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  1. Antiques And Collectables

    :D After what i read from mod. Aburafay post i think its still a kind of trade, you invest in the coin hoping to obtain more money when will come the time to sell. Its another business with certain risk because you can't be sure your coin will be more valuable in the future.
  2. Surronded By Four Walls

    Seqina you have right too, are times when we can be very wrong about one person, thats why is the saying "love is blind" until you finish to know him :D . Ziggy99 I only want to say she must distinguish between the emotions given by a wedding and the fact she has big doubts about the man capacity to make her happy. Is that sparkle between the two :D .
  3. Surronded By Four Walls

    All advices are good :D I would like to add only one thing: don't marry until you will not be 100% convinced he is the right for you. Until you have doubts you can't marry. We not have the right to lie ourselfs or the hubby. Because lies will destroy not only his lifes but yours too. And always after a while the husband feels he is not loved only tolerated.
  4. Halal Food

    Wa'Alaekum Assalam In Qur'an says clear that before to eat every time you need to pronounce Allah's name. Its you which need to do that, not the butcher. "They ask thee what is lawful to them (as food). Say: lawful unto you are (all) things good and pure: and what ye have taught your trained hunting animals (to catch) in the manner directed to you by Allah: eat what they catch for you, but pronounce the name of Allah over it: and fear Allah; for Allah is swift in taking account. " 5:004
  5. How do you rate IF?

    The question is if the mods are replying at your pm's B) Because when i read something interesting i can't help myself to keep me quiet, i always want to say something :D
  6. How do you rate IF?

    Thank you , i didn't read the thread before. If you could explain me - please - why we can't post in the kitchen section :D recipes.
  7. How do you rate IF?

    Do you want to say the private message are read by someone else than the addressee?? The moderatora are doing that? :D
  8. Prayers For Protection

    She is not cursed by Allah. She only increase a "love" based on idea you can have two wives. I never heard the Qur'an to can be used in negative way. I think she is interested only in chat with you, and you can put in background what do you like because she will always neglect and follow only her idea of internet romance. You should cut from the net time spent with she. I think you did enough and the next time you can send her to the masjid. Think at your family life and don't leave her to grow a love which will not lead her anyway. The feelings can't be always handled in proper manner and its better to cut off than later to reprove you encouraged her without your wish.
  9. Superstitious ...? !

    Without to know about Feng Shui ,years ago i have decided to buy two tortoises, like pets. After 9 years all i can say are not the right pet and i would not recommand to keep them inside of the house. One colleague which follow the Feng shui cures told me what a big luck i have because of my tortoises. According to her i should have more tranquility and joy in my life which is complete false. Completely false. I don't believe at all.
  10. Superspicious Or Fact?

    The dog can't be used by Satan. He didn't see anything unseen. They usually bark when the man looks like another man which have hurt him in the past ( clothes, hair, voice ). Or may be the buss scared him. The dogs eyes in the sun light looks little blind. :D The site is slow :D i have the same problems but will pass :D
  11. Marriage Problems

    In this case why you stayed with she 7 years :D Years lost from your lifes. :D Because i don't know the case i can't give you advice but you should be better to be honest with you, stay calm and judge the case by yourself. What you have found at she, why you stayed 7 years and not 7 months and so on. If you feel you will not have any regrets you should just inform her and go on with your life. If i understood corectly your parents have already found another woman.
  12. Marriage Problems

    You never hurt this girl? Why she began to argue in the last weeks like never before? Must be something happened between you two. Only honesty can point of the answer. Knowing half truth is not a way to give answers.
  13. New Brother Here...

    I remember the rules everytime when i can't post there :D
  14. Salaam From The Dr

    Is strawberry juice :D Is good to be newbie :smile:
  15. Non Muslims Who Want Islam

    Men always require before marriage to convert to Islam.