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  1. asalum alaykom i nationality is from italy
  2. asalamu alaykom below is a email i recieved recently if anyone is interested to reply Assalam Alaikum, Daralislamlive Forum feels it necessary to address the following issue to everyone. A zionist has been sending 10,000 messages daily to a G-rated chat room sending humiliating false pictures and comments to little children about Prophet muhammed/Islam. The company that owns the chat room(PALTALK) is asking for 1,000,000 petion signitures to stop the zionist man from doing this. So far we have collected 350,000 and we are still collecting. Please sign this petition and forward it to as many Muslims as you can. The link: "http://petitiononline####/Steyr/petition.html"]petitiononline#### #/Steyr/petition.html[/url]
  3. asalaum alaykom juzAllah kiran for yure welcomes and salams fimanillah
  4. Asalamu alaykom i post here something i found what mashallah knowledgeable brother of Islam has posted on his website the link is Chttp://madinahstore/challenge.htm CHALLENGE IN DEFENSE OF Islam As-salamu alaikum warahmatullah A letter entitled "$5,000 Reward, to any Muslim who can disprove in a public debate that Islam does not advocate violence against the Christians and Jews" that was sent to various Islamic Institutions in Orlando, Florida by a Christian evangelist. You can read the letter below, or at : "madinahstore/interiorpics/letters.gif"]madinahstore/interiorpics/letters.gif[/url] Brother Jalal Abu Alrub from Orlando replied to the evangelist, and accepted his challenge to publically debate with him. Both sides exchanged letters about the challenge, and finally agreed to have the debate held by the 10th of April in Orlando. Please read on for the full story, and do your best to help and support defending Islam. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Project Details · Proposed Date: Saturday, April 24th, 2004. · Duration: A seven-hour event starting at 09:00 AM and ending at 5:00 PM. · Location: Two adjacent rented halls, separate for men and women, at the Marriot, near Orlando International Airport, which is centrally located. · Advertisement: Appropriate ads will be placed in the Orlando Sentinel and, if possible, local TV stations. · Title: "Ask Muslims about Islam" (better suggested titles welcome). · Three main lectures will be given, as follows: "Islamic Concepts"? (Based on my book: Holy Wars, Crusades, Jihad). "The Culture of Suicide: A Historical Perspective"?, by University of Central Florida Professor Saiful-Islam Abdul Ahad. "Extremism: An Islamic Perspective"?; (Based on my book: Biography of Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab). · Free pamphlets, booklets, CDs and books will be given out to those, who request them. · The audience will be able to ask any question they wish and get an honest answer from qualified and learned Muslims. · Your help and support is requested and needed, as follows: Donate flyers, booklets, pamphlets and CDs on Islam and any other free material you wish to give for free in the Sake of Allah and in defense of your religion. Estimated Cost: US $5000: adds ($1000) rental costs ($1600), light drinks for guests ($350), airplane ticket for a guest-Imam ($250), emergency needs ($300), as well as, giving away at least 100 each of these two books: Holy Wars, Crusades, jihad (300 pages; $5.00 a copy), and, Biography of Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab ($10.00 per copy; a 700 page of extensive defense of Islam and its tenets, which is the real reason behind authoring this book). A local brother, not Jalal Abualrub, will serve as the Treasurer for this entire event. Any remaining funds and any funds raised beyond and above the estimated cost will strictly be spent on giving away more free Islamic literature. Donation info Send your donated literature and any other material to: Madinah Publishers and Distributors 7600 Bent Bow Trail Winter Park, FL 32792 Funds: Send your monetary donations to above beneficiary and address, or, deposit it in this account: Madinah Publishers and Distributors (EIN 593651339) Bank of America Account Number (003446583573) Route Number (063000047) If you deposit any money into this account, please inform me of its amount and purpose. Email Addresses: jmabualrub[at]AOL & jmabualrub[at]Hotmail Madinahstore Several brothers and