcourse) Even if it is a Hoax there are many miracles in the world, one only needs to open their eyes and look around.
  5. Black magick (jaadu)

    Speaking as someone versed in various forms of magic and prayer (I also somewhat regularly go to various religions and ask them to pray for me to guide me on my path in God's guidance) If anyone believes I am wrong or evil or incorrect i ask that they pray to god/Allah to show me the truth. I do not forbade it, infact I encourage it. That being said returning to what the original poster said, black magic does exists but it is more of a matter of definition. There is magic that comes from spirits (benevolent and evil) as well as raw energy from various natural phenomena (such as rivers/trees/ground) and so on. For example, if you stand in a temple or a holy grove or a shrine or a Masjid there are atleast 3 major sources of spiritual energy. Physical (location, materials) spiritual (thoughts/ "energies" of the people present as well as ghosts/spirits/dinji) and Divine (All direct manifestations of the creative energy, Allah/God) Black magic is most often a manifestation of physical or spiritual layers and as such is at best ineffective when confronted by divine energy such as a prayer seated in belief seated in reason. Blind belief that stems from "I've been told this is how things work" instead of "I've come to realise this is how things work and rest at peace in God" is not the belief that will protect you well. It is a type of belief that will only calm your mind for a while and always force you to push things aside that dont fit your world and it will eventually blind/deafn and paralyze you as anything new or outside of what you were told to be the truth will immidiately cause your mind to freeze and go into panic. However, belief that stems from true soul searching and the true desire to know what Gods will is and through that surrender to gods will WILL protect you regardless of how you go about doing this. So, if you wish to protect yourself from black magic. First ignore it, dont ask it in, dont acknowledge it (belief in another persons power to harm you is a strong weapon in their hands). Once you are certain that someone is harming you with magic despite trying to avoid it then sit still and ask yourself and ask god. "How have i strayed from where I want to be, how have i strayed where God wants me to be". And be honest with yourself, after you find an answer pursue it where ever it might lead you. Remeber that there is not a saint in the world who had an easy path to get to sainthood. I'm not a muslim but i know enough of history to say that Muhammad (PBUH) did not have an easy life as most would understand it. He was cast out of his home, nearly killed but he never gave up his faith, he faltered and doubted but always came back stronger. The path of the Believer is never an easy one, God has a great sense of humor. It only makes sense once you've gone through it yourself. I can only wish and pray that you have strength to rise when you falter and stand when you are shouted at. Peace
  6. Some Of My Thoughts, Hope You Like Them

    I'm back. I have been unable to visit this forum much as of late but right now since my book is mostly finished (pictures still remain to be made) I decided to return here. A link to my book can be found here you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_akigreus.blogspot(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/2007/12/updated-book.html There are also some other articles there that i wrote that are unrelated to the book itself. I plan to update keep updating it every now and then when i get the chance. I hope to create some discussion about the ideas i put forth in my book and what ideas they spark in the people that read them. I would prefer to discuss openly in the forum but if for some reason someone wants to contact me in private they are free to do so. The aim of my book is both to teach hands on healing, to understand how things work in the world and advice seekers to avoid certain... traps on the road that will lead to a great deal of difficulty in once life. Some of the things in my book are very heavy and dark but as the book is written somewhat in a diary form it reflects how i feel at any given time. Discussion would be nice :sl: -Peace
  7. Some Of My Thoughts, Hope You Like Them

    Since its much easier to do this way and I'm unsure if this forum loses PM's I'll try to post my email address here H k e l u k k a [at] h o t m a i l . c o m (I already get far too much spam so i'm not worried about that :sl:) Drop me an Email and i'll send you a copy of the book.
  8. The Caliphate And Women

