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  1. Assalamu’Alaikum, I am happy to announce that Half Our Deen Offline is finally coming to the UK! Baba Ali will be in UK and will be hosting an Exclusive Singles Event on Sunday 8th November 2015 in LONDON! The event will take place at a private location that will only be revealed to the confirmed paid attendees. You know how Baba Ali values your privacy. Are you worried about the event being boring, scary, a waste of time, etc? Let Ali give you a sneak peek inside. Click on this image ----------------> and watch Ali's video on what makes Half Our Deen Offline so special. HOD Online also has had over 800 members find their other half on their website www.halfourdeen.com! Check out their testimonials there (and you will find our story too :D). Need more information on our events? Check out the information below: Only 80 seats available so reserve your spot TODAY! What exactly is HOD Offline? Half Our Deen Offline is an exclusive event and the only way to get a seat is by invitation. Once an interested person completes their registration for Half Our Deen Offline, their answers will be reviewed. If approved, they will receive an invitation and instructions to complete their payment to reserve their seat at the event. Approval is based solely on the responses we receive to the survey. The goal is to only invite those who have a real chance at finding a match at the event. For example, if you are looking to marry someone between the ages of 35-40 and the majority of those who fill the survey are under 35 attending would be a waste of your time and money. In order to keep the event organized and balanced, seating is limited and based on a first-come basis. How does one Register for the event? Fill out the survey ( www.hodoffline.com/register) to sign-up for the event. All registrants will go through a filtration process to determine the likelihood of finding a compatible match at the event. Once HOD determines the compatibility ratios for all registrants, they split them into groups based on who they are likely to find compatible . They then send out invites to those who made it to the final list of brothers and sisters who they believe will have a high chance of finding a match at this particular event. If the invited do not pay within the time specified to reserve their seat, the next most compatible registrant is sent the invite. Register early to ensure you get in. What happens at the Event? Instead of just playing musical chairs like other events, Half Our Deen Offline takes a revolutionary approach at Muslim Matchmaking by engaging people in fun and interesting activities. You will experience an innovative and intelligent way of interacting with others in a natural environment. The creative activities make for a comfortable atmosphere where you can be yourself and learn how others interact with you in a relaxed setting. HOD makes it simple, less stressful and most of all FUN! The HOD Offline staff keep you entertained and are readily available to answer any questions you may have. Spots are limited so make sure to grab yours before they are gone. JazakAllah Khair, HOD Offline Events Team, www.hodoffline,com
  2. The Qur'an is the sacred text of Islam, which Muslims believe to be the word of God revealed to the final messenger - Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). It is the main source of guidance for Muslims around the world and is regarded as the finest piece of literature in the Arabic language. likeMEDIA.tv invites you to retrace those precious moments in history when the Qur'an was being revealed directly to the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) as a divine manual that would forever change the world. A 60‐90min presentation (no breaks) incorporating spoken word poetry from Boonaa Mohammed, infused with live Qur'an recitation with Qari Muhammad Uthman Al-Qasim and translation with multi‐media accompaniment - a great way to introduce the early story of Islam in a fun and creative manner. Tickets for the event are £10 each. All events are scheduled to start at 6.30pm with doors opening at 6pm. Mon 27th : Birmingham University Tues 28th : Sheffield Hallam University Weds 29th : Manchester University Thurs 1st : Bradford University Fri 2nd : University College London Tickets can be brought by visiting this link - you are not allowed to post links yet eventbrite. com/event/2862452673 (there is a £1.25 processing fee that is taken by Eventbrite). Alternatively, you can contact your local Islamic Society (if they have any tickets for sale), this will allow you to get around the processing fee.
  3. Sand Dunes

