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  1. Super Model Reverts To Islam!

    Assalam alaikum' Mashallah thats really cool, nice story!
  2. Words For A Broken Heart...

    Assalam alaikum' Nice post :D
  3. Spying Servant!

    Assalam Alaikum' Wow you got servants? Lucky you, I could use one of those j/k. What he did was wrong, is he Muslim? Maybe yall should let him go, and get a new one. I don't know just my opinion. I hope all works out inshallah.
  4. This Is Not A Qur'an!

    Assalam Alaikum' I seen it on the net, and it is stupid. I don't think anyone could get fooled by that.
  5. Islam in Saudi Arabia

    Assalam Alaikum' I think Saudia Arabia is a really beautiful place mashallah, wouldn't mind going there lol. But i really dislike their government.
  6. Road To Mecca

    Assalam Alaikum' I haven't actually read da book, but i have heard numerous great things about it. Was the author generally stating his experience?
  7. Did He Deserve It?

    Assalam Alaikum' I think maybe they should have approaced him in an Islamic manner, and addressed the issue. Rathering then beating the boy up. How old was this boy?
  8. Here's Another One

    Assalam Alaikum Wow u been tru a lot, but alhamdulilah even after that Allah almighty guided u 2 dis straight path, welcome to Islam brotha. :D
  9. Everyone (almost) Is Going Through Things...

    Assalam Alaikum' I hope and pray that all goes well for your mother, on Monday. She will be in ma duas.
  10. Can We Kill Spiders?

    Assalaam Alaikum' Wow I didn't know any of that, and am really terrified of spiders so i been killing them, every time i see one ekks. so thats haram?
  11. Assalam Alaikum' Grrreat site! And they have Sheikh Menshawe too :D
  12. Chat

    aight, i just didn't know that was what he was suggesting, (separate gender chatrooms that is) :D
  13. Sheikh Al Mohaisany Arrest

    Assalam Alaikum' SubhanAllah what a beautiful dua that was indeed :D its sad that he got arrested for stating the truth. :D
  14. Assalam Alaikum' That was very long, but yet very worth reading every word. :D :D
  15. Chat

    Assalam Alaikum' Wouldn't an actual chatroom cause a lot of fitnah?