sisters asked me, Jalal Abualrub, to give information about my own qualifications. This is the only reason why I am enclosing a brief bio here. My friends and students know how much I dislike fame, and I ask Allah to make all of our deeds for His Sake Alone. Since this event is for Allah and in defense of Islam, then those who wish to help and support it need to know who is organizing it on their behalf. I will donate my time and effort in giving speeches, answering questions and organizing this event. I will also give away ten free sets of volumes 1-4 of my translation on Ibn al-Qayyim', Zad-ul Ma`ad. Finally, defending Islam, as much as one is able to, and is Islamically allowed, is a religious obligation. Throughout the history of Islam, our imams and scholars debated Christians and Jews (such as imam Ibn `Hazm in al-Andalus), and wrote books refuting attacks on Islam and offering scientific analysis of non-Islamic religions. Among many other examples, Ibn Taimiyyah wrote his book, Al-Jawab as-Sahih, and Ibn al-Qayyim, Ajwibat al-`Hayara. I am a minor student of knowledge and am only following the footsteps of these major Imams and scholars, who called to firm obedience to the Quran and Sunnah the way the Salaf understood these resources. This event will be on explaining Islam rather than on attacking other religions. Yet, comparison and contrast will be used as need arises! In the event we do not receive sufficient help, I am willing to give these lectures even at a public park, inshaallah. May Allah bless and reward those who wish to help, even if it was a sincere Du`aa to Allah to help and support Islam. Sincere Du`aa may be more beneficial than any monetary contribution. As-salamu alaikum warahmatullah Jalal Abualrub ______________________________ _____ Books Jalal Abualrub Translated for the Dar of Islamic Heritage (1994-1998) · Innovation, and its Evil Effects, by Sali'h al Fozan · The Bible's Testimony that Jesus is the Slave-Servant and Messenger of Allah, by Abdurrahman Abdul-Khaliq · Rights Basic to the Natural Human Constitution, by Muhammad al Uthaymeen · The Hadith is Proof in Itself in Belief & Laws, by al Albani · Explaining the Pillars of Iman, by Mohammad al Uthaymeen · Marriage in Islam, by Abdurrahman Abdul Khaliq · The Weakening of Faith: Its Symptoms, Causes, and Cure, by Salih Al-Munajjid · Kitab Al Ikhlas (Book of Sincerity), by Husain al Awaysha · Basics & Benefits from the Forty Hadith Nawawi, by Nathim Sultan · The Ever-Merciful, He Rose Over His Throne, by Abdullah as-Sabt · Hundreds of Article for the Periodical: The Muslim Creed Some of the Books Jalal Abualrub Translated for Darussalam, Riyadh (1998-2000) · Charity even with a Trifle, by Abdul-Malik Al-Qasim · Tafsir Ibn Kathir, (Juzu: 1-10, 12, 13, 25-27) · Establish the Prayers and The prize is Paradise, by Abdul-Malik Al-Qasim · Pillars of Islam, by Ibn Jibreen · Silent Moments, by Abdul-Malik Al-Qasim · How to Achieve Happiness, by Abdur-Rahman As-Saâdi · Healing With The Medicine of the Prophet, by Imam Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyyah · Life is a Shadow, by Abdul-Malik bin Muhammad Ibn Abdul Rah`man Al-Qasim · Seeds Of Righteousness, by Abdul-Malik Al-Qasim · Kindness To Parents, by Abdul-Malik Al-Qasim · The Seerah of the Prophet, by al-Muparakpuri (Not in print) · The Road to Good Friendship, by Abdul al-Malik al-Qasim Books Jalal Abualrub Translated or Authored for Madinah Publishers and Distributors: · Dhammu al-Hawa, by Ibn al-Qayyim (Not in print yet) · Visiting Graves and Seeking Help from the Deceased, by Ibn Taimiyyah · The Creed of the Two Imams, Abu Zur`ah ar-Razi and Abu `Hatim ar-Razi (Not in print yet) · Kitab at-Taubah (Book of Repentance), by Ibn Taimiyyah (Not complete yet) · Volumes 1-2-3-4, of 20 volumes expected inshaallah, of the great book of Sunnah and Seerah, Zad-ul Ma`ad fi Hadyi Khairi al-`Ibad, by imam Ibn al-Qayyim · Holy Wars, Crusades, Jihad · Biography of Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab All thanks and praises are to Allah Alone
  5. asalamu alykom is it Umar ibn Al-Khattab
  6. Ghandi

    asalum alaykom was Ghandi muslim? I never found out info about Neil Amstrong man on the moon became muslim or not. What happened to "return of the mack r n b singer from u.k is he still muslim was he? Has O Reilly the snooker player come out yet to let evryone know hes muslim or not?