    Sand dunes are an irregular arrangement of hills formed from windblown sand blown off exposed sandy beaches. The formation of sand dunes is not continuous and many were formed thousands of years ago - with sand dune systems being of great importance to biodiversity and many are conserved. This January, join likeMEDIA.tv and Shaykh Omar Suleiman (USA) in our own set of sand dunes - a collection of reminders based on the teachings of Islam founded 1400 years ago. Travelling across England, Shaykh Omar will be visiting the UK for the first time to speak to university students on how the Islamic tradition can help form their approach to life's problems. Tues 24th - Hertfordshire University Holding Hot Coals - 5pm Weds 25th - Wolverhampton University Art of Forgiveness - 1pm Weds 25th - Sheffield Hallam University Laws of Love - 6pm Thurs 26th - Kingston University Aspiring for Excellence - 5pm Friday 27th - Birmingham University Role Models - 5pm Shaykh Omar Suleiman Bio - Shaykh Omar Suleiman is the Imam of Masjid Abu Bakr As-Siddiqe in New Orleans, LA and a member of the ICNA Shariah Council. Since 2008, hes been an instructor with the Sharia Academy of America through which he conducts online University courses and intensive weekend seminars in the areas of Aqeedah, Fiqh, Dawah, and Hadeeth. He also teaches courses with the Islamic Learning Foundation in Tafseer and Seerah. He remains very heavily involved in community work and charity in his capacity as outreach director of ICNA Relief in Louisiana. Born and raised in the United States, he has a Bachelors degree in Islamic Studies along with a Bachelors degree in Accounting accompanied by a wide array of certifications in various Islamic Disciplines with emphasis on Tafseer, Jurisprudence (Fiqh), and Dawah. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree with emphasis on the “Fiqh of Minorities.â€
  4. 11.11.11

    '11.11.11' An event so big, it only happens once in a lifetime. On Friday 11th November 2011, be a part of history when likeMEDIA.tv hosts '11.11.11' - an evening of reflection on youth, time and Islam. We have the honour of hosting three dynamic speakers in Birmingham - the inspirational Mufti Ismail Menk (Zimbabwe), the engaging Ali Hammuda and the enigmatic Hassen Rasool who will be performing Qur'an recitation at the beginning of the event. You will not want to miss this event as it will be sure to inspire on a date that comes once in a century. Tickets for the event are £5 each and can be brought by visiting the following link- you are not allowed to post links yet eventbrite. com/event/2403819890. Tickets at the door will be £7. The event is scheduled to start at 6pm. Featuring Mufti Ismail Menk (Zimbabwe) Ali Hammuda Hassen Rasool Room G63, Aston University, Birmingham
  5. The Strangers 2011 Tour

    The Prophet (pbuh) said: "Islam began as something strange, and will revert to being strange as it began. So give glad tidings to the strangers." Then the people asked, "Who are they (the strangers), O Messenger of Allah?" He answered, "Those who are pious and righteous when the people have become evil." (Ahmad) This October, begin the academic year by being re-introduced to 'The Strangers' - a refreshing look at the relationships of Muslims with themselves, their Lord and the larger community. Join Boonaa Mohammed, Baba Ali & Shaykh Navaid Aziz at one of a number of venues across the UK for an evening filled with poetry, comedy and reminders. Tickets for the event are £10 each beforehand and £15 on the door. All events are scheduled to start at 6.30pm with doors opening at 6pm. Monday 17th October 2011 : Surrey University Tuesday 18th October 2011: Bristol University Wednesday 19th October 2011: Sheffield University Thursday 20th October 2011: Nottingham University Friday 21st October 2011: Bradford University Tickets can be brought by visiting this link - you are not allowed to post links yet eventbrite. com/event/2158476060 (there is a £1.25 processing fee that is taken by Eventbrite). You can also buy tickets from the 'Tickets' tab on the likeMEDIA.tv FaceBook Fan Page. Alternatively, you can contact the local Islamic Society to see if they have any tickets for sale in order to get around the processing fee.
  6. The Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) Proudly Present The 48th FOSIS Annual Conference (FAC) 2011[using large font size is not allowed] Held for the first time ever at Cardiff University. The FAC is the ONLY annual conference for Muslim students, bringing together Muslim students from all across the UK and Ireland and will be taking place for the 48th successive year. A three day extravaganza that will include lectures from internationally renowned scholars, seminars covering prominent issues, sports, entertainment and much more. The theme for this year's conference will be 'United Colours of Islam' as FOSIS celebrate the diversity in the Muslim student community. For more information on the conference, please visit the official website on fosisconference. com or visit fosis. org.uk.
  7. 48th Fosis Annual Conference (fac) - 2011

