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  1. Islam in Albania

    Assalamu alaikum brother and the sister that I have not replied to for some time. Have a good reason. Lol Marshallah Islam in Greater Albania is growing at a very good pace Alhamdu l'Ellah that it continues. I am really sorry that I am going of topic here but I was just going to say my private messaging does not seem to work why is that or how do you private message someone.
  2. Islam in Albania

    soz i read your information and found out that you are albanian/kosovar. talk about slow.lolz ti e praktikon Islamin moter?
  3. Islam in Albania

    Assalamu alaikum sister and may Allah reward you for such words of truth Are you Albanian? And yes indeed Alhamdu l'Ellah more people in Albania are practicing Islam. I went there this year and I could see some women wearing hijabs Alhamdu l'Ellah. The beaches are wonderful and the people are so hospitable mashallah. :D
  4. Islam in Albania

    Assalamu alaikum brothers & sisters Concerning the issue of drugs and prostitution it is a few miserable cowards that will be dealt with by Allah ishallah one day for their sins. And your rather shallow attempt to make Slobidan Milosevic seem like a man that has been wrongly accused of killing and massacring thousands of ethnic Albanian Muslims goes unnoticed it is sickening how you can stand there and defend a brutal dictator but then again the Greeks are in the same league as him. No that is out of the way I would be more than happy to inform anyone about anything that they want to now about Albania. Feel free to ask. I am a practicing Muslim which in some case it is very hard to find in Albania after 40 years of a communist dictatorship that tore down Masjids and banned religious practice and people would be thrown into jail if ever caught doing other wise. Ishallah people in Albania will take religion more at heart and start practicing their faith and stop going down the road of a westernised culture, which is most corrupt, and a degenerate one to say the least. Marshallah people are slowly practicing their faith and when I went to my country this year the Masjids were absolutely packed and ishallah it stay like that and more Masjids are built to accommodate more Muslims.