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  1. Removin Eyebrows

    Salam, Thanks mm_ca04 for ur help. I have onother, wot about relaxin someone's hair only for ur husband. Jazakallah.
  2. Removin Eyebrows

    Salam, Is it permissible to remove ur eyebrows only for ur husband? Jazakallah for the help
  3. Edit My Post

    Ok Well then can someone edit for me like the Moderator? or thats also not allowed Shukran
  4. Edit My Post

    Assalam alaykum I have post a question at "Islam for Beginners: Q&A" section, want to edit my post but dunno how, can someone help me pls? Thank you
  5. Question

    Assalam alaikum brother! I have got a question, regarding talking to non mahram woman. For example a man talking to a non mahram woman (a woman who he can marry), even thou he has no bad attention like sex and staff like that. is it acceptable? Answer with khadith or verses will b more helpfull Thank you
  6. Season Of Lent

    Asslaama laykum brother! I have onother question [as usual :D ] In the Islamic Faith is the Season of Lent recognized? If so how is it recognized traditionally? Thanks in advance
  7. Please Help

    Assalam alaykum brother, i hope ur doin well Inshallah Can you please tell me the meaning of these words; Sunnah, Nafel and Musthab? Thank you
  8. Missed Jumaa

    Assalamu alaikum all, I have a question regarding missed jumaa prayers. Is it true if you miss 3 jumaa prayers in a row that you are considered kaafir? Jazak Allah
  9. music

    a/alaikum, I am a new member here so hello every one :D In Islam, would like to know is music halal or haram?, if possible who ever replies me can they say y it halal or y its haram thank you