    The speaker list for the event just came out including: Mufti Ismail Menk (Zimbabwe) Shaykh Idris Tawfiq (Egypt) Dr Ingrid Mattson (USA) Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed (Scotland) Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari (Leicester) Maulana Rafiq Sufi (Blackburn) Sarah Joseph (Emel) Hamza Andreas Tsortzis (iERA) And there are more - further details can be found on fosisconference. com
  8. Assalamu alaikum, As part of a push to raise greater awareness of the plight of the Palestinian people, Professor Norman Finkelstein will be delivering three lectures in three cities between the 24th and 26th November insha-Allah. Details are as follows: Wednesday 24th 'What Will Bring Peace to the Middle East?' with Hamza Andreas Tzortzis Birmingham University, 6pm Thursday 25th 'Truth of the Gaza Invasion' Oxford University, 6pm Friday 26th 'Consequences of the Gaza Invasion' Imperial College London, 6pm Tickets for each of the events are £5. For more information, check out the website likeMEDIA.tv.
  9. 'the Strangers' Tour

    likeMEDIA.tv introduces... The Strangers With Baba Ali, Boonaa Mohammed and Shaykh Amer Jamil As children, many of us were taught never to talk to strangers but as time moved on, we have become distant from our communities, our families and, most importantly, our Lord. This October, begin the academic year by being re-introduced to 'The Strangers' - a refreshing look at the relationships of Muslims with themselves, their Lord and the larger community. Join Boonaa Mohammed, Shaykh Amer Jamil and Baba Ali at one of a numbe...r of venues spanning the UK for an evening filled with poetry, comedy and a reminder that will bring you closer to those whom you have become disconnected with. Tickets for the event are £10 each and can be brought from the local Islamic Society. All events are scheduled to start at 6.30pm with doors opening at 6pm. Monday 25th - King's College (London) Contact: Kings (brothers) on 07590595600 or Imperial (brothers) on 07738280251 or kingsandimperial.tickets[at]gmail(contact admin if its a beneficial link) (sisters) Tuesday 26th - Nawaab Restaurant, Manchester Contact: Ahmed Tahboub, 07790867061 or tickets[at]manchesterisoc(contact admin if its a beneficial link) Wednesday 27th - The Mine, Leeds University Contact: 07896761165 (sisters) or 07883455225 (brothers) Thursday 28th - Glasgow Strathclyde University Contact: Ramiz on 07510084189 (brothers) or Nazia on 07927416242 (sisters) Friday 29th - Avon Room, Birmingham University Contact: Shuhel on 07925603024 (brothers) or Anisa on 07501027686 (sisters) or info[at]ubisoc.co.uk
  10. Five Before 5

    The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) advised to: “Take benefit of five before five: Your youth before your old age, your health before your sickness, your wealth before your poverty, your free time before you are preoccupied, and your life before your death†(Narrated by Ibn Abbas and reported by Al Hakim). Many of us are familiar with this hadith - now we all have the opportunity to understand each of the points to its full merit. In an IAW period, Shaykh AbdulBary Yahya will be speaking to audiences nationwide and detailing what lies behind each point with the aim to enlighten us all on how important it is that we take benefit of 'Five Before 5'. likeMEDIA.tv will be bringing you this special tour with the aim of providing you with the opportunity to gain an indepth understanding of this hadith. All the events will be part of a series covering the entire concept maintaining likeMEDIA.tv's standards of excellence in providing high quality Islamic knowledge for the online community. For more information, check out likeMEDIA.tv. Sunday 21st - Green Lane Masjid Youth Before Old Age 7.45pm Monday 22nd - Warwick University Health Before Sickness 6pm Tuesday 23rd - Leeds University Wealth Before Poverty 6pm Wednesday 24th - Aston University Free-time Before Preoccupation 2pm Wednesday 24th - Sheffield Hallam University Life Before Death 5pm Shaykh AbdulBary Yahya Bio: AbdulBary Yahya was born in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, and very soon thereafter immigrated to the U.S. with his family. He grew up in Seattle, WA and after completing his primary and secondary education there, began his studies at the Islamic University of Madinah. Upon graduation from the Islamic University of Madinah's College of Shariah, AbdulBary Yahya returned to Vietnam and Cambodia and became a teacher and director of the Revival of Islamic Heritage Society in Cambodia and the Umm al-Qura Charity Organization in Vietnam. He presently resides in Seattle, WA with his family and is the Imam (spiritual leader and advisor) of Masjid Jaamiul Muslimeen in Seattle, WA. He also holds the positions of President of the Cham Refugee Community and Vice-President of the Islamic Center of Washington State.
  11. Likemedia.tv