  7. asalmu alaykom i have not heard much from him talks etc he mashallah has written some very good books and translated works but all his stuff seems to have stopped the last thing he published i know of was religous extremism and purification of the soul anyone know of any future releases also anyone got audio lectures of muhammad al-jibaly or jalal abualrub.
  8. asalamu alaykom its been around 13 years now since i treaded on the path to be look for that something else in life.I used to do amateur boxing, wanted to go pro i meet a guy from iran who i got friendly with and wanted to train me we got quite close as we travelled same bus route hes character was humble and god fearing and use to empahsis to me to fear nothing except Allah subhana wa tala.He was of the shi faith but not completley practsing but it was not him that made me want to revert his character and preaching of kindness and toughness to evil that got me interested just simply thing humans pick up for instance cleanliness and modesty.It goes to show how muslims character with non mulims is a dawah showing how the faith is of importance in life.One evening he had translation of Quran by pickthall i asked to borrow it but at that time really i had never read any kind of book for few years so was just a paperback to me, it not hold significance until i pondered on the verses one evening and it became like tunnel of light at the bottom of a dark pit in the ground and i hade just found my way out of that pit of prison.At first i thought hold on a minute how come in my catholic school i never heard about this, let me wait few days reconcil my thoughts dont want to be maybe blinded, but still as i kept reading all things that i thought of so and so what would happen if someone done this and that and what is is life about are being answered.Its like i was an orphan and i had found my true parents.I eventually decided that i wanted to be part of this and looked through yellow pages for nearest masjid and from there on treaded on my path learning to pray and everything else Islam involves.The close friend tried to tell me at times to pray the shi way but i just could not comprehend as that did not seem the way to follow Islam.Now since i became muslim i have made discisions in life that are more meaningful that i wolud not propbaly had the strength to do without Islam and security and balance in life comes from the faith.I remember one evening confronting my parents over some issue and told this is the way i am a Muslim and i am not going to change this, this was the day after a friend died of ecstasy, also maybe few years after i saw my close uncle dead on his deathbed after cancer that really shook me as i used to work with him weekends for many years and took me a while to get over it so i think after his death i was looking for some answers in life inside me but just did not not know where to look until Allah subhana wa t ala helped me.Many times i wandered why me all these people around me dont know about whats in this Quran but alot of it comes down to also people are to busy to bother, dont want to bother, to set in there old ways dont want change, racist, just plain ignorant or scared of real commitment against their desires i went to catholic school all my life but was catholic by label the essence was not their i loved the works of the prophets kindess good to neighbour charity but the link and connection to creator was not there.
  9. Super Model Reverts To Islam!

    asalamu alaykom mashallah thats nice for the sister to find modesty you say shes italian does she speak fluent english if not or she needs quran translated in italian (also they was some italian translations on tawheed and aqeedah on the net) i have one copy which i have been trying to use with my parents as i am a italian revert many years now born and live in u.k.
  10. Ilmquest Cds

    asalamu alaykom has anyone purchased any of the cds produced by ilmquest are they good recordings
  11. Witr Prayer

    asalamu alaykom anyone have the complete dua read after witr during ramadhan in the masjids in arabic text please juzakallah kiran