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  1. Is This Described In The Bible?

    assalamu alaikum i think so i think in the Qur'an it also says about feeding 4000 people with fish aswell or something ma assalama
  2. Is Love Marriage Against The Islam Religion?

    wa alaikum assalam im sorry...im new to the forum...i didnt know... i agree ma assalama
  3. Is Love Marriage Against The Islam Religion?

    what if u are not a muslim, and you fall in love with another non-muslim. then u or her finds out about Islam, and u both convert...then what do ya do?
  4. Prayers That Have Been Missed

    what about if you thought u were praying, but then a few years later u realised that u were in an impure state when u prayed?
  5. Gift From Allah

    assalamu alaikum when you say you 'know things' do you mean that you know something before it happens, or you can tell things jsut by looking at someone, or something like that? sorta like being psychic?
  6. Telling A Freind About Islam

    assalmu alaikum no offence, but non muslims wont really like this kinda rap....it dont really flow. the chorus si catchy but it dnt rhyme properly. try gettin em 2 lissen 2 napoleon. they'll like him a lot more. muslimac SOA aint native deen, native deen r differnt :D
  7. Song By Sheikh Spear

    assalamu alaikum i kno this brotha and this sheikh thing, he took the word shakespeare - cuz hes a famous poet (and playwriter) n bro sheikh spear is a rapper, he split it into 2 words : sheikh - spiritual muslim leader guy spear - tribal weapon wich pierces enemies so its like hes a poet, with spiritual Islamic rhymes that can pierce ur thoughts n get u thinkin :D
  8. Is It Me Or...

    assalamu alaikum i get visions like that aswell, i like sumtimes see the future and its not deja vu, i actualyl see whats going to happen before it happens. can someone elp me with this aswell?
  9. Super Model Reverts To Islam!

    Alhamdulillah! great news!!
  10. Islamic Talks

    salaamz great post :D my family dont mix gurls n boys 2getha, unless its only one or two families and were all talking about the same thing. apart frm that, we are usually seperate
  11. Description of Heaven and Hell

    i heard dat theres a hadith or summit dat sez: 'heaven begins where the human mind ends' is dat true?
  12. Non-practising Muslim Friends

    :D i got dis problem in my school aswell!! its like they are scared of being musliom at school, but dont mind when they are aroudn muslims
  13. The Disease Of Envy

    salaamz, grr, things like this and backbitn and sum other really bad sins r what every1 duz everyday wihtout knowin it!! :D
  14. Dajjal The Anti-christ Will Have His Own System?

    i never heard dat before....anyone else know anything about that?
  15. Isbal: Wearing Your Garment Below The Ankles

    :D i wear ma jeans lower tha my ankles! argh! i gots 2 quit dis