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  1. Love For The Dunya - Hate For Death, 12th June

    ÈöÓúãö Çááåö ÇáÑøóÃúãäö ÇáÑøóÃöíãö Wa Alaikum Mus Salam Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu, Don't mention aeroplanes I get charged enough for a bus ticket .... lol (nah hate taking the bus) Sorry Sister none in B'ham, well not from what I posted anyway. Assalamu Alaikum Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu
  2. Logging Difficulty

    ÈöÓúãö Çááåö ÇáÑøóÃúãäö ÇáÑøóÃöíãö Assalamu Alaikum Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu, That happens to me too, to many times. I really can't be bothered to make my own topic so Sister ziggy99 I'm just gonna sort of hack your's lol, hope thats ok, this may be a stupid question answered already somewhere eles, but how do you add colour to the text in your your post? I have no idea.... JazakAllah Khuryun in advance Wa Alaikum Mus Salam Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu
  3. You Have To Pay To Enter

    ÈöÓúãö Çááåö ÇáÑøóÃúãäö ÇáÑøóÃöíãö Assalamu Alaikum Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu Dear Brothers & Sisters Insha’Allah you are in the best of health and imaan. Well, a long time ago in my Peacemaker days, I used to post these stories every few days, but IF went down and all was lost. This time I start right from the end of the list so I aint repeating all the stories all over again. A Dear Sister sort of requested I start them up again so Insha'Allah I will do so. Insha'Allah you will all benefit from them, they are really eye openers and inspiring (which is pretty much covered by the sub-title lol Inspirational Short Stories) Insha’Allah I will post these every few days, if I can, I am still currently taking leave from here but thought I would feed you with these while I am away. Enjoy!!! Inspirational Short Stories You Have to Pay to Enter ______________________________ _________ Once Ibrahim ibne Adham (may Allah have mercy on him) prepared to take a bath. He wanted to use a bathroom but the owner of the bathroom said that he needed to pay in order to use it. At that, Ibrahim ibne Adham (RA.) started crying and said that, "Oh Allah! I cannot enter the house of Shayateen (Devils) without paying, how can I enter Paradise, which is the house of the Prophets and the believers, without any pay?"Meaning, how can I enter Paradise without doing good deeds? Dear friends, compete with each other in attaining your position in Paradise. Leave the competition of this world, these will perish, but the Hereafter is ever lasting. Note: Evil jinns (shaitan) take dirty places like washrooms, etc, as their homes. Source: Translated from Tambihul Ghafileen by Shaikh Abul Laiys. Wa Alaikum Mus Salam Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu
  4. I Take Leave

    Also I pray that I have never hurt any of you during my stay here if I have I apologize sincerely and pray that you can forgive me for any mistakes on my part. I’m becoming emotional lol you all have no idea how much of an effect you have on life, I just thought I’d say that before I leave, you all are a big and important part of my life and I feel like I’m leaving of big part of my life behind, ok that’s its I take my leave now before you all think I’m seriously weird and I say something…. To all those that help keep this forum up and running the admin team everyone eles and to those that participate and make this forum the best, May Allah (SWT) reward you all for your time and effort. Ameen I leave you in the Protection of Allah (SWT) Alhumdulillah, SubhanAllah, Allahuakbar JazakAllah Khuryun Everyone Love You All For The Sake Of Allah (SWT) Wa Alaikum Mus Salam Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu (Note: If you need anything please don't hesitate to contact me by email or PM, Sisters you are more then welcome for anything, Brothers only if its really necessary, I’m sure you understand & know the drill)
  5. I Take Leave

    Assalamu Alaikum Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu Dear Brothers & Sisters, Insha'Allah you are all in the best of health and Imaan. This won't really make a difference to most of you but I'm taking leave from IF for a while I have a few important things to sort out before I come back insha'Allah if I do that is. Most of you have really rocked my world lol I'm serious, I can't help but get dragged into your lives when people post about their life. (I’m not weird, am i???) Well anyway whatever happens, I will never, ever Insha'Allah forget any of you in my Dua's. To all those in the counseling room that do post and the ones that hide away but would like to post, be patient and realize that everything holds blessings for you, "blessings in disguise", as I always put it. Whatever you are going through hold strong and pray to Allah (SWT) to shower on you strengthen; don’t give up, no matter what happens. You are never alone when you have Allah (SWT) in your heart.
  6. Why Won't Anyone Marry Me?