    Wa'alaikum salam, I think I saw something about this on facebook - can't wait to see it launch - looks pretty good...
  12. ~ National Ramadhan Conference[at]ucl ~

    Some powerful speakers there :sl:
  13. This is going to be well good :sl:
  14. Fosis Annual Conference 2009

    FOSIS Annual Conference 2009 Preserving the Legacy, Shaping the Future Too much stress? Burnt out at the end of the academic year? Need time to unwind after those stressful exams? FOSIS has the solution... Join FOSIS this summer in a one day extravaganza full of education, enlightenment and eemaan. The FOSIS Annual Conference 2009 will take place at the University of Leicester on Saturday 20th June 2009. A jam packed day full of lectures by inspirational speakers, interactive workshops, some entertainment, and great food; a combination of the finest things every Muslim student could ask for. The Conference is a chance for Muslims students in different regions from across the UK and Ireland to engage with one another on a variety of topics, along with discussing and debating potential prospects for the future with regards to the issues we are being challenged with today. This is the ONLY national conference based on and for Muslim students, and is always a memorable event. Amongst the proceedings, some of the highlights will include an opportunity for attendees to listen to incredible speakers and pose questions to some political figures - plus lots more. An event not to be missed. Date - Saturday 20th June 2009 Time - 10am (Registration) Location - University of Leicester Admission - £5 This is the ideal opportunity for every Muslim student to voice their opinion, network with other Muslims from across the land and learn from some of the best scholars this country has to offer. For more information or to book, please call 0208 452 4493, email conference[at]fosis. org.uk or visit fosis. org.uk
  15. Fosis Annual Conference 2009

    Assalamu alaikum, Speakers confirmed so far are Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq, Shaykh Haitham al-Haddad, Shaykh Ahmed Babikr and Dr Tariq Ramadan.
  16. FOSIS Midlands Presents: Stories of the Prophets (Peace be Upon Them)[using large font size is not allowed] With Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim (Australia)[using large font size is not allowed] A five stop tour of the Midlands (and London) by Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim delivering talks in explaining the Islamic stories of various Prophets that have come in the Islamic faith . Shaykh Yahya is flying in from Australia just for this tour and is giving us the ideal opportunity to hear about what Islam has to say about the Prophets and how these stories may differ and/or are similar to the Christian and Jewish versions. This is a perfect opportunity for all to learn more and invite people who are not used to hearing a different perspective on such great figures of history. Monday 16th - Warwick University Jesus (PBUH)[using large font size is not allowed] 6.30pm Tuesday 17th - Goldsmiths University Abraham (PBUH)[using large font size is not allowed] 5pm Wednesday 18th - University of Birmingham Moses (PBUH)[using large font size is not allowed] 2pm Thursday 19th - Queen Mary's University Joseph (PBUH)[using large font size is not allowed] 5pm Friday 20th - Green Lane Masjid Muhammad (PBUH)[using large font size is not allowed] 7pm (After Isha Prayer) Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim Bio: Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim is a well-known lecturer on Islam and its related topics. Although in his early thirties, he has been involved in Islamic education for over 15 years. He has traveled extensively in the propagation of Islam and has benefited greatly in this regard from Dr. Salih as-Sadlan, Shk. Saud ash-Shuraim, Dr. Muhammad Musa Nasr, Shk. Ali Hasan al-Halabi, Shk. Saleem al-Hilali and numerous others. Currently he resides in Perth, Western Australia with his wife and two children. As a registered teacher and a former deputy principal of the largest Islamic College in Australia, Shaykh Yahya has vast experience in conflict resolution, migrant community relations and youth development. Shaykh Yahya is a Hafiz of the Quran and loves studying the Sunnah of the Messenger Muhammed salaa Allahu 'alihi was Salaam. Presently, Shaykh Yahya is the Islamic Chaplain at Curtin University. For more information, check fosis. org.uk
  17. Charity Week Midlands 2008