    Religion should almost never be a political issue as the very concept of a goverment enforcing religion on its subjects makes the act of religion impossible. To force a person to believe or act in accordance with the laws of a religion makes caring, love, compassion and all things that Islam, as far as i know of, is greatly about, completely irrelevant. If there is an immidiate and strong punishment for actions that your religion deny then there is no reason to develope your internal world and your internal compass. "If Allah desired for all to believe as one then would not all believe as one?" "Do not say to your brother, you have a splinter in your eye, let me help you take it out while you have a log in yours" I dont remeber where i heard these but they still ring true, atleast to me. If one is to form an actual Islamic state that is based on the level of the state in sharia then the immidiate question is "who's interpretation of sharia?" And very quickly you'll have a splinter of 2 groups who have a different perception of what is good and what is not, this will very quickly degrade to a point where the smaller group will break off and form its own religion. Since the state as a whole can only have one religion so no dissent and no different views are allowed. Regardless of how compassionate a religion is and how forgiving it is if the religion forms a pyramidical powerstructure (state) then it almost without fail collapses on its own. There should be a state that gives all equal rights to worship as they see fit without goverment interferance so groups could argue on equal footing. Think of the split between sunni and shia. Or between protestant and catholic. Every time a systematic level of control is implemented and forced on the people the people react in opposition and the religion splinters into 2 more groups and the groups themselfs start fighting with one another. When you on the other hand compare a religion that is decentralised, has no central authority that is defined by any single mortal man the religion does fight in amongst itself but almost never on a very large scale. Even the best human is not Allah, so to give power to a single ruler, a single caliphate and think that the caliphate is what defines Islam and not Allah and Muhammed is to transfer the authority from what was said then, to a single man now. Which, as i see it, is begging for a disaster. So my answer is, religion is a communal not a state level issue. If you wish to form a religious community that has a rule of "everyone should wear headdress" then you are free to do so in your own right and privacy.
  9. Some Of My Thoughts, Hope You Like Them

    I might make actual hardcopies of it at some later date and those might cost something but right now its available for free online and i can email it to anyone who wants it. I've also printed a few copies personally and hand them out to a few people. I only ask that nobody claim the words as their own. Other than that its free to distribute and edit and quote as you see fit.
  10. Shooting At My University: Virginia Tech

    I'm in a mood to be writing in many topics, so I kindly ask people to ignore me if my thoughts and comments aggrevate. But as i see it, not one of us is sinless enough to say that anyone else deserves hell. It is the business of God/Allah and the person in question, no one elses. It is always easy to say that he did terrible things and as such deserves hell. Yet non of us helped him when he was down, he didnt have a shoulder to cry on and can anyone here say we prayed for him before this happens. Only when someone harms us or our view of the world do we lash out and say "he deserves suffering". While we through inaction allowed and in most cases even promoted this happening. How many of us have done anything than our absolute best to help others in the world? I say that as long as i stay here on the computer, talk and put my thoughts on the net instead of working hands on in trying to help people who die simply because nobody helps them, of starvation, thirst, illnesses and even those who live yet live a life of death (depression for example). We are all guilty of killing more people than the shooter was. As long as one innocent dies on the side of the road while we walk by we are as guilty of his death as everyone else. Dont pray for the salvation of the one who pulled the trigger, pray for your own salvation as through your inaction in life allowed this and millions of other tragedies like this to happen. Peace.
  11. Fundementalist and sane is provocative as following the fundementals of a given religion can not be called "insane" as in (opposite to sane) Usually very unusual but opposite of sane is not a good choice of words. Better wording might be Fundementalist and Liberals
  12. Some Of My Thoughts, Hope You Like Them

    If you send me a PM with your email address i can send you a copy of my book. Incase you want to read more of my fairly strange thoughts.
  13. Dealing With Doubt

    As a spiritual person who is not a muslim i would like to give my opinion on a few things. It does not take a muslim to believe in Jinn. Most things in most religions are atleast somewhat true, It is not unfathomable to say that even unicorns exists, not that i have ever seen one. If you wish to have clarification about spiritual entities (ghosts and the like) and that not all is as easy as would appear on first glance then i urge you to pick a large city nearby and go to the local library archives and read all the newspapers for potential suicides and ghost stories and go to the sites and sit there patiently and within a few days you will begin to see all kinds of things that will, at first, scare the living *bleep* out of you. After that it might be easier for you to recognize the existance of god. God as such is only a very very powerful entity. On the order of "making planets and life", perhaps one day we wil truly get to see god face to face, until that time the easiest step to finding god is in expanding your knowledge as far as possible to realise that it is very easily possible to have a God in this universe without you and millions or even billions of people ever seeing or feeling him and still have him there watching us. That being my take on the matter in short
  14. Some Of My Thoughts, Hope You Like Them