    Assalamu Alaikum Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu, Masha'Allah, good advice^^^ Masha'Allah, Brother insurrection, its nice to know there are Brothers like you out there, Alhumdulillah. Anyway, just because you may be a good husband to your future wife insha'Allah it doesn’t mean the doors of marriage will open for you, life just doesn’t work that way, things work in the strangest ways at times. like Brother Rahim said Allah (SWT) is the best planner so put trust in the plan Allah (SWT) has created for you and take everything as it comes don’t let it get you down. You aren’t alone in this there are people like you out there too, be patient and make dua for what you want. ...
  7. Job V's Marriage..

    Assalamu Alaikum Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu, If you haven’t already then I would suggest you actually sit with your parents another time and explain to them what you want and why. If that doesn’t work then do what Brother borbus & ahm suggested, in the meant time I will keep you in my dua's Dear Sister Insha'Allah. ...
  8. Must Be More Than 1 Answer

    Assalamu Alaikum Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu, I agree with everyone else, you shouldn't wish for such a thing, if that was allowed many would have killed themselves already, don’t wish for such a thing, sometimes we are put on this earth to test one another, you shouldn’t see yourself in the way that you do its a real self esteem killer ...
  9. Please? Please!

    Assalamu Alaikum Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu, Lol [at] Greek-Cypriot I agree with borbus^^^ I must say I hate these sort of things its tends to get messy most of the time, well I think this is a battle of who can take more mentally and who gives in first, who has more friends, all the rest of it, but if you were also in the wrong I would suggest that you ask the person for forgiveness and then leave them to do as they wish, well if ignoring her is the best thing and keeps things at peace then so be it you shouldn’t feel bad about it. ...
  10. A Conundrum

    Assalamu Alaikum Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu, Well personally if I was in your position I would do the same thing and would expect others to do that too, but as you put it you "started having a go" at them, so maybe you came across a bit more harsher then you meant, which instead of sounding like you were giving them a bit of advice as a friend came out as a negative thing instead. ...
  11. Symbols

    ÈöÓúãö Çááåö ÇáÑøóÃÂúãäö ÇáÑøóÃÂöíãö Wa Alaikum Mus Salam Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu, So I ain't the only one, I am relieved, hope its a easy problem to sort out. JazakAllah Khuryun
  12. Did He Deserve It?

    ÈöÓúãö Çááåö ÇáÑøóÃÂúãäö ÇáÑøóÃÂöíãö Wa Alaikum Mus Salam Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu Dear Brothers & Sisters, I think we should take the example of Hazrat Ali [Radhiallaahu Anhu] who was in the same situation and follow his example, which was not to excess and just enough for it. The incident is in the "http://forums.gawaher/index.php?showtopic=12736"]Anger[/url] post, third post from the top. Assalamu Alaikum Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu
  13. Anger

    ÈöÓúãö Çááåö ÇáÑøóÃÂúãäö ÇáÑøóÃÂöíãö Wa Alaikum Mus Salam Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu Dear Brothers & Sisters, Ameen Wa'iyaaki Sorry I didn't reply earlier Just to let you a bit about the book its actually in 10 volumes and, so alot longer then what you might have expected but very good, Alhumdulillah. The full name of the author is Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani Once I picked up the first volume I just couldnt put it down. Good thing is, for some of you that might hate reading is that it is done is pretty short sections and each section is explained very well. Here is the book I will try to search insha'Allah for some more information on it as here it's £50, but this is just so you know what it looks like incase you want to check in your local bookstore."http://albalagh/bookstore/?action=view&item=0158"]Dicourses on Islamic Way of Life[/url] Sister asian_gyal_4_lyf as far as I know this book is not avaiable in pdf format. Brother Chrism Insha'Allah I shall add a bit more to this post which will help you. Alhumdulillah, glad to hear you enjoyed it. Assalamu Alaikum Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu
  14. "i Don't Know"

    ÈöÓúãö Çááåö ÇáÑøóÃÂúãäö ÇáÑøóÃÂöíãö Wa Alaikum Mus Salam Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu Dear Brothers & Sisters, Ameen Wa'iyaaki JazakAllah Khuryun Brother Chrism for sharing your own experience & same to you Islamicbrother. Alhumdulillah, glad to hear you enjoyed it. Assalamu Alaikum Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu
  15. Brothers Please Help, Sister Is Falling For Kaffir

    ÈöÓúãö Çááåö ÇáÑøóÃÂúãäö ÇáÑøóÃÂöíãö Assalamu Alaikum Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu, Well what eles can you possibly disagree with, you just agreed with keep all options open, then disagreed when I said keep the beatin one firmly closed, but if i am mistaken, Sorry my fault forgive me. ...