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  1. Bismillah

    Bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim Aslamu alikom wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh I just wanted to suggest something inshaAllah; i have noticed there is mashaAllah many arabic smilies here but no Bismillah; inshaallah i made one the same as the ones you have here so that if you would like to add it then here it is inshaAllah: I tried to make it exactly the same so inshaallah i got it right and it will match. Im sure it is better from all of us if we begin our posts with Allahs name inshaAllah. ma'a salaama UmmHana
  2. Bimsillah ar-rahman ar-rahim Aslamu Alikom wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh inshaallah i pray you all can help me on another question. I know that Pregnancy is a valid excuse to pray sitting if one has trouble with the Salaat, my question is specificaly for my situation. I am almost 8 months pregnant; I can stand comfortably for the length of time i need to for Salaat (most the time) and i can do sujud comfortably (most the time) however the difficulty is getting back up to the standing position when i sit down for sujud. I have read rulings regarding praying while sitting etc. I wondered if there is anything specific that would answer weather this is a valid excuse to sit for the whole salaat or if it would be better for me or more right if i would bring something (a chair or something) to help me get up from the floor? Jazakom Allah khairun in advance for your replies. ma'a salaama UmmHana
  3. The Islamic Stand On Music

    Bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim aslamu alikom wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh my input on this topic although i do not want to get involved i just wanted to mention something i dont remember seeing elsewhere in this topic: Sometime in the life of Aadam (alayhi salaam) there were some people who followed shaitan and they lived in a valley (i am speaking purely from memory and so please forgive my vagueness) shaitan taught to them music and singing. (i learned this from Dr Tariq As-Suweidans 'Qasas al Anbiya' lectures) I dont know where As-Suweidan found this but i trust he would not have said it had it not been a reliable source, this tells us that shaitan taught Music and Singing to the people waaay back then subhanAllah, and weather or not rasool Allah sallallahu aleihi wa salam prohibited music (which i believe he did) would any muslim want to follow something that shaitan has taught to the humans to distract them from what is better for them and what will help them in al akhirah? Also it is best to avoid doubtful matters, even if you dont believe it to be Haram, it is still clearly doubtful because it seems to be a topic which brings so much debate, so it is best to avoid doubtful matters. Isnt there a hadith that says something along the lines of 'the angels will not enter a house where there is a dog or a bell'? so non stringed instruments weather they are heard from the radio or directly from the instrument, could be considered like a bell? I would consider music to be idle talk (with regards to the Ayah many have mentioned) even anasheed (i enjoy anasheed without music however although i dont get too into it and VERY rarely listen to it because...) isnt it better for every muslim heart to spend their time listening to khutbahs or better yet Qur'an (i dont understand arabic but still find listening to Qur'an something that is beneficial to my deen and my eman) also to study Ahadith and Qur'an etc in order to increase knowledge which can only lead to increased eman. and my last comment would be that as someone mentioned, it is better to busy ourselves with things that will help us in al-akhirah rather than things that will not even help us in dunya; even music with good lyrics is still something we waste our time on when we could be doing much better things and things that will help us rather than (potentialy) harm us if it is so that it is Haram these are my comments inshaallah ta'ala i pray they are beneficial in helping some to understand or to think in a different way about music. (i personally used to listen to music along with my husband ALL the time i have hundreds of CD's, however one day we just stopped and now i find it an annoyance and something which when i hear it i would never want to waste my time on it, i used to be a singer before i was muslim, and now i find no enjoyment in music whatsoever alhamdolillah i sometimes sing to myself and my daughter while i am at home alone doing chores, i dont find harm in this inshaAllah if i am wrong i would appreciate someone to give me daleel so i can correct my actions. The same thing happened with TV, it used to be on 24/7, now it is a place to hang our sajadahs... but thats another discussion/debate) i would greatly appreciate the help of a more knowledgable brother or sister to help me in finding the ayat and ahadith which i have made mention of inshaAllah i dont want to give my opinion but inshaAllah that it is aligned with qur'an and sunnah. ma'a salaama Umm Hana
  4. Bimsillah ar-rahman ar-rahim Aslamu Alikom wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh Im not sure which is best to post in This Islam Q&A or the Islamic discussions, so inshaAllah i am not breaking any rules or anything by posting some of my questions twice. inshaAllah khair
  5. Kufi Hats

    Bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim Aslamu alikom wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh InshaAllah you all will be able to help answer my question about Kufi Hats (i think thats what they are called, the small hats that many brothers wear) Where are they from? how did they become part of the Islamic dress code? I think at the time of Rasool Allah sallallahu aleihi wa salam they used to wear something more like 'turbans' am i right? would this hat be considered similar to this? and lastly are they bid'ah? i dont know if they could be catagorised as Bid'ah but inshaallah some of you can help me with answers to these. jazakom Allah khairun in advance ma'a salaama UmmHana
  6. Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim Aslamu Alikom wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh I wanted to know about 2 things inshaAllah if you can help me with some information on them inshaAllah :D in advance. 1) Kufi hats, where did they originate? is it in the Sunnah to wear them or is it a Bid'ah?? InshaAllah you can provide some information on this i really dont know anything about them and so inshaAllah i need to learn. subhanAllah. 2) Also i read on fatwa-online that saying 'Sadaq Allahu Al-atheem' after reading a surah from Qur'an is bid'ah, please inshaAllah help me with information about this also b'idhnillah. :D again for your replies ma'a salaama Umm Hana
  7. Wudu And Wiping Over The Hijab?

    Bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim aslamu alikom wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh here are the ahadith i found regarding wiping over the Hijab or Turban. I have read a longer one in Bukhari similar to the second one here however the collection i got this from (at 2muslims) is not a complete collection and this is the only one they had mentioning the turban. inshaallah i have not said anything wrong a'audhubillahi min ash shaitan ar rajeem ma'a salaama Umm Hana
  8. Wudu And Wiping Over The Hijab?

    Bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim aslamu alikom wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh Sister here is what i found on Q & A for you, i believe the same Hadith which refers to wiping over the socks also refers to wiping over the turban which inshaAllah if im not wrong includes Hijab, i have read the Hadith where it mentions both the Khufoof and turban in Sahih al-Bukhari; i couldnt find it on Islam-qa just now but i will look further for the hadith and post it also inshaAllah. If someone finds it before me please post it inshaAllah. inshaAllah i havent said anything wrong a'audhubillahi min ash shaitan ar-rajeem ma'a salaama Umm Hana
  9. Bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim aslamu alikom wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh i didnt get your entire question subhanAllah but inshaAllah i pray that my answer helps you some. In the Qur'an and Sunnah we are toldto abide by the laws of the country we reside in as long as they are not contrary to Islam or against Islam or Allah or His messenger sallallahu aleihi wa salam in any way We are not told to obey the laws even if it means to contradict our deen but we are told to abide by the laws as long as it is not contary to our Deen (which includes it being against Allah or His Messenger sallallahu aleihi wa salam) Im sorry astaghfer Allah i dont have the exact Ayat or Ahadith on this but inshaAllah i pray some others will be able to help me with this. inshaAllah i have not aid anything wrong here and i pray it is of some benefit to you b'idhnillah A'audhubillahi min ash shaitan ar-rajeem ma'a salaama Umm Hana
  10. A Few Questions

    bismillah ar rahman ar rahim :D InshaAllah ta'ala this is in the correct forum, they are general Islamic questions so inshaallah this is the correct place. I just have a few questions inshaAllah. Please inshaAllah provide fromt he Qur'an and Sunnah with your answers if possible because this is specifically what i am looking for, i know opinions already alhamdolillah but i need anything from Qur'an and Sunnah on this; ill also appreciate fromt he Scholars though if there is nothing in Qur'an or Sunnah. :D in advance. 1) Is there are particular correct way to pray sitting down? i know when one is ill or unable to pray the correct way (say for example they are 7 months pregnant as is my case) i wanted to know if there is anything from the Sunnah concerning the correct or a more proper way to pray while sitting? inshaAllah 2) When a husband and wife pray together, just the 2 of them; does the wife repeat 'Allahu akbar' & 'Amin' after her husband? i think in the masjid women are quiet but men repeat after the Imam, but what about in the case of a husband and wife praying together at home? Anything int he Sunnah or from the scholars on this inshaAllah? :D ma'a salaama Umm Hana
  11. A Few Questions

    Bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim :D :D Sister Amani, inshaAllah im right in understanding the second Fatwa was with regards to my question about repeating Allahu Akbar etc. after my husband; since they said there is no difference between the prayer of men and women, this would include the repeating aloud of Allahu Akbar as the men do after the Imam (or in this case my husband who is leading our Salaat) inshaAllah b'idhnillah. Barak Allah Feek habibti inshaAllah any other replies and extra info will also benfit. ma'a salaama Umm Hana
  12. Aslamu Alikom

    Bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim Aslamu alikom wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh I have heard so much about this forum through another sister. mashaAllah and i dont join mixed forums but i saw a Sisters only section so i joined that inshaAllah i might benefit from the sisters or they may benefit from me inshaAllah b'idhnillah. :D ma'a salaama Umm Hana
  13. Aslamu Alikom

    :D :D habibti :D
  14. Aslamu Alikom

    Wa alikom aslam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh wow mashaAllah jazak Allah khairun for the drink sister, and for the quick welcome! alhamdolillah. Amin to your dua'as for Hana mashaAllah inshaAllah. InshaAllah when i have my new website together i will post a link to my revert story inshaallah, right now it is on my old website but i wont post it until i have the new one up inshaAllah. In advance jazakom Allah khairun to everyones welcomes incase im not allowed to reply by the time i get back here. barak Allah feekom ma'a salaama Umm Hana