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  1. Pomegranates

    The best Pomegrantez are in KAndahar,,they r very Big and prevalent.hm ova there lolz, and yeh we use it a lot as Medicine :D
  2. Salam Alikum~

    :D hey GUyz, thanx for welcoming me. It seems like the rules here r very strict.lolz, icant reply to sum topics......
  3. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    those AFganz whom u Guyz have met, that R against Islam R Da ones weak in the deen, etc. they want to be able to drinking and partying, etc to be allowed there the taleban ppl only brought shariah law to the country u kno they stopped all sorts of things rapes, prostitutions, gamblings, drug trade, sodomy..and these are known facts.....as for those of y'all saying afghans duno the meaning of QUran Etc Well I suggest u stop TYalkin from ur &%&%*&% b/c there is SUCH THing as TAFSEER e SHArif and yeh i Had lots of FAmily in TAleban...Did u KNo All TAleban ppl studied Quranisharef and TAfsir in MAdarass? HOW the hell U think they Could spread Sharia and the t if they didn Kno da <meaning? ASnwer taht Plz. MAnn the #### u HEar thesse days....Also, There is a saying in KAndahar that at the time of Taleban the birds flew with both Wings and now with dis Filthy Amercan Gov't they Fly with ONe wing covern their posterior.lol And its true...b/c of Sodomy,Etc. Those #### sayn shyt like afghanstan is Indepent now and it was good to remove TAleban i Suggest u shut ur ^*%*% Plz B/c u Have no Clue.....I went to Afg last summer and Everywhere u went u had to be cautious Of thievs...there were many cases were A MAn(FArsi) would KIll taxi drivers and steal their car. Etc at the time of TAleban every DAym corner was Controlled and Every store u went u would hear nashids playng........No allz u hear is Indian Music comin out of pplz homes Plz learn some facts,then start talking , thx
  4. Salam Alikum~

    heyyyyyy iam new here...im fiftenyrs old and i want to learn more about Islam so yeh salam