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  1. aisha Bhutta

    A+++ Amazing story.
  2. My Story...

    Assalammualaikum A long story, none the less, i keep on reading and its worth the time spent. thank you for sharing.
  3. assalammualaikum, i love reading all the stories. And posting thank you for sharing is another way to get my fifty post ASAP. salaam
  4. My Story

    Dear sister, reading what you have gone through and finding Islam, makes me thankful that I am a born muslim but was ashamed of not getting closer to Allah. Thank you for sharing. salaam
  5. my story

    sister nathasa. a beautiful story... Perth is not little town in WA hehehe. I found my first love there too.. salaam
  6. br omair, u have 27 post, i only 14, and its so slow. Nonethe less i visited the gmail forum, and it seems that IF already have lots of Gmail invites.. salam
  7. thanks sister arwa.. will try to get my 50 post asap
  8. Thanks brother It look like I have to keep on replying this post to get my fifty post asap. :biggrin:
  9. Assalamualaikum, I am new member who access to IF are limited. I have gmail invites but cannot reply of post or pm others in the computer room. I open up the gmail invite topic but was closed by mod due to similar topic. How to overcome this? Any suggestions what can I do. :D
  10. I Know This Is A Dumb Topic,but.....

    :D I can't wait to reach my 50 post (still a long way to go) before I can join the sister chatroom :wink:
  11. Gmail Account

    Assalamualaikum, I have FIVE invites for gmail, as I am still a newbie, do reply to message with email address so i can sent invites. shilla
  12. Darkness To Light

    Assalammualaikum. These are beautiful.. new link to surf on Islam too. Thanks a lot.
  13. Sara's Story

    Another great story that bring tears and bring heart closer to Allah. Al fatihah for Sarah. Ameen salam
  14. What happened to the link.. i only see this message.. Account for domain welcome-back has been suspended
  15. Jermaine Jackson

    Assalammualaikum, Another worthwhile reading in IF. I didn't know Jermaine Jackson is a muslim.