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  1. Thank you for those links! Salam Also check out quranoncd. At QuranOnCD you can get any Quran On CD delivered in just 2-3 days!
  2. Life

    I will pray for you and ask Allah to forgive us all. I think most of us can relate to your situation at one time. Your poem is beautiful, just stay strong and keep your faith. SALAM
  3. New Brother Here...

    Thank you for the warm greeting. I do look forward to joining the community. I have read most of the rules, but there are a lot. InshAllah I'll get to them all. Thanks for the replies, it makes me feel welcomed. :D
  4. Islamic Songs

    Alaikum wa salam, I found this great link on this forum that has Islamic songs load-Islam its a very nice website I thought. Hopeful this helps. Salam unmmuslim
  5. New Brother Here...

    Salam to everyone, Looking forward to share ideas and information with other brothers and sisters on this forum. :D I'm a muslim brother who grew up in the US my entire life. Ilhamduallah, Islam is my dean. May Allah bless you all. Salam
  6. Forum Name Change

    Salam to everyone again, Thanks to all your input, I have been able to correct my name! Look forward to communicating on this forum!