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  1. Natural Herb Treatments

    Here's an article about the benefits of turmeric (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetassociatedcontent(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/article/2141041/turmerics_benefits.html?cat=5"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetassociatedcontent(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/article/2...fits.html?cat=5[/url]
  2. Pl/sql

    :D Does anyone know how return only the second word from a string using Pl/SQL? example: string 'Hamza Yousaf' would return 'Yousaf' :D
  3. Panorama

    Anon, what is it that bothers you about Islam?
  4. Panorama

    Ok Let's just get one thing straight. I'm not defending the actions of any muslims neither I'm in support of any injustice done by muslims. I'm defending Islam. If you want to attach the behavior of muslims to Islam then please use examples of muslims who are in total sync with the teachings of Islam, prophet Muhammed (pbuh) would be the best example. If you are going to throw critism at anyone then make sure the same cannot be said about you otherwise you are telling others to stop doing something that you yourself do. Unless you justify your actions do not expect anyone else to justify theirs.
  5. Panorama

    Anon, Sounds like you are racist and biased. You can watch what you want to watch, you can believe what you want to believe, but if you cannot accept the truth then you might as well stop wasting our time. What truth you might ask? That Islam is a religion that teaches peace, love, respect. If you find examples from those who call them muslims and their behavior contradicts the teachings of Islam, then you are obviously citing biased and prejudiced references. If you give me an example of how muslims teach hate, then I can give you an example of how Atheists teach hate. Give me an example that muslim children are "told" to hate the jews, I'll give you example of Jewish kids who are told to hate muslims. Islam stands above all this. That's the truth.
  6. Panorama

    "Muslims posing as moderates in public yet supporting, condoning and paying for terrorism. Muslims claiming Islam is a peacefull and tolerant religon yet aspire to a world dominated by Islam." Ridiculous comparisons and outrageous statements are now laughable to you? I believe it was you who started this post of ridiculous and outrageous statements.
  7. Is Bible The Word Of God

    Please read tafsir (commentary). Extracted from: [Pooya/Ali Commentary 5:68] (Unless the Jews and the Christians sincerely follow the Tawrat and the Injil and the Quran, their faith is of no use. If they honestly refer to their scriptures they have to accept the Holy Prophet as the promised prophet mentioned in their books (see commentary of al Baqarah: 40), even after the omissions and additions they have made in the original revealed books of Allah. The Christians of the first three centuries were Unitarians, but as explained in the commentary of Ali Imran: 2 and 3, the Christian church imposed upon them the idea of trinity. Ma unzila ilaykum refers to the Quran, and ma unzila ilayka refers to that which was revealed to the Holy Prophet in the preceding verse regarding the wilayah of Ali ibn abu Talib. Please refer to the commentary of al Baqarah: 62. )
  8. The Importance Of Jesus In The Quran

    There's a post by brother Al-faqeer called EISA (JESUS) PBUH in the QURAN. It's in the Refuting section, one of the two posts on the top.
  9. Is Bible The Word Of God

    I don't think that even Christians believe that the Bible is the actual word of God but instead writings of men who were inspired by God.
  10. Quran Refutes Itself!

    I know we have strayed way off topic here, but the statement you made that babies don't merit the punishment of Hell through sin, is different from what I understood about Christianity that Christians believe every one is born in the state of sin. So if a child is born, it is in the state of sin, dies before baptizm, dies in sin. Doesn't hat merit punishment of Hell through sin?
  11. Quran Refutes Itself!

    OH Ignatius, is it the stats that's bothering you? Well, the brother did not give reference to where he came up with that so there really is no need for you to delve anymore into that. My point was that more people choose on their own will to stray from the path of God. Which will inturn incur the wrath of God on them, maybe not in this life but surely in the next. I wasn't even looking at the 999 out of 1000 part. And just to point out an Islamic belief to you, Angels do not have a freedom of choice or a will of their own. Neither male nor female, these intelligent beings do not eat, drink, sleep nor have desires. They are created in such a way that they always obey and never go against Divine commands and never tire of serving Allah SWT.
  12. Quran Refutes Itself!

    Ignatius, would you care to elaborate? I don't quiet understand what it is you are trying to convey. 50-50 split? Again, it is the decisions that we choose to make that might deviate us from the right path, this is our will. Environment or our weakness do play a role in our decisions but those decisions should not compromise our love for God, under any circumstance, wouldn't you agree? I'm not suggesting that a perfect God created imperfect creatures, I'm stating that God in all his wisdom and knowledge created us imperfect. Do you believe God created you perfect because He is perfect? :D Limbo? again, what is the fault of this poor baby who neither can go to heaven but remain in Limbo? Again, my point is that towards the end of time, humans are choosing to love this world over loving God and there will be consequences for it. God has given us the will to stray or stay on the right path, that is All-Just, wouldn't you say?
  13. Quran Refutes Itself!

