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  1. The Universe

  2. Question About Marriage

    Marriage/you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_nikah(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/partner.php?adbanner=32t6k0e/partner.php?adbanner=32t6k0e/partner.php?adbanner=32t6k0e/partner.php?adbanner=32t6k0e/partner.php?adbanner=32t6k0e without a wali for the female is invalid - regardless if the Hanafi Madhab says its allowed or not - as this is what the Prophet (saw) told us - Nobody has overriding authority over the Prophet (saw) amongst mankind.
  3. Why a scientist believes in God?

    Following is an extract from an article - In the age of science people have come to believe that because of the amazing discoveries of science and the dramatic impact of technology based on scientific research and discovery through experimentation, scientists using the scientific method hold the superior knowledge. This however, is a shallow error committed by the one who does not know the reality of the scientific method and the principles on which it is built. Firstly, we should distinguish between scientific theory and scientific fact. Scientific theory is a speculative idea that may be logical but not necessarily based on reality and could be based on imagination. The scientist then searches for evidence or what he erroneously perceives to be evidence. The evidence is often incomplete and does not take into consideration other possible factors an example of scientific theory is the theory of evolution. Although people may think it a fact, scientists must submit to the reality that it lacks evidence and is unproven, on further investigation the theory is full of inconsistencies and much contradictory evidence exists, more importantly however the theory is fundamentally refuted by rational principles and things already established as fact about the reality of living organisms. Scientific fact on the other hand, is sound because it is not speculative but is only based on observation of natural phenomena or experiments, all factors are considered and the conclusions are only based on the reality and do not go on to project beyond the evidence. Sound scientific method however, although necessary for discovery and progression is not the superior form of thought. The superior thought is rational thought and this what sound scientific method depends upon. Science is not a comprehensive thought upon which life can be based, it is only of use in observing present things. Things not present, and intangible concepts are beyond its scope. It does not produce answers to the three fundamental questions about life on which true progress is based. Science therefore can not produce the foundation of a system of life or the foundation of a comprehensive viewpoint about life. Science often bases its conclusions on that which is outside its natural conditions, experiments are error prone and often open to different interpretations and results often not decisive enough to outweigh the possibility of external factors or minor errors. Science studies a specific object or group and then applies the conclusion to all similar species generally. Thus science makes a jump of faith to the general from the specific. Rational thought looks at the whole of perceived reality and applies the judgement to the specific element of reality. The reality is all that the human being can base his conclusions on and he can then progress when he combines this with previous information about the reality. When a scientist sees change in experiments after making an alteration to the subject matter, he concludes that his interference brought about the change in the results, this is because he believes in cause and effect and he knows that the change did not just happen by itself. This is not because cause and effect was proven through scientific experimentation but it was always assumed because it is intrinsic to the reality and is constantly perceived in the reality. Without cause and effect all scientific experimentation would be pointless because the results may have been caused by the experiment or may have just occurred by themselves and there would be no way of knowing. Additionally, science can not judge cause and effect through experimentation because the analysis of the results of the experiment itself are based on cause and effect and an independent test can not be dependent upon the principle which it is supposed to be testing. To conclude cause and effect is based on ration and is external and prior to scientific method, scientific experimentation is dependent upon the belief in cause and effect which itself emanates from rational thought. You have to differentiate between scientific theory (better word would be scientific fantasy) - such as evolution etc. and sound scientific fact - which most scientific theories of today are void of.
  4. Why a scientist believes in God?

    Freethinker I think your lost - big time. I dont think any counter argument which is bought against yours will make any difference to you - whether the evidence/proof is clear as the midday sun because that will just cause you to bring about another non-sensical philosophical argument. You seem to be contradicting yourself, at one point you cant accept that this wonderous universe came from nothing - in other words admitting that their is a Creator and at other points your more or less denying the existence of God. Do you really think the One who created the universe and everything within it would just leave us without any purpose - of course not - because that would be to ascribe foolishness to the Creator and the Creator of the universe is far beyond of having any defect and faults. Instead out of His Mercy he sent us Prophets/Messengers and Books for us to remind us of our grand purpose. I feel people like you will always have questions, more questions, wandering around like last sheep - a very sorry state and never reaching any certainty about anything (but quickly adopt and believe in anything to do with science - eventhough most of them are just unfounded speculative theories and in most cases not even a shread of evidence just a scientists imagination run wild - more deserving to be called fantasies rather than theories - such as evolution, ddark matter, worm holes) - just thinking were a bunch of atoms. May the Creator of the universe open up your heart to His guidance.
  5. Why a scientist believes in God?

    "muslims-unite/s_belief/aqleeyah/aqleeyah_3.htm"]Rational Proofs for the Existence of a Single Unlimited Creator of the Universe[/url] "geocities/WestHollywood/Park/6443/Quran/AUTHQURAN.htm"]Material on the Authenticity of the Qur’an [/url]