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  1. Islam In Lithuania

    Some more info about muslims in Lithuania. Lithuanian Tatars confess Abu Hanif trend of sunit ceremonies Muslim. To this theological trend belong Turkish, ex-Soviet Union, Eastern India and China Muslims. First Masjids were built in the 15th century. Most of them are built in Vilnius (the biggest number of Tatars have lived there). After the First World War 17 Masjids remained in Poland, 3 in Lithuania. After The Second World War there were only 2 working Masjids in Soviet Union. Lithuanian Tatar Masjids are poor, built from wood, very different from Masjids of Eastern Muslim countries. Local builder have been building Masjids so they sometimes look like Christian churches. Every Masjid has a passage where all the people leave their boots. Mosque is divided into 2 parts. The biggest part is for men, smaller - for women. This division is characteristic only for Lithuanian Muslims. In 1925 Lithuanian Tatars have created the highest religious ruling institution muphtiat. The mupht was elected - Jokūbas Šinkievičius. In 1930 during a celebration of the 500th anniversary of death of great Duke Vytautas the Masjid in Kaunas was built. The Second World War has stopped the activity of muphiat, later in Soviet Union Muslims were inactive. At the end of the 20th century started rebirth of Muslim activities in Baltic States it came together with the ideas of independence. Now there are 5 religious Tatar societies in Lithuania - Vilnius, Nemėžis, Keturiasdešimt totorių, Kaunas, Raižiai. The muphiat was re-established in 1998 metais. It was very important event for all the Muslims who live in Lithuania. The CEO of muphiat was elected Romualdas Krinickis. Main objectives of muphiat are to popularise Muslim religion and make a next generations of Muslims in Lithuania to live by the rules of Koran.
  2. Islam In Lithuania

    Sis ummammaar, there are not many masjids in Lithuania, so to find them is a bit difficult for the newcommer, however, it is very easy for those who live here, and who go to masjids every Friday. :D Regarding dhabiha meat: in Lithuania muslims slaughter the animals by themselves (My husband and I used to do this. You just simply get into your car, go to some village, ask the farmer to sell a calf or a sheep, buy it and slaughter it in the yard of that farmer. Then put the meat into your car and drive back home. Then call your friends and sell the meat to those who want it. If not - your fridge is full for some time). :D Another way - to buy meat from the market. As we know, muslims are allowed to eat Jewish or Christian meat. And that meat which is sold by the farmers in the markets is halal. However, we have never bought the meat from the market, as we could slaughter the animal. And the third way: I know some muslims who choose not to eat meat once they cannot buy halal meat. :D
  3. Islam In Lithuania

    Salam soul*sis, here are some links where you can have a look at some of the old masjids in Lithuania: "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.salaam.co.uk/Masjids/lithuania.html"]Old tatar Masjids in Lithuania[/url] Here are 2 Masjids: The Masjid of Nemezis and the Masjid of the 40 tatars village which is near our capital city - Vilnius. And here is the newest Masjid in Lithuania. It is in my home city - Kaunas. "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.travel-images(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/lithuan24.jpg"]The Masjid in Kaunas[/url]
  4. Islam In Lithuania

    Salam. It might be that she doesn't mind you being a muslim because she knows that it has nothing to do with her. However, my husband and I are running an Islamic website and forum in lithuanian language for lithuanian muslims and the comments we get from time to time from our visitors show that some of the lithuanians are really anti-islamic people.
  5. Error

    OH...... :biggrin: ok, then I do it OK, as I do it before tasleem. :D Thank you brother for the explanation...
  6. Error

    Thank you, brother, for explanation.... but as I am a new muslim, I do not understand what is "dorood" and "tasleem"... :D :D I understand, it is some parts of the prayer... could you please be so kind and explain with what words start "dorood" and with what words start "tasleem".... :D then I will understand..... as I would really like to do as it is in sunnah... and thank you, brother, in advance... Jazakallahkhair..... Sis S.
  7. Error

