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  1. Supplication in Islam (Du'a)

    Masha Allah It's good to learn more about dua May Allah accept our dua's and bless all of you that are sharing knowledge
  2. Dua

    Assalam Alleikum, I've got a huge problem, heart related problem :D I love theis girl, a lot, i even asked her to marry me, but she refused, i don't hate her for that, i respect her. It's her choice, but i love her too much to let her go, and a Maulana friend of mine, said that probably it's not the right time for me and her to be together. I wanted to know if there's any dua, that i can make that can open her eyes, and see that i'm right in front of her and i love her. I've thought of asking for a dua that will make her fall in love with me, or just give a little push, but i'm not aware of the existance of such dua, and i don't know if it the right thing to do, it's like i'm forcing her to something that she doesn't want. Please Advise i'm kinda lost on this matter, and it's very important to me.