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  1. How do you rate IF?

    its nowhere near as good as other forums ive been on!!! maybe time might make a diff
  2. Told My Mom

    very good news but would like to know who you both voted for in the american elections its a very important question to me .
  3. its good to hear people embracing Islam despite how western media link Islam with terror!!!
  4. Is This True?

    ive never heard of that.
  5. Hypocrites & Believers-with Sins

    interesting questions im looking foward to the answers aswell.
  6. Islam in England

    anybody online from england?
  7. Islam in America

    anybody from usa here i would like to chat?
  8. Honey

    hmmmm interesting information and tons of it!!i do like the taste but not sure cuz of glucose, fructose in the honey im just not sure.
  9. Water

    interesting information,i would just add the use of water filter in the case of tap water.
  10. Stressed? read this

    an excellent article very informative indeed ,ive been eating avocados because of there serotonin levels.
  11. Watermelons

    i normally have watermelons in the summer anyway but thankyou for the addition information!
  12. Pomegranates

    ive never had Pomegranates it will be interesting to see what they taste like.
  13. Water or Coke?

    i stopped drinking coke 6 or 7 years ago aswell as all other fizzy drinks
  14. Question 4 The Mods

    thankyou that makes it clear,also interesting video on D.U which i already know about a shame the media does not cover it!
  15. Question 4 The Mods

    why im i unable to post?