    I guess I'll put my two cents in on your questions. Hello Ignatius God is All-Just and All-knowing. He created us with a will. Our sole purpose is to worship Him. When we choose to deviate from that then of course it is due to our own will. It is neither the environment’s fault nor due to our weakness, nor the challenge too great for us to face, and neither did God create us to be ill-suited to have love for Him to worship Him. Our will is the most powerful thing God has given us and He tests us in all matters of life. So it is weird that you would conclude that we should think God is not All-Just because he created humans who do things of their will. Are you suggesting that God should have created us to be perfect? How do you think God is All-Just when a baby who dies before it is baptized is entered into eternal damnation? I hope you see my point.
  14. Islam As Peaceful.

    If God has declared something a sin. Then as muslims, to win the love and acceptance of God, we refrain ourselves from committing it. No matter what our desires are, no matter of anything, Islam teaches to abstain from sin. If, according to you, people are born gay, then it would be up to the gay person to refrain from commintting sin. Hence winning the acceptance of God. God has made us weak, He knows that, and therefore we strive to overcome our weakness.
  15. Was Jesus Really God?

    Well, I can continue talking about the legitmacy of the scriptures in the Bible but we are straying off the topic. So Was Jesus (pbuh) really God? If so, what makes you think so?
  16. Was Jesus Really God?

    Hi Me, No I haven't heard from Ignatius. Wonder what he's up to? Well, editing basically means cutting or replacing sentences. If a verse is not in the oldest manuscripts, what is it doing in the new manuscripts? I wouldn't care how intellectually honest a person is being, it will raise red flags in my mind to the legitamacy of the whole text. Who is to say that this person is being honest in one thing but hiding the truth about another more important thing? Using translations is one thing, but translations with missing paragraphs, verses, words would not be authentic don't you think? It could not be reliable, wouldn't you agree? Wouldn't it make you think whatelse is missing?
  17. Was Jesus Really God?

    Hi me how are you? Well, I guess it's not necessary for the Bible to be the exact wording from the Gospels. But for it to hold legitimate it should atleast be all the wordings from the Gospel. Why is it that some scriptures are dropped all together from the entirety of the text. Isn't that taking away from God's word? Again, why do Christians have the right to edit God's word? Sure go ahead and write it using more meaningful words but do keep everything.
  18. Was Jesus Really God?

    Mot, It is interesting that you gave the definition of the name Jesus. Can you tell me why you chose this particular definition? Also, if Jesus (PBUH)referred to himself as Son of God, he never said that he is God. So again, why God wouldn't say he is God is also a mystery. It is true that the Bible has been edited over time. No Christian scholar will testify that the Bible today in its form is exactly the same as it was when it was written. Why do Christians have the right to edit from the Word of God. Why isn't importance given to every single word, letter to appear the same as it did when it was written. Hope to hear from you.
  19. Hello, What do your questions have to do with Islam?
  20. Husband Crisis Still Going On

    :D sis, truly it is difficult to put up with such circumstances. However, I will say that your mother in law is an elder women. She needs to be shown respect regardless of what she says to you. This may be tough, but under your breath you keep saying that you are biting your tongue for the sake of Allah. However unsympathetic she is towards you, you continue to behave Islamically. Sis I know this is easier said than done but you never know what reward Allah has in place for your sabr. Now, if your husband hits you, this is totally totally wrong and it needs to be stopped. If you keep coming back from and "almost divorce" for the sake of marriage and family, ask yourself if coming back has decreased your iman or faith? If it has, then it is time to step out of this marriage for the sake of Allah.
  21. My Brother

    :D Brothers and sisters, I have an issue that I was hoping to get your opinion about. I have stopped talking to my brother. It has been 4 months. The reason is that my brother's wife cursed and insulted my mom. She had her mother, sister, and brother make my mom stand up in front of them and then called her all sorts of names and gave her bud'dua. After all that my brother did not say anything to his wife or his in laws. Therefore, I decided that I cannot have anything to do with people who insult and humiliate my parents. I stopped talking to my brother because I felt that he supports this kind of behavior of his wife. I of course want never to do anything with her for sure. Now my question to you, brothers and sisters, is this okay for me to do? I cannot seem to forgive my brother and I will never forgive his wife. :D
  22. My Brother

    :D My brother knows why I'm not talking to him. I believe he is too wimpy to stand up to his wife. But still there is absolutely no reason in my mind that his wife should call my mom names and insult her and my brother only stands by her side. The thing is that he also hasn't tried talking to me. I just can't get the words of his wife out of my head. Every time I think about the incident I begin to dislike her even more. I'm trully frustrated with this because on one hand Islamically we should not cut ties. But me, I can't seem to forgive, I just can't let go of what happend. :D
  23. Elijah, Fatima Mernisi is not an Islamic scholar. She is a feminist writer. Her statements should not be used to assess Islam. Khamosh
  24. kwasia, You hope to reveal the truth about Islam? That's a bit tough when you have demonstrated you don't know anything about Islam. To you, what is Ishaq, Bukhari? You have listed quotes, I'd like to know if you know what it is. You have sited verses from the Quran, do you know what the verses are before and after the ones you quoted? Once you know about Islam, then try to reveal it :D
  25. :D atha, I'm not quite sure how you intend to do dawah when a non-Muslim is clearly saying something wrong about Islam and you choose not to give them the right material. It is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of gaining correct knowledge. :D