    Assalamu alaikum, I heard Amir Sulaiman in Birmingham not that long ago - he was awesome live! And Maulana Rafiq Sufi is meant to be very good too. Never heard him before - but I'll definetely be there to check him out too!!
  18. Read & Understand

    FOSIS Midlands Presents: Read & Understand With Mufti Ismail Menk (Zimbabwe)[using large font size is not allowed] A five stop tour of the Midlands (and Leeds) by Mufti Ismail Menk giving tafsir on certain surahs of the Qur'an and explaining how we can use that knowledge today. Mufti Menk is flying in from Zimbabwe just for this tour and it is his first official tour of the UK - FOSIS Midlands are pleased that he can chosen us to host him. Tuesday 25th - De Montfort University Surah Fatiha Room 0.45 (Brothers) 0.46 (Sisters), Hawthorn Building 5.30pm Wednesday 26th - University of Nottingham Surah Yusuf Room A48, Clive Granger Building 5.30pm Thursday 26th - University of Leeds Surah Taha Rupert Becket Lecture Theatre, Michael Sadler Building 6pm Friday 27th - University of Birmingham Surah Ikhlaas St Francis Hall 1pm Friday 27th - As-Suffa Institute Surah Nas 7.30pm Mufti Ismail Menk Bio: Mufti Ismail Menk of Zimbabwe commenced hifz at the tender age of nine years and completed at the age of twelve. He studied Arabic, Urdu and the Hanafi Mazhab from a young age with his father Maulana Musa Menk who graduated in Mazahirul Uloom Shahjahanpur under Hazrat Shaikh Maulana Zakaria (Rahmatullahi Alaihi) in the late 1950’s. Having studied the Hanafi Mazhab he then went on to study at the Islamic University of Madinah where he completed a degree in Shariah on the four Mazhabs. Thereafter he joined the Iftah (Mufti) department of Darul Uloom Kantaria in Gujarat, India where he graduated under Mufti Ismail Barkodrah at the end of 1999. Ever since he has been actively engaged in teaching, lecturing country wide, running of Islamic educational institutes for the under privileged as well as the orphans, construction of Masajid and Madaris, relief work and coordinated dawaah country wide. Currently he is the Imaam of the largest Musjid in Harare.
  19. The Path To Perfection

    London's Largest Islamic Annual Dinner "The Path to Perfection" SPEAKERS: Ustadh Suhaib Webb (via Video Message) Shaykh Riyadh Ul Haq (UK) Shaykh Sulayman Moola (South Africa) Qari Sa'ad Numani (Madinah) Date: Friday, March 7, 2008 Time: 4:30pm - 9:00pm VENUE: London Muslim Centre (LMC), 46 Whitechapel Road (Next to East London Masjid) Closest tube - Whitechapel/Aldgate East TICKETS - £6 (includes Dinner) He stood at the gates, eyes wide, gaze fixed, amazed by the beauty and splendor. Never did he imagine this day would come. By day he would work hard to support his family, he didn’t have much but would always patiently perservere, putting his trust in his Lord. By night, he would rise earlier than others; the cold water that he used for Wudhu would help awaken him. He stood night after night, alone in the dark, praising and glorifying his Lord. His heart and soul longed for success on this day. Indeed it had come, through the mercy of Allah, Paradise was to be his home. The Prophet of Allah (may peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Allah said, ‘I have prepared for my pious worshippers such things as no eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard of, and nobody has ever thought of.’ “ Abu Huraira added: If you wish you can read: ‘No soul knows what is kept hidden (in reserve) for them of joy as reward for what they used to do.’ “ 32.17. [sahih Bukhari] Join us for what we hope will be a truly inspirational evening, marvel at the exquisite pearls of wisdom that will be shared on how we equip ourselves as travelers on this path towards, insha’Allah, the most beautiful of destinations. Central London Brothers: 07737099754 / 07724746869 Sisters: 07828198207 South London Brothers: 07724290057 Sisters: 07894432149 North London Brothers: 07984861803 East London Brothers: 07946475378 / 07944727163 Sisters: 07960383971 / 07852601023 Leyton/Redbridge Brothers: 07863544200 / 07965509733 Sisters: 07951966168 BUY ONLINE: https://express.ts(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/k?arrawdah
  20. The Future Of Islam In Britain