    Brothers, what to do in case of forgetting something or omitting something is clear to me. But what about if I do something extra: i.e. if I pray with the baby in my arms, so when I do sujud - I put the baby on the praying mat, and afterwards, I pick her up for another rakat. So is this counted as something extra and should I do the prostration of forgetfullness any time I pray with the baby on my arms? Another question: when I pray and understand that I need to do the prostration of forgetfullness, I do like this: pray "Attahiyatu lillahi....." till the end, do one "Sallam" to the right, then do NOT do the "Salaam" to the left but instead do the sujud 2 times and again continue till the end and say 2 "Salaam", 1 to the right, 1 to the left. IS THIS OK?
  8. Salam dear IF members, who always help me, though I suppose my questions make you smile.... :D I have 2 short questions and would be very thankful if someone took some of his / her precious time to help me. 1) Is it alowed to close one's eyes while praying (Salat)? It basically helps me to concentrate on what I am doing, to think of the meaning of the words that I am saying (because I am not an arabic speaking person, so it is kind of difficult to me). If it is not in sunnah, then is it haram? I do not always close my eyes, just sometimes, when I want to get rid of the unnecessary thoughts and to concentrate on the prayer. 2) Is it true that once you are VERY late for Asr, then you have to wait till Maghrib, pray Maghrib and then Asr qaza? i.e. it is not allowed to pray between the Asr and Maghrib times..... Jazahlallahkhair. Sis S.
  9. Niqab

    Sister, your question made me smile.... :D :D Nobody HAS to wear a niqab, unless she wants to. And this applies not only to USA, but all the world. Hope I answered your question. :D Sis S.
  10. What Would You Do In This Situation?

    Brother, your story is a real mess... if such a mess is in oyur head - it is really bad.... :laugh: hm...... just joking.... :D Brother, if you are so careful about your prayers, you could have done them in the car or in a prayer room while your parents were visiting the aunty.... and there is no need to be cross with your parents.... Allah knows what situation you are in, so just pray and ask for His forgiveness. It is better to pray later, than to leave that prayer..... Sis S.
  11. Salam dear sister Segina, I am also from a country, where there are almost no muslims at all.... I am from Lithuania orginally, but for the past 3 years have been living in UK. My family was really against my embracing Islam. Especially mother. She thought I did it for love to my husband. :D However, when they see me being strong in what I have chosen, They somehow understand, but do not agree fully. May Allah give you strength, sister, and be patient, in-shallah, you will succeed. May I ask what do you paint? Nature or people? If nature - there is nothing wrong in that. What regards music - it is very difficult to me as well not to listen to it, though it has been 5 years since I came to Islam.... it was really hard to give up all those previous habits, but, once one is willing, everything is possible. If you can't live without music - try at least that it wouldn't distract you from your daily duties as a muslim, i.e. to pray, read Quran and so on. Do you know that computer and internet may also be haram? :smile: Everything depends on how you use it. I also at times feel divided..... between my culture, habits and new way of life... some of my friends do not understand me.... I also lost some friends.... Some of them say nothing but I see it from their eyes that they do not agree with what I have chosen..... :D However, :D you know, there are good things as well. Yesterday I have met my old school friend whom I haven't seen for 7 years, and she was so surprised to see me the way I am now..... :D :laugh: she made one comment: I am better now that I was before and she said that she was sooooo surprised how much people can change..... al-ahmdulillah for that! Sis S. :D
  12. Zhikr

    Thanks to everyone for shareing this info. As for myself, I usually count on my fingers, however, I sometimes use tasbeeh as well... but, while using it, I do not concentrate on counting.. instead, I close my eyes and think of Allah and His greatness, and only when my fingers touch the tower of tasbeeh i understand that a 100 is finished. And moreover, I never kiss it... :biggrin: as someone has mentioned here, that some people kiss it........ Jazakallahkhair for everything. Sis S.
  13. Stones Part 2!

    to melt a stone and then drink it?????!!!!!! :D :D
  14. I would also like to warn those brothers and sisters who live in London. Be careful of what you buy from "Fish and chips" or "Halal burgers" shops. My brother was working for some time in a turkish halal restaurant and the boss was selling pork sausages to muslims and was telling to his employees that in case anyone of muslims will ask about pork and so on, always tell them that no, it is not pork and everything here is halal. :ohmy: :D so, please, be careful.....
  15. Zhikr

    I have also read about dhikr ir the forum: "Learn Islam" and I have found out that counting dhikr on the tasbeeh is not according to sunnah. Is it a sin if I use tasbeeq? Oh, so this is also dhikr? I recite these words after my Salah. The reason I want to do dhikr is to get rid of my faults, to purify myself in order to be closer to Allah wa taallah.... :D