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  1. Salam

    Now thank you Amani, that was a beautiful drink indeed!!!
  2. Reading Fiction Stories

    Did you mean bare minimum?
  3. Abbrv. Should Be Used To Differentiate

    Me thinks likewise.
  4. Not many sites actaully have that. Good and idea.
  5. How do you rate IF?

    Oh the negative aspect is that I can't post in the Islamic - Western debates before getting 50 post counts. That really doesn't make any sense.
  6. How do you rate IF?

    It hasn't been an hour since I joined, thus I don't feel quite right to pass my judgement, but hey, it looks very interesting thus far.
  7. Username

    Why not? It sure as hell will teach Juvenile pranksters to choose thier name with greater care in the future, hehe.
  8. Replies

    Amani, you have 7777 posts, Gee do you spend 24-7 in here? :D :D
  9. Salam

    Me too...................