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  1. Alcohol In The House.

    ok. but i have no control to kick the person out the home. would it be right to just get rid of a muslim who drinks, wouldnt it be better to help the person to give up? i really need everyones duas. thnx
  2. aslaamwalaykum if there is alcohol in the house,will someones prays, salat,quran be accepted? and the person who brings the alcohol in the house, does it secretly. please make dua for my household. thanks ws
  3. Determining Qibla Direction

    aslamwalaykum you can try looking at the sun at fajr time, and the sun should be on your left, near your left shoulder. or face the sun at sunrise and turn 35degrees to your right. and at maghrib face the sun and turn 90degrees to the left. hope it helps ws
  4. Hatred For Sibblings & Marriage Issue

    thank you. i will read the topic. yes,now i see boys can get away with murder but then the girl cannot do anything. i hate the pakistani culture. ws
  5. Hatred For Sibblings & Marriage Issue

    ive always been too shy to tell them i would like to marry. so i thought to find a pious brother myself,which i was successful in. but now they want me to work and not marry until other sibblings are married. it all came out wrong. they dont understand me or they dont understand Islam. ws
  6. Hatred For Sibblings & Marriage Issue

    asalamwalykom all. I am from london. so should i ring that Masjid and ask to speak to a imam. do people really want to hear about the troubles of everyone.what if the imam is not interested. All i want to ask is. i want to get married and family are not helping in this matter. so would he be able to help? ws
  7. Hatred For Sibblings & Marriage Issue

    aslamwalaykom thank you for the replies. how can i contact an imam? i also feel too shy to do this. what would i say to him? which Masjids can people recommend? sorry for sounding silly. how can he help? would he talk to me parents about it? thank you. walaykomaslam
  8. aslamwalaykom I am very happy about the contructive advice i get from this forum so if its ok. i would like to get some more advice. I have a lot of hatred for my sibblings due to the fact i am a practicing muslim and they are not. they dont give me any respect, they get jealous of me and show through my mum, as they are caring. I hate them because they do unislamic things, films, alcohol,smoke,music,tv and i pray for them but i cannot love them. i have heard in many hadiths a muslim will not go to heaven if he or she does not love his/her brother. i also get jealous with my sibblings now. they didnt let me marry a pious brother and now i cannot marry until one of sibblings is married. my family are not as practicing as much and so they encourage me to work and miss salaat and tell me work comes first and Islam then fits in-which i dont agree with. i want to live an Islamic life,get married and so on. but my family have said they will not accept a pious brother who i meet through a matrimonial website and they said they will look for me. but my problem is. they dont know what i want. they will agree or disagree on the brother by looking at his job,money which i dont want. im only looking for piety and character. i am 23 and they say a girl in todays society should be married at 25. and give me example of girls who are not practicing and how they got married late. my family are killing my desires of bringing up children-with an Islamic mind,at my young age. im so confused and lost and alone. sorry for spilling out my worries here. walaykomaslam
  9. Cant Get Married

    aslamualaykom i am a sister who has been praying for 2years to get married and Allah has granted me with an opportunity, i came across a religious brother , my mum was happy but then my sibblings are jealous. They want to get married first and now i have to cool off my nikkah/opportunity to get married just because they are jealous. My sibblings are not religious, where as i am. we have 6years differences between me and my sibblings, i am 23. im scared of continueing to committ sin with my eyes and mind. what should i do? please please please make dua for me. i wanted to marry this brother but my other sibblings have threatned that if i married him, there would be blood war. im so scared and confused. im committing too much sin, haraam already, such as selling alochol, pork,seeing males, my family want me to continue to sin, until i die. what should i do? walaykomaslam
  10. Too Nice

    salaams all I may not seem it, but my problem is i try to be too nice (reason: i want to show Islam is a kind/sweet/peaceful religion) so, when people ask me for favours (muslims and NON-muslims), i help them. If someone wants me to drop off something, i will do it, if someone wants me to to give them a lift, i will do it, so basically, i will do anything, the only reason is....I want Allah to reward me and I want to only please Allah and ofcourse show to others how lovely Islam is. But my problem, when people ask me to do favours, i have to convince myself, and i find it hard to control the anger, eventhough im still doing the job for them. The only reason i get angry is because i usually waste a lot of time, use my petrol and so on and no-one ever re-pays me. They really think im a taxi driver/helper/social worker and really-they dont acknowledge it, they just say 'thank you'. I keep telling myself, Allah will reward me but sometimes i do need to look in my own pocket, because in the end im the one loosing out. I want to ask, When should I draw the line, and say 'no'? If i carry on this rate, im going to get no-where. Hope someone can help me out. sorry for going on and on and on :D salaam
  11. Marital Status?

    oh sorry brother yes Islam is the best! masalaam
  12. Marital Status?

    lol, no way am i replying to this quote, but to me...this sounds like an advert :D :D dont take it personally but im not of a bangladeshi origin. Im sure i read somwehere , a long time back, about a few brothers and sisters communicating with each other, with a view for marriage. masalaam
  13. Marital Status?

    aslaaymalaikum yes i have been on this forum a few times have have wondered that. Is it because people want to see if other members are single or married. Or is this a form of matrimonial-marriage site? masalaam
  14. Where Is It?

    :D recently...i came across some information about reading Maghirb Salaah within 30mins, it mentioned that in theory the time of maghrib is the time it takes to do wudu and read 3 farz and 2nafl... anybody know where that topic is? please if not..then plz can u help me with the maghrib timings... is it true, that magrib can be read up until isha..i.e nowadays for the UK...up2 10:30pm ish... i thot maghrib finshes within 30mins... Jazak Allah for reading :D B) w/salaam
  15. Help

    :D sorry, why cant i reply to msg's? :D