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  1. Salaat Al-istikhara

    sometimes it's feelings, sometimes it's a dream, if you are sleeping after you have performed it. if you performed it at night, and then went to bed, maybe you would have a dream, or a feeling when you awake. one of my sisters was wondering whether to accept a proposal, she performed istakhara during the evening, and the answer came to her in a dream, as for the man concerned, he had a feeling when he awoke. so you can feel it or dream it, or in any other way that Allah swt chooses to let you know the answer to your question. if the answer comes in a dream, who the heck are we to argue!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Have You Ever Hid The Fact You Were Muslim?

    tygrss can i just agree with you, i have a very similar convo at least once a week as well, cos i'm white. it's such a pain in the butt, people just cannot get into their head that you can be any colour, race, size, or shape and still be a muslim. it's so irritating that constant, yeah but where are you really from? er...northampton actually!!!! and i particularly love it when they ask: are you muslim? no i just go around dressed like this so that idiots can ask me if i'm muslim!!! perleeaase :D
  3. Salaat Al-istikhara

    you also need to sleep on a clean and pure bed facing the qib'la. i must be doing something wrong though, cos it just never works when i do it.
  4. Horse

    i don't know about that verse at all, but i do know that the arabian horse is the most beautiful of horses,and a huge number of other breeds of horses have the genes of the arabic horse. i love all horses, but arab horses are the best. small, light, very strong,sensitive, quick witted, intelligent, sure footed and fleet of foot. loyal and aloof, they are the very best of horses. alhumdulillah.
  5. Allah Wont Ask...

    great words. thanks for sharing.
  6. Wine

    i like that. i'll try to remember that for future reference.
  7. 99 Names Of Allah

    i recite all 99 names, but not a particular one so many times for a certain thing. but i'm probably wrong as well!
  8. Pigs

    mmm...well i look at it like this. Allah created pigs, same as he created everything else. and there is alot to be said about how pigs live naturally, and how farm animals are kept today; in the most disgusting condotions. i know i've worked on farms. we are forbidden to eat pigs, ok easy. no problem to me. but a pig is still a living thing. so if i found one injured, lost or frightened, then i would stop to help it. and if i knew that someone keeping pigs was mistreating them, i would report them to the relevant authority. it's that simple.
  9. Are We Livingin The End Times?

    oh don't be so dismal, we may as well just all give up now innit!!! i'm not, i'm off to look for a husband, and some happiness!!!
  10. Blair's Make-up Bill Tops £1,800

    well he could have at least got products that work!!! major yukko!
  11. Doctors 'find Dead Foetus In Boy'

    i saw that on a t.v show. 100 things that have been removed from the human body. or something like that. it was gross, but really interesting.
  12. Numerology In London Bombings

    merlin, i have a six digit number, so i got an extra 2 but other than that it is correct. as for age and coins, apparantly i'm 34 and have 18 coins. actually i'm 32 and i had no coins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Prayer Mat

    i know it is ok to kill the two black things, snakes and scorpions, but i've never read anywhere that killing a lizard gets reward! i like lizards, so i'm not killing any. you'd think that as bahesti zewar is published in pakistan then they might have actually read it?????!!!!!!! i mean, it's right there????
  14. Numerology In London Bombings

    great post merlin!!! i get an extra digit in the phone number one though. annoying!
  15. Unmarried Sisters

    a great poem, i loved it. but that beard's gotta be clean and tidy thanks very much!!!!!!!!