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  1. Quran Recitation

    asalam allikum, Alhumdulillah everyday Hey sis i posted in your thread u must be happy :D :D walikum salam
  2. Do You Siesta?

    asalam allikum,
  3. Do You Siesta?

    asalam allikum, I never & i can't because i am at work during that time on weekdays & for weekend i have other things to do. For some reasons i don't like to sleep & mostly i sleep for six hours at night & thats it :D walikum salam
  4. My Revelation

    asalam allikum, MashAllah im really happy for you sis :D May Allah help you more to find the true Islam ameen. Takecare sis, Assalamu alaikum
  5. Do You Remember To Say "alhamdulillah" When You

    asallam allikum, Yes Alhumdullilah always :D Walikum salam
  6. Going On Holidays For Some Time

    asalam allykum, May you have safe journey ameen. im really missing you sis :D rest you know what else would i miss :D walikum salam
  7. I Want My Life Back

    asallam allykum, Im really thankful to sis noor for ur encouraging words.Well sis i have really submitted to Allah so just trying my best to live in my present & i am Alhumdullilah, no matter i have alot of problmes but i know that there r many many other people who are in more worse situation than me so im really very thankful for blessing me with alot Alhumdullilah. my brother SJ54 : Im really honoured & thankful that u relpied in my thread bcoz this is almost closed but u just ignored that & gave me so much encouraging words.Jazakallah Khair bro for your prayers.May Allah reward you immensely ameen.Its just because of Allah Tal'ah that im still standing firmly & fighting till i reach my destination inshAllah.My sisters & brother here on IF really encouraged & supported me in my very depressing days & for that thanks is not enough. I really pray to Allah that he bless you all with true happiness of life & hereafter & alwaz protect you from any harm,trouble,pain,sorrow & worries & guide you all to be remain on the true path of Islam & reward you all for your good deeds ameen. Life & time both teaches alot :D Assalamu alaikum
  8. I Want My Life Back

    asalam allikum, Jazakallah Khair my two sweet sisters for ur prayers it really helps :D .Well sis noor i am strong enough to walk on my heart & thats wat im doing now bcoz thats how life is.So trying & trying no matter dont know the end.Anyway sisters just ignore if i sound upset because its just when i have to talk about my problems then u can expect anything from me :D But im really thankful to you two wonderful sisters for ur sincere prayers & concern. sis GOA i missed u too so hopefully to meet u soon inshAllah :D May Allah bless u all immensely ameen. Assalamu alaikum
  9. Numbness ...

    asalam allikum brother, Im really sorry ur feeling so down,u expressed ur feeling very well.All i can say is brother that life is full of ups & downs so the best thing is to b strong,have strong faith in Allah as he is the best planner & inshAllah he must have planned something good for you.May Allah bless u with peace of heart,mind & soul ameen. Though i dont feel like posting here but i dont know why but i really felt for u as i think im also having these kind of thoughts :D Anyway hope everything work out for u soon,just pray alot & dont loose heart thats the thing i have lost :D InshAllah i'll pray for u,keep us updated take good care of urself. sorry not of much help Assalamu alaikum
  10. I Want My Life Back

    asalam allikum, Jazakallah Khair sis noor for remembring me :D .Well i do come here after few days but dont feel like posting.Its just that sometimes i don't want to talk about anything anymore. Anyway im Alhumdullilah fine & trying really hard to go through all this very soon.To be honest sometimes im still having very tough time but now i have changed my daily routine as now i work & go out .Though it makes me busy for a while but wats there inside in my heart can not b changed.Regarding my marriage problem ,its still there without any progress & it will only change when i'll b able to change my life which would happen when i'll b independent enough to support myself.So its really a non-stop struggle between me & my life but now i can manage all that,the reason might b that im use to with all that by now :D As for my parents they are really having a great life,enjoying their life without noticing me but im ok with it now because now i know very well that they dont care for my happiness so i cant change their feelings for me ....so let it be like that.But im happy for them,may Allah bless them with more ameen As a whole im happy with myself & three people close to my heart.........just because of these three wonderful persons in my life im having some peace of mind & heart Alhumdullilah except few ups & downs every few days :D & for those panic attacks,well i still have it on daily basis & sometimes very severe but as i said that im now use to with all that so its fine though sometimes im very dishearted but im happy too.So one of my sweet sister here if u read this ,dont worry at all as u know im fine & its just that when i talk about all these things it make me little depress(i hope u got it sweety) :D But dear sis noor im really glad to know that u still remember me & my problem.My deepest thanks to everyone for everythings.You all are of great help. Take alot care all of u,May Allah reward u all ameen Wallikum asalam
  11. Cry out O Allah!

    as salam allikum, Jazakallah Khair sister for this wonderful reminder.It really touched my heart & ease my pain alot.May Allah reward you for this ameen. May Allah forgive our sins & guide ur to be remain on the right path ameen. wallikum as salam
  12. Seek Help in Patience & Prayer When faced with

    as salam allikum, Jazakallah Khair brother for this wonderful & the best article.May Allah bless you with the best of the best reward for this encouraging reminder for all of us. Alhumdullilah I strongly believe in Allah & im really highly greatful to Allah for his blessings but your article really increased my patience a lot & really give me more power & energy to fight with my problems.I really don’t have words to thank you for your this wonderful support & encouragement. May Allah guide us to be remain on the right path ameen. Wallikum as salam
  13. I Want My Life Back

    as salam allikum, Your right sis but now im not waiting any longer only for those people to soften but i want to do it in a way that no one is harmed as there are few important people involved too but im not talking about my dad.So inshallah with Allah's help i'll go through it someday soon.Well you must be thinking what im talking about but i can't go in details as i know few people around me do visit this forum & i don't want them to know me by my this thread.I am sorry for this :D wallikum as salam
  14. I Want My Life Back

    as salam allikum, Jazakallah brother D-ZiNeR for your concern, advice & prayers. Well brother my problem is not only to have a wali or not but its more complicated as im really living between cruel people who don't hesitate to take any cruel step for their own happiness.But inshallah Allah is there for me.Though its already late but still its never too late so its like i have to start over again.Once again thanks alot for your positive response,i really appreciate that. May Allah reward you for that ameen. wallikum as salam
  15. I Want My Life Back

    as salam allikum, Well i won't go off topic . Inshallah sister just wait & watch for surprises but i also want to see how it look like so hopefully it will soon but you know my mood don't take time to change so for that i really need your prayers & support. Thanks for everything :D wallikum as salam