    University of Birmingham Department of Theology and Religion Conference The Future of Islam in Britain New Muslims Perspective 3-4 of March 2008 Time: 9.00am – 3.30pm (both days) Venue: Selly Oak Campus, Franck Price Room (FP12), Birmingham Muslims constitute an important part of British society; the majority come from different parts of the world, but some a minority and relatively new are indigenous. In this context, The Department of Theology and Religion at the University of Birmingham is planning a Spring Symposium entitled The Future of Islam in Britain as part of Dr. Haifaa Jawad’s current work on the subject. The aim is to investigate the intellectual contributions of British Muslims, especially new Muslims to the religion of Islam, and explore their roles in shaping our social and theological landscapes, with particular focus on the development of a ‘British Islam’. For attendance and registration form please contact the departmental secretary Helen Ingram at h.Ingram[at]bham.ac.uk. Conference procedures and Chair of sessions: Dr. Haifaa Jawad (University of Birmingham) List of Speakers 1. ‘Martin Lings and the Universality of Islam’ Reza Shah-Kazemi (Institute of Ismali Studies, London) 2. ‘Dreaming of Medina: Religious Externalism and its Impact on Muslims in Britain’ Colin Turner (Institute of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, University of Durham) 3. ‘Yahya Parkinson (1874 – 1918)’ Tim Winter (Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge) 4.‘British Muslims and Education for the future’ Ibrahim Hewitt (Chairman of the British Muslim Charity Interpal) 5.‘Conversion, Betrayal and Liberalism: Some Preliminary Reflections’ Yahya Birt (Islamic Foundation, Leicester) 6. ‘A Creative Minority for Social Renewal: The Challenge for Muslims in Britain Today’ Jeremy Henzell-Thomas (Chairman of Forum against Islamophobia and Racism (FAIR) 7. ‘Islam and the Media’ Sarah Joseph (Editor of Emel magazine) 8. ‘Whither Islam in Contemporary Britain?’ Gai Eaton (Former British Diplomat and Author) 9. ‘British Muslim Radicalism: Threat or Opportunity?†Salma Yaqoob (Deputy Leader of Respect Party) 10.‘The Future of British Islam: Politics, Economics, and Religion’ Yasin Dutton (University of Edinburgh) 11’New Muslims – Cultural Mediators and Bridge Builders’ Batool Al-Toma (Islamic Foundation, Leicester) 12.‘Normalising Muslims – The Role of British Muslims’ Chris Allen (Director of Research and Policy at Birmingham Race Action Partnership (BRAP)) 13.‘Conversion, Identity and Social Activism: Making Space for British Islam’ Laura McDonald (Dept of Applied Social Science, University of Birmingham)
  21. Sin City

    DMU Isoc's "Sin City"[using large font size is not allowed] A Hell of a Way to Live Starring - SHAYKH SULAIMAN MOOLA Directed by CW Midlands Premiering on Thursday 28th February [at] 6:30pm in De Montfort University Brothers - Room 0.45 Sisters - Room 0.46 FREE Food to be served after... After raising the most money for CW Midlands '07, DMU Isoc won the 'Speakers Challenge' to have Shaykh Sulaiman Moola (from South Africa) come to the university to deliver a talk. So don't miss 'Sin City - A Hell of a Way to Live'. Contact DMU [at] 07763636663 or info[at]dmuisoc(contact admin if its a beneficial link) Contact CW Midlands [at] 07903064321 or info[at]cwmidlands.co.uk
  22. Sin City

    Assalamu alaikum, Our dear brother, Hassen Rasool, is also going to join us at the event to open it up with some of his glorious Qur'anic recitation. If you haven't heard him before, his recitation is amazing so take up the offer and join us in Leicester on the day!
  23. Charity Week Midlands Announce… “BE GREAT PEOPLEâ€[using large font size is not allowed] THE ROUND OFF EVENT ‘07[using large font size is not allowed][using large font size is not allowed] The annual charity week midlands event at which we find out what we all raised for orphans around the world![using large font size is not allowed] With: Shaykh Faraz Rabbani (Sunnipath Teacher from Toronto, Canada) Talib al-Habib (Nasheed Artist) Hassen Rasool (Qur’an Recitation) Date: Saturday 17th November 2007 Venue: Avon Room, University of Birmingham Time: 2pm Price: £2 Check ######cwmidlands.co.uk, email info[at]cwmidlands.co.uk or ring 07903064321 for more details
  24. Shaykh Faraz Rabbani Uk Tour