    I've finished writing the book, the last chapter will be a short story i'm working on so its not related to the book. Other than that its done, some formatting is still required as well as possibly some rewrites but the mainline of it is done. I mention Islam in 3-4 places and mostly not in a very central role, it is mostly my views on the world. It is mostly on some of the new age things i've worked with as well as the history studies and different religions i've studied. Another key topic in it is how to learn hands on healing (faith healing), an approach of that topic from a non "specific religion" view. I've tried to minimize the overall religousness of hands on healing in an attempt to see how exactly it works and what is "added" to it by the different beliefs. So would a person for example be able to learn hands on healing and still be a devout muslim or a hardcore atheist. Is there any specific religion or mindset that makes healing impossible. The reason this is important is to gather information on the effects of beliefs on hands on healing. If for example all other groups would be affected but a distinct branch of christianity then the difference between the bulk of the population and that specific group would be of the utmost importance. As the difference could point to specific intervention by some smirit or, in the highest possible sense, God. So far i've yet to encounter a group or a person that is not effected by hands on healing. On one end of the spectrum of people i've used hands on healing on was a devout hardcore atheist and it worked well (the feelings of warmth/love/deep relaxation were all present) and hands on healing has also worked on very devout christians. On my method specifically, most methods are used on a given group only. Similar to how, for example, some polynese tribes walk on hot coals as an act of religious worship while muslims do not and probably would not. Yet the act of worship itself is still universally human even if the point of worship differs from groups to groups. I've also tried to separate the modern day add on's of religious/paganistic connections to healing and form a system that would hopefully, be accetable to most people in the world. I dont plan to start teaching it in wide scale possibly ever but it is a project i'm working on simply because it is what i like to work on. As it is clearly obvious that most cultures in the world have some form of hands on healing, from buddha to jesus to japanese saints to south american indian cultures. It should also be clearly obvious that no one group is outside of the spectrum of healing. If we are of one species as is clearly obvious, made or born at the same time (evolution (indirect creation) or divine intervention (direct creation). Then not one subspecies of man should be outside of the concept of gods love and so it is important for me to try to understand what connects us, what is the connecting words, what is the connecting love and is there something that is not connected. IF hands on healing dosnt work on all branches of humanity then it is obvious it was not meant for all branches of humanity, only for certain branches and times and towards that end i'm curious about muslim/islamic take on the topic. As no single person can be considered the ultimate authority on Islam, at least no single living person, I desire to learn of the opinions and views of this forum (and those that take the time to answer) questions about hands on healing and other forms of spiritual action. What is your take on Islam and healing? I'm also open for questions if clarification of healing and my healing method specifically are asked for. I can also send copies of my book to people over E-mail for free, it is 55000 words at the moment so i'm reluctant to post it here at the moment. Send an email to Hkelukka[at]hotmail###### if you want a copy of my book. If i dont reply within a week send another email as hotmail is notorious for losing Emails. And with that i'd like to open up a friendly discussion on this topic.
  15. Some Of My Thoughts, Hope You Like Them

    Thank you for your kind response Yasnov. When I came to the realisation that led me to what i think today i realised how truly all is in line with the designs of god. It is impossible for me to describe the feeling and the realisation I had in normal terms, i'm writing a book about it but i could write for a million years and still not cover any of what i feel. Such is the problem with text i suppose. Verses in all holy books i've read are just that, verses. They are definetly from god and are of divine origin but such is all that is in the world as all comes from the creator originally. So how to balance what is said to be the word of god by one and what is said to be the word of god by another. Two different and contradicting words of god. And after i pondered about this i came to the same conclusion that is presented in the Qur'an simply that all gods and all existance is in the end one god and one existance. All Allahs are in the end one Allah. To me to surrender to gods will is not optional or something that one can choose to do, it is something we all do from birth as there is no other way of life. One cannot say we submit to gravity for our opinion in the matter is not asked, atleast after we are born anyway, who knows where else could be born. One cannot say we submit to death for in the end our opinion is not asked. And in the same, we do not choose to submit to god, we submit to god regardless of what we do since all actions we could ever take can be taken simply because it is done in accordance with the will of Allah. Were it not so it would certainly not be possible for it to be done. So, as as has been said. To each their own, and all my believer friends, regardless of what you believe in you have my heartfelt praise(all you atheists as well, you believe in not believing and it is as much a belief =D ) Peace out brothers and sisters. -Aki