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  1. Purification Of The Heart

    I have been looking for the book "An Agenda to change ourselves" I cant find it online in the USA. Shipping from the UK is costing me a lot. Can anyone find it for me please.
  2. Moon Sighting In Your Country

    Muslima4 life , did you see it or hear that it was sighted ?
  3. Moon Sighting In Your Country

    Duh!! where is Barbados ? Carribean Islands ?? No one else saw it ?? or just did not bother to reply
  4. As Sallamualaikom, Did anyone sight the moon in your city, town, country? Please share your sightings with me.
  5. Islam/muslim (practicing) 5 Daily Prayers

    Perhaps you should identify your sect of christianity. You are generalizing all christians as believeing Jesus to be God. There are some who dont believe that. One such christian does visit this forumn. I think its user wanderer.
  6. New Bin Laden Video

    I like the color of your font . PINK !!! cool.....
  7. So you believe in me ,hey ? thats cool too. And you believe when i say i wont contribute. and you become disappointed. I wonder if you and another user here could get into an argument to determine if what i said was true/ false/fooling/guiding etc. Dude is this worth the time and effort you put in. I mean come on. Could you guys read all your posts from begining till end ? do you think others can ?......i donno but that user layna never wanted to get in to this argument, and she even warned others. but now she is a full member of this argument. ( i aint critizing her) i know its fun to argue and stuff but......man i am out, ouch !!! dont believe this cuz PERHAPS i am fooling you (again).
  8. Cool. I am out of here. I think you are doing a good job. I dont thing i can contribute any benifit.
  9. Of course God can do anything he wishes. For his Servants/creation he wishes good. . .1. I dont understand the term mischievious God. I mean you ever heard of a (hypothetical) mischievious teacher who wishes to teach wrong stuff and then fail the student in the exam. 2. Or the mischievious Judge who carries out the wrong verdict to have fun. 3. I dont understand why i have no way of knowing. DO you mean if god wishes to hide it from me then i can never know ? If so then yes i agree. Then what ? is gonna follow i wait to know. for example the knowledge of the unseen is with God and he wishes to hide and and i have no way of knowing it.
  10. Given the characteristics of the God i know. I think he can do as he pleases. wether he wish to fool someone or not to fool someone. BUT BEFORE THAT Given the characteristics of the GOD i know. I think he will never fool someone just to enjoy the plight of his poor creation. Of course he is fooling you to believe there is no God. And its your intellect that should try and determine if you are being fooled or not. You being fooled is not of any enjoyment to the God i know. Rather its a disappointment. Because he created you to be better than being a fool. Yet you insist in being fooled by the non existence of God. When he wishes to fool he allows the devil to have a upper hand on you and when he wishes to guide he strengthens your intellect because you were created to be better than devil. And the devil is supposed to bow down to you. Rather you choose to bow down to the devil. So in one way or the other he is fooling you. But again he has given you the intellect to understand that too. I wish you do understand that.
  11. The countdown is a great idea. Perhaps you could put some links below it. Useful links box right below it. Links about ramadhan in this forum or any other links about ramadhan. Its just struck me 'next week' ramadhan !!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I forgot who said this "The white man came to us with the Bible. He gave us his Bible and took our land. Now we have the Bible and he has the land. "
  13. My Experience And Islam…..

    I sympathize with your situation But as a thought ask yourself this You converted to Islam after it satisfied you spiritually and you think of leaving it because you see people ignoring it. You accepted Islam because it was good and you think of leaving it because people ignore that goodness. i find that a bit strange. how do you think about it. By the way have you seen the ones who follow it competely. You have visisted the bad places full of muslims have you visited the good places full of muslims yet ?
  14. wow we seem to be here on this topic at the same time.
  15. Perhaps you did not understand the users words. Read it again. ------------------------------------------- About your post : Basically you are trying to say that you are right and we who follow religion is wrong ? So basically you are proselytising your beliefs. Why, what motivates you to do so? Muslims do it cuz they have been told to do so. Why do you do it?