    This November, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani will be lecturing on a tour across the UK for the first time ever! Shaykh Faraz will be covering the three biggest cities of Birmingham, London and Manchester as well as many more! Below are the events that have been confirmed so far and keep checking back for regular updates:- Friday 16th November "Unity in the Ummah" with Shaykh Faraz Rabbani Jummah Khutbah at Masjid-e-Umar, Darlaston, WS10 8BB Saturday 17th November "Be Great People" with Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, Talib al-Habib and Hassen Rasool 2pm at Avon Room, University of Birmingham, B5 2TT Sunday 18th November "Aqida of the Salaf - Key Themes in the Aqida Tahawiyya" with Shaykh Faraz Rabbani and Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari 2pm at As-Suffa Institute, Birmingham Monday 19th November "Heart of a Muslim" with Shaykh Faraz Rabbani 2pm at International Lounge, University of Liverpool, L69 3BX "Sabr and Shukr" with Shaykh Faraz Rabbani 6pm at Geoffrey Manton Lecture Theatre 1, Manchester Metropolitan University, M15 6BH Biography of Shaykh Faraz Rabbani Shaykh Faraz Rabbani is a researcher and teacher of the Islamic sciences, specializing in Islamic Law (Hanafi), as well as theology (aqida), Qur’an, hadith, and related subjects. He is a teacher at the SunniPath Academy (SunniPath(contact admin if its a beneficial link)), the leading online Islamic academy, and the Director of the SunniPath Answers service. Shaykh Faraz is a Pakistani-Canadian who has lived and studied in a number of countries . He received his Bachelor's in Economics & Commerce from the University of Toronto. After graduation, Shaykh Faraz studied and taught the Islamic sciences in Damascus and Amman for ten years. Shaykh Faraz has studied with leading contemporary Islamic scholars including Shaykh Adib Kallas, Shaykh Hassan al-Hindi, Shaykh Muhammad Jumuah, Shaykh Akram Abd al-Wahhab, Shaykh Nuh Keller, Mufti Mahmud Ashraf Usmani, and others. Shaykh Faraz has published two books: Sufism & Good Character and The Absolute Essentials of Islam: A Basic Hanafi Primer on Faith, Prayer, & the Path of Salvation. [White Thread Press, 2004. He also runs the blog Seeker's Digest (SeekersDigest(contact admin if its a beneficial link)) and is a columnist for Islamica Magazine. He currently resides in Toronto, Canada with his wife and three children.[using large font size is not allowed]
  25. "be Great People" - Cw Midlands '07 Round Off Event

    For those people who may not have heard of the speakers and performers attending the show, below are short bios of each one insha'Allah. Shaykh Faraz Rabbani Shaykh Faraz Rabbani is a researcher and teacher of the Islamic sciences, specializing in Islamic Law (Hanafi), as well as theology (aqida), Qur’an, hadith, and related subjects. He is a teacher at the SunniPath Academy (SunniPath dot com), the leading online Islamic academy, and the Director of the SunniPath Answers service. Shaykh Faraz is a Pakistani-Canadian who has lived and studied in a number of countries. He also runs the blog Seeker's Digest (SeekersDigest dot org) and is a columnist for Islamica Magazine. He currently resides in Toronto, Canada. Talib al-Habib Talib al-Habib was born in London in 1976 and grew up in Manchester, before moving to South Africa with his family for a ten year stay. It was here that he met his spiritual guide and began traversing the path of traditional Islam - the methodology of uniting the practical, intellectual and experiential facets of religion - under his instruction. His distinctive style of inshad arises from a ten year childhood association with the Manchester Boy’s Choir, where he received vocal and technical training. Currently, he lives in the West Midlands, where he practises as a Medical Doctor specialising in Psychiatry. Hassen Rasool Hassen Rasool is based both personally and professionally in London. His need for the advancement of his own spiritual development has taken him to South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. He also made history, being the first ever to perform The Call to Prayer (Adhaan) in Trafalgar Square, London, to crowds of over 100 000 people. He is also a gifted artist, photographer, and a qualified graphic designer.[using large font size is not allowed]