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  1. Natural Selection

    Furthermore, Allah might somehow controll the accidents that lead to new mutation (e.g. a photon hitting the DNA base or an error in replication)... in this way Allah could use evolution as a tool to create new species. What do you think?
  2. Natural Selection

    :D What if a new mutation arises in the DNA -> this could create a new trait. Such new mutations can be introduced by mutagens (cigarette-smoke, ultra-violet light, etc.)
  3. Evolution Of Bacteria

    :D I was wondering whether we reject evolution per se or do we just reject that humans arose by evolution? I think there is extremely strong evidence that evolution acts at the level of lesser species such as bacteria. For instance if you treat bacteria with antibiotica they will develop resistance by natural selection... that's proven. However I don't think any scientist in the world can claim that evolution explains the step from "animal" (monkey) to human: suddenly there is conciousness, awareness of oneself, etc... How would natural selection manage that all of a sudden??
  4. Woman Living Alone

    :D That's a very important point! What country you're in, how safe is it, how comparable are the circumstances to when the hadeeth was given, etc. Wasalaam! :D
  5. .

    :D It's not only slow but sometimes my Internet Explorer cannot load anything & gives me an error... but maybe that's just Bill's fault?
  6. Alcohol Company

    :D :D that was a very good decision, not to take it down!
  7. The Begining Of Human

    :D I don't think there's a problem with dinosaurs or with evolution per se... it's just that we don't believe that key step from animal to human was an evolutionary step. Evolution of animals is not a contradiction of Quran, is it?
  8. Alcohol Company

    :D I don't think the ends justify the means in this case
  9. Alcohol Company

    :D I don't think the ends justify the means in this case: There cannot be order from disorder (I'm quoting a friend)
  10. The Begining Of Human

    :D I think you're perfectly right!
  11. Applying To Grad. School

    Salaamu'alakum & Sorry! :D
  12. Woman Living Alone

    :D So can women not even travel from their home to uni alone? This interpretation can't be right...
  13. Applying To Grad. School

    :D You could to get a loan from an Islamic bank, inshah' Allah.
  14. Napolyon

    :D That's very difficult to believe...
  15. Islamic Banking

    they offer a savings account (>3% return), morgage, current accounts & a personal finance facility. All compliant with shariah